Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So some people say you've got the strength of a tiger…I think they really mean you're a freak of nature. Others say you have a great energy about you; they really mean you can't keep still if your life depended on it. People say I'm like a lovely fire-fly; but do they really mean I have the temper of a dragon? It's one thing to think of yourself as one thing, but others may see you as something completely different; and if it's the majority that agrees then you should take a step back and pay attention.

Too few parents take their children to etiquette classes and they end up raising (or lack thereof) little goblins and trolls. They don't know how to say 'please' or 'thank-you' or sit with their legs closed or sit still for that matter. A bloody shame really at raising little animals! I'm not saying that conformity, assimilation or domestication is the way, but learning about how a table should be set for dinner, how tightly to grip a hand when giving a handshake and learning an extra language or two, traveling and learning about how different people live couldn't be seen as a bad thing.

It's been said that it is wise to be a master of your thoughts, a master of many things but mostly the master of your thoughts, because if you manage to control and regulate that you'd be a much more stable person. I am trying my best, still after recently approaching my latter 20's to master them. Let's say I'm ½ way there…it's kinda' fun sometimes to just lose it and live the life of a telenovela' sometimes, it keeps things interesting you know… J But seriously, giving into your thoughts, especially those nasty, deadly ones will bring you nothing but despair. To control your thoughts, one needs to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Breathe

Step 2: Do Yoga = breathing while stretching

Step 3: Meditate = breathing while not thinking

Hmmm…not that easy eh? Another theory I've heard of thoughts and emotions is that it all comes down to the glands. Yes, your liver, or your heart, or your thyroid etcetera. If you take care of them, then you won't be the usual nervous wreck, you won't be as flighty, and you won't be as insensitive. So eat right, check up with the doctor and see what kind of pills you might want to start popping to regulate them. Then if they're in regulation, then you shouldn't have irregular unhealthy thoughts and then you won't have problems keeping your emotions in check.

Another thought, as you can see I have many. What about the horoscope or astrology; as some of you may already know Fortune Tellers and Tarot Card readers can tell tremendous things about people based on the lines on your hands, or the month you were born. Is she Virgo, is he Leo, is she Aries, is he Cancer? There are surprisingly many similarities with personality traits based on what sign you're carrying. If you know then what your ill personality traits are, then you can try to work on that.

Again, control…we truly don't have much of it, but at least we can come across with some upbringing and decorum if we act as though we do. Remember 'Nadie es perfecto!' – Nobody's perfect, but we can make everybody's life a little easier if we do our part. Try to be the master of your thoughts…don't let them run-away with you – you don't know what the future holds, what great and better things are around the corner, so why live in anguish and worry, and nervousness. Try not to let your inner goblin and troll take over, don't tap your fingers on the desk as if you're about ready to explode, let the car overtake you… everything is going to be alright. Yea, Bob Marley said it, Mahatma Gandhi said it, Siddartha Gautama said it, Jesus Messiah said it, and then if so many said it, it's the majority and so therefore it must be true. And when we look back on pandemonium of our past we see that things became much better anyway, so why worry now.

Be the master of your thoughts. You are lovely just the way you are – people are falling in love with you all the time, be aware of how you treat others, do the right thing and keep smiling…seriously it looks a lot better than frowning…enjoy it, the moment, life, the pain, then the rewards, the love, the success…if you want it, believe it…and baby it's all yours! J

So if you so happen to like flirting, traveling, trying new foods, dancing, making new friends…then just do it! You're FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Enjoy! J

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