Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Another year rolls to an end and again it is a time of retrospect and review of lessons learnt. We may recall that despite the commercialism of this holiday ‘Christmas’ the truth of what it stands for and that although gift-giving is wonderful that our ‘presence’ is always more significant than our ‘presents’. http://www.journeywithjair.blogspot.com/search/label/presence

In addition to our giving of gifts this holiday; let us also give the gift of spirits! I do not only mean ‘spirits’ as in alcohol! :D But also the spirit of good-cheer! The spirit of forgiveness! The spirit of trust! And the spirit of acceptance! “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and the man that getteth understanding”. We are all here on a journey through life – all discovering and learning along the way. Which one of us are perfect? Therefore let us embrace our imperfections and embrace and appreciate each other during this season and always.

As one of our heroes Gandhi said: “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong”. And another of our female earth-bound angels, Mother Teresa taught us, that “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway”. It is through forgiveness that we are able to truly experience freedom, peace and transformation. It is a gift we can give to ourselves and also to others. When we forgive, we in turn are able to be forgiven. My darlings keep being true and listening to your feelings for your lessons and answers lie within them.

As the year also comes to an end, we similarly complete the current spiritual awakening and transformation that has been guiding us to this point. We should give thanksgiving and alms to the poor, helpless and less-fortunate as well practice prayer and meditation. We can trust that we will continue to have our paths guided and that once we are thoughtful, mindful and kind that harmony, inner peace and blessings are sure to follow. J

Wishing all my readers a lovely season and thanking you for your support and dedication by reading and sharing the joys of the film world as well as our journey together here on earth. May your blessings be multiplied and you have the desires of your heart! J Remember that we hold the power within to love and heal the world!

Love Jair


For those of you who do not know the meaning of ‘Arbitrage’ as I did; don’t feel daft, it isn’t an everyday word for all, but in the finance world it may be more common. It means ‘the simultaneous purchase and sale of the same securities, commodities, or foreign exchange in different markets to profit from unequal prices’.

This 2012 drama-thriller starred Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon and was written and directed by New York native Nicholas Jarecki. Quite a twisted tale with a budget of approximately $2 million USD worth of snazzy camera angles and cinematography and a hold on the audience’s heart-strings wanting justice, empathy and resolution as the web of lies and greed grew larger and larger as the film progressed. I was quite disappointed with the ending – however the film has grossed a cool $7 million USD thus far.

Running for 107 minutes this film has the excitement and delight of the unknown and the film-maker makes it easy for us to connect with the main characters. Fresh-faced Brit Marling and Nate Parker whom you may remember from ‘The Great Debaters’ starring Denzel Washington both ensure outstanding performances. French model turned actress Laetitia Casta also delivered with not only the ‘water-works’ but a marvelous ‘dead-eye’  decease enactment.

Teaching us the many levels of greed and the difficulties and troubles that may come along with it; this film allows for the audience to make their own assumptions on ‘is it really worth it?’ as well as taking their adrenalin for a spin! J

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life of Pi

I remember a couple years ago while taking a needed seat of rest on my jump-seat and peering into the lap of my flight-mate. He seemed lost in ecstasy over a novel and he said when he was through he’d pass it along to me. Turned out they separated us as often times happened; the life of a flight attendant no two days the same, always an adventure, and always alone. He did however, alert me to what the book was about; he told me it was about a boy searching for God, stuck in the middle of the ocean on a small boat with a tiger. I thought, “Preposterous!” – Little did I know that a few years later, film-makers would turn this simple story into one of the best told stories of our time! J

I was mesmerized from beginning till end. The novel written by Spanish Yann Martel and screenplay adaptation by American David Magee both witnessed their marvelous story turn into a thrilling journey thanks to Taiwanese director Ang Lee. Ang Lee whom you may remember from ‘Hulk’, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ has continued his streak of well thought-out and exceptional execution when it comes to scrupulous detail in film-making.

I know many might think it would be similar to ‘Cast Away’ starring Tom Hanks, but surprisingly 2012's 'Life of Pi' is VERY different. For starters there was adequate back-story to ground and make the audience feel closer the our main character, it is tremendously visually appealing and thirdly it is a story of survival, hope, and understanding about the love of the Universe. Let’s just say, Tom Hanks had a basket-ball as his friend, and ‘Pi’ had a stunning 450 pound Bengal Tiger. J

Many may know Indian actor Irrfan Khan whose Bollywood contribution and acting career go as far back as 1988. Some still may be familiar with Indian actress and beauty Tabu whom you may remember from 2006’s ‘The Namesake’. But no-one knows of the first-time 19 year old actor Suraj Sharma from New Delhi India. It isn’t a thing unheard of that Directors choose ‘unknown talent’ to play leading roles in films. In fact many film-makers do; and there is a certain amount of reliance and bonding with viewers that goes along with it. Suraj Sharma certainly gave an outstanding performance and we hope to see much more of him in the film world!

