Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Letting Go

Isn't it funny how some people come into your life with such extraordinary force that it knocks the breath out of you, tickles you upside down and floods your psyche? Isn't it funny also, how when they're done getting what they need, helping themselves to heaps of your energy, they seem to just disappear without even saying good-bye? They claim they're just busy, busy with life, busy with things working perfectly again, busy with moving one up, super Mario style. It makes you wonder if they were your real friends at all.

Any time you feel that you are unappreciated or that you always have to make that phone-call or you seem to be always the one reaching out; then it is quite obvious it is a one-sided relationship. You deserve better… you deserve people that care about you, that recognize your value and worth, that simply value your being.

Forgive them for treating you like this…most times they themselves aren't aware of their juvenile actions. Most times they are still on a path of only satisfying themselves, people that are self-absorbed and not humble. Have compassion for these people; be grateful that you were able to make a positive impact on their lives. Let them go; because they've clearly let you go.

Forgive yourself now; you did the right thing. You shared your thoughts, your life, and your positivity, you shared your world to benefit that person. You were a gem, as lovely as the moon glistens on midnight water. You did nothing wrong… Let go.

Perhaps they will realize one day… or perhaps they won't…but at least you did the right thing… J Maybe one day you'll be rewarded a 'happy-ending' too. I got a wonderful compliment from a new friend I'd made recently, sharing stories on the aircraft on my way to Los Angeles. He said to me: "You deserve somebody who deserves you ... and if they can't see it, then it's their loss... the guy you marry will never get bored!" :) Thank-you Yannick!

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