Friday, October 13, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

Voice from the Stone

This 2017 Drama/Mystery/Thriller was very beautifully shot and framed; however slow moving. Even though there was a decent storyline, this film never reached climax or delivered something meaningful. Based on the novel ‘La Voce Della Pietra’ and written by Andrew Shaw and Silvio Raffo, the director did not peel off all necessary layers to allow it’s audience to fully engage in our main characters struggles and misery.

You may recognize the main character British ‘Emilia Clarke’ whom plays the character Verena from the hit television show known as ‘Game of Thrones’; even so, I was not dazzled in the slightest by her performance. 

With a run-time of 94 minutes this film rolled on with clemency. I don’t know what was more strange, the fact that our main character suddenly became powerlessly in love with her patient’s father, or the fact that there was un-called for nudity. Reminded me of ‘The Others’ but it was no-where as near as good. Camera-work and cinematography was top-notch, but everything else was a let-down.

Les 3 Freres

I’ve been getting in my dose of French Films lately and loving it. ‘Les Trois Freres’ is a cult classic written by and starring Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan; Pascal Legitimus also offers his acting expertise as well. These ‘3 musketeers’ have graced the stage with their stand-up and have worked together as a team for several years. 

Quite reminiscent of of Hollywood’s 1987’s ‘Three Men and a Baby’; however this story-line held it’s own and delivered just as many authentic laughs! Produced by Canal + and Prima Films, this comedy had a run-time of 105 minutes  and showed a comedic depiction of the culture of France. Certainly recommended for a night of hilarity!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Careful what you wish For

Not a bad film for an ex- singer turned actor. In fact Nick Jonas who played the lead, did a decent-enough job. This Drama/Thriller released in 2015 written by Chris Frisina and directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum had all the makings of a teenage boy’s fantasy. Besides the sexual content, nudity and language, the uneasiness was intense as the audience witnessed the slow torture of our marshmallow-hearted main character. 

With an estimated budget of $8 million USD this film had the makings of a blockbuster but sadly in my opinion some of the acting came across galactic and laughable. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye; with beautiful shots and the prototypical blonde to match the perfect-summer for teenage-boys-back-drop . However, viewers quickly realized how to calculate and link the suspicious deaths.

It wasn’t believable that the husband played by Dermot Mulroney appeared to be only in his 40’s. I think his character was much too young to play the part and find it incomprehensible that he could succumb so weakly when he played a bully. 

The Invisible Guest

Written and directed by Spanish Oriol Paulo, this Crime/Mystery/Thriller originally known as ‘Contratiempo’ was released in 2016 and despite it’s excellent story and execution only garnered 1 win and 2 nominations that year. Joined by Mario Casas, Ana Wagener, Jose Coronado and Barbara Lennie all actors from Spain; did an extraordinary job with bringing the story and characters to life.

With a run-time of 106 minutes and a budget of an estimated 4 million euros there was great pacing, fantastic framing and a dynamite story that kept it’s audience sitting anxiously on the edge of their seats. The soundtrack was riveting and the twists in the plot were quite satisfying! 

Journey with Jair recommended! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

No Good Deed

I had the pleasure of watching 2014’s ’No Good Deed’ and I must comment that my first thoughts were that it was uplifting to see a strong female lead on screen, and see two people of color do a magnificent job. I enjoyed the high film quality of this film, the camera techniques, frames, shots and climatic music. 

Putting those those things aside, I must divulge that the thriller became less authentic or believable because of the perpetual amount of upper-cut-swipes English heartthrob Idris Alba endured by our fearless super-hero of a mother played by Taraji P. Henson. I had a strong inkling this film was written by a woman, and I was right. 

Written by  Aimee Lagos, who also wrote ’96 minutes’ and ‘Underground’, this story although solid, seemed to give off the essence of ‘let’s bash men for the century’ as there weren’t any positive images/roles of any men in this film. The only other man that had most screen prescence after our two main characters would be Henry Simmons who played our main character’s husband. Before he even came into frame the audience was told we should be suspicious of or hate him. 

This was my interpretation of the film; however it can easily be flipped to mean the opposite that our unstable escaped convict played by Elba, was actually the one who had immense hate for women, and this was an ode to all women fighting back. No matter your take on this film; it is definitely worth a watch. With an estimated budget of $13 million USD it grossed $52 million USD back at the box-office and garnered 2 nominations and 2 wins that year!