A little bit of ‘Cast Away’, a little bit of ‘Titanic’ and a lot of ‘Life of Pi’ splendor! It will make you laugh, perhaps cry and also have you squirming in your seats. Sheer delight, thought-provoking dialogue and story-telling with a sound-track that'll make your ears happy! Who knew, that a boy searching for God, in the middle of the ocean in a small boat with a tiger could be so good! J

I’ll leave you with some quotes from the book and movie which remind you very much of ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. ‘Life of Phi’ by Yann Martel:

“Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it, a jealous, possessive love that grabs at what it can. But life leaps over oblivion lightly, losing only a thing or two of no importance, and gloom is but the passing shadow of a cloud…”

“Dare I say I miss him? I do. I miss him. I still see him in my dreams. They are nightmares mostly, but nightmares tinged with love. Such is the strangeness of the human heart.”

“If you stumble about believability, what are you living for? Love is hard to believe, ask any lover. Life is hard to believe, ask any scientist. God is hard to believe, ask any believer. What is your problem with hard to believe?”

“I still can’t understand how he abandoned me so unceremoniously, without any sort of goodbye, without even looking back even once. That pain is like an axe that chops at my heart.”

“To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation.”

Monday, December 10, 2012


**One of my favourite movies ~ showcasing TRUE Love~! :)) Enjoy!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Me Without You

I found this film to be absolutely brilliant. Besides a poor choice in camera; the shots, acting and the story – extremely remarkable! J Written and Directed by English Sandra Goldbacher, viewers went on a journey of the lives of two best friends which proved to be poisonous as the years grew. One is using the other as a crutch because of a less-than perfect and barely present father, and the other because of her unfailing love for her friend’s older brother.

This 2001 drama starred, the adorable and talented American Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams who played Holly, English actress Anna Friel who played the troubled sex-kitten Marina and the devilishly handsome English Oliver Milburn who played the dashing older brother Nat; all three displaying extraordinary acting abilities.

It was a film about love, about trust and about learning to let go when control and jealousy leads you into a trap of unhealthy possessiveness. The audience connects with all three main characters as their ailments and needs are all human and common. The frustration heightens because everyone is afraid of telling the truth and expressing how they truly feel.

Parental guidance is advised as there is drug use, sexual content and foul language displayed as the girls grow together over the years. Trust shouldn’t be taken lightly, say what you mean and mean what you say; otherwise you may destroy a person’s hopes, confidence and reason for living.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sugar Sugar

** The original video for this tune 'Sugar Sugar' - I loved reading 'Archie comics' as a child :)) ENJOY~!


This 2006 mystery-drama-biography starring Aussie Academy Award Winner Nicole Kidman and superbly talented Academy Award nominee Robert Downey Junior proved to be quite aesthetically pleasing yet tremendously peculiar. Set in 1958 before ‘Diane Arbus’ (played by Kidman) was divorced, writers Erin Cressida Wilson and Patricia Bosworth collaborated in creating an imaginative biography of what this famous American photographer’s life must have been like. Director Steven Shainberg made sure that in this snippet of inspiration of what jolted Arbus’ photography career unfolded with style, grace and unhurried departures.

Certainly one of the most valued and uncommon American photographers of the twentieth century, any audience would find the little exposed about ‘Diane Arbus’ life fascinating. There was a lot of suppressed sexuality, freakishness and irresponsible behavior portrayed by our main character, and I was a bit disappointed with the way the writers and director chose to tell their story. Although this character had concealed longing and dreams of expressing herself in different ways; because she gave little regard or genuine love to her family it made her come across as a proper sociopath. I wished the film-maker would focus more on what actually took place in her life; and in turn try to piece to together her sadness and demise that ultimately ended in suicide.

Winner of one award and no nominations, and with an estimated budget of $16 million USD and a flat return of $2 million USD worldwide it is true to say it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Crammed with nudity, even in the film’s very first scenes and plenty of indecent sensual delight – I wouldn’t recommend for a younger audience. 

With an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ sort of effect, lovely colours, wonderful slow moving, close shots and the journey of a lonely, aggravated yet budding artist it was an exceptional visual experience. Phenomenal acting by Kidman, Downey and Ty Burrell, but when it came to the actual story, I sadly was unimpressed.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What is Love

**Remember this catchy tune from 1993? Another talent from none other than the exotic and unique isles of Trinidad & Tobago!! Nester Alexander Haddaway is a Trini representing us in Germany! Enjoy! :))


When you’re obsessed with something; you’re bound to stir up reminders and in my case; every film I watch, I’m bound to have connections with France! J If you love life; then you’ll love France! J

Oscar nominated 1963 film ‘Charade’ was set in none other than the charming and romantic city of Paris. Written by Peter Stone and directed by Stanley Donen this film not only had lovely cinematic backdrops but also English Cary Grant and Belgium-beauty Audrey Hepburn. Their chemistry was similar to an old married couple – plenty of ‘spit-fire’ and plenty of love! Wonderful story and a scream of a plot unfold in the cleverest of ways. It’s always interesting to see similarities within film styles and influences and being an avid follower of French New-Wave Film; one can clearly see a classic ‘puppet scene’ re-enacted from the French Film ‘ The 400 Blows’ by François Truffaut.

You’ll laugh, you’ll coo and your eyes will grow in thrilling suspense. The audience can assume nothing except the utter danger Mrs. Lambert is in. Is she really, “An agent” or “A Spy”, or simply the unsuspecting newly widow searching for the money her husband had stolen?

“Oh you should see your face!”

“What’s the matter with it?”

“It’s lovely…”

Released on the 5th of December 1963, only 49 years to the day today; and still possessing award-winning and riveting appeal. J

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Perhaps perhaps perhaps

** Doris Day does it again! :)) Enjoy~**!

You won’t admit you love me
And so, how am I ever to know
You always tell me
Perhaps perhaps perhaps
A million times I ask you, and then
I ask you over again
You only answer
Perhaps perhaps perhaps

If you can’t make your mind up
We’ll never get started
And I don’t want wind up
Being parted, broken hearted
So if you really love me, say yes
But if you don’t dear, confess
And please don’t tell me
Perhaps perhaps perhaps

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pillow Talk

“Takes only one sip of wine to know if it’s a good bottle!”

“Oh, this is a good bottle.”

“Well, what are ya’ waiting for?”

Now, that’s what I call a marvelous romantic-comedy! The darling, bright-eyed songstress Doris Day and the frightfully handsome and equally talented Rock Hudson team up with wonderful chemistry to give viewers mischievous comedy and whimsical romance all at once! So bright, light and entertaining, you never want it to end. J

Stanley Shapiro and Maurice Richlin adapted the story written by Russell Rouse and Clarence Green. Winner of an Oscar that year in 1959, and an additonal 8 wins and 8 nominations, ‘Pillow Talk’ delivered everything but the moon. Lovely and simple story well executed with smooth transitions and a remarkable soundtrack, including the songs, ‘Possess Me’, ‘You Lied’ and ‘Roly Poly’ to name a few.

The story’s message teaches the audience despite what you may think of someone, you’re most likely wrong; that people change when they’re ready to, opposites most times attract, and no matter how appalling the argument it’s always wise to talk it out! J 

Delightfully charming from start to finish – certainly a ‘JourneywithJair’ recommendation! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Reaping

With all the ‘end-of-the-world’ predictions and another one on its way this year on December 21st, 2012, you’re bound to run in to a couple movies about the Armageddon. Demise, destruction and mayhem are the usual proceedings but ‘The Reaping’ starring Hilary Swank had slightly special predictions. Written by twin-brothers Carey and Chad Hayes and directed by Jamaican Stephen Hopkins, this film in my opinion was sensationally horrific! J

Taking some leaves out of the biblical plagues, it gave its audience not only a history lesson but something they could already conceive the grievousness to. Set in the small country town of Louisiana and bringing in former missionary turned scientist to investigate on the matter gave it a more intimate twist. The lovable and tremendously talented Oscar winner, Hilary Swank delivered naturally and the upcoming actress AnnaSophia Robb whom you remember coming onto the film scene with ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ and ‘Soul Surfer’ to name a few also had exceptional abilities despite only having a few lines. You may also recognize the handsome English actor of 4 wins and 21 nominations Idris Elba whom also co-starred in this film.

This 2007 horror-thriller’s budget was an estimated $40 million USD and grossed $62 million USD worldwide. I hadn’t expected such a rush of adrenalin and fright as this chilling story unfolded and I found that it ended wonderfully and un-done; allowing film-makers to follow with another epic installment.

Think ‘The Birds’ meets 'The 10 Commandments’! If you’re in the mood for some harrowing entertainment and you never knew about the story of ‘Moses and the 10 plagues’; this one will be an excellent viewing for you! J

Monday, November 26, 2012


Not at all what I expected; but pleasantly satisfied. J What an inspiring and uplifting treat. I’m not married but this 2008 film wasn’t only about marriage and making it stronger but about what the true meaning of love is. If you don’t know what ‘true love’ is, then how can you practice it? I was able to identify with similar behaviours portrayed within the movie and it touched me as I’m sure also moved many viewers too! It is never too late to take a step back and work on yourself. No-one is perfect; and if we do all we can and leave the rest to our ‘manufacturer/creator’ then the impossible becomes possible and miracles start forming and begin giving birth in our lives.

This drama-fantasy-romance was written by Alex and Stephen Kendrick and directed by Alex Kendrick. A tad dramatic and tacky at parts but a wonderfully wholesome film overall for struggling couples; the message and advice on forgiving is certainly worth the watch. Chock-full of giggles, action and plenty of ‘ah-hah’ moments, this movie is sure to provoke your thinking as well as your tear-ducts. You may recognize the handsome blue-eyed star from ‘Growing Pains’ starring as main character ‘Caleb Holt’ who gave phenomenal acting as well as his fellow team of actors Erin Bethea, and Ken