Monday, June 18, 2012

Something Borrowed

What is it about romantic comedies that get your heart singing? Could it be the exaggerated expressions of awkwardness? Kissing in the rain? Or the fact that there’s always a happy ending? Whichever one it is for you – it’s safe to say they’re always many reasons to snuggle up with the one you love and have a good laugh and cry!

There’s nothing overly extraordinary about this one that surpasses another; but still entertaining enough to watch on. Nice to see another Ginnifer take over from Jennifer Aniston for a change! J A chunky serving of prime-time actors were served including fun-loving Kate Hudson, John Krasinski (from ‘The Office’), blue-eyed Colin Egglesfield, and pixie-cute Ginnifer Goodwin! I also loved comedic performance by Ashley Williams, who played ‘crazy’ Claire.

Written by Jennie Snyder and based on the novel by Emily Giffin, this 2011 film was directed by Luke Greenfield. It was a cute story based on the usual 'who sleeps with who syndrome' – however with a little unexpected friendship twist. My favourite scene was when Rachel played by Ginnifer and Dex played by Colin pretended to hold hands.

Call it betrayal, call is weak, call it wrong – what is acceptable in borrowing when it comes to true-love?

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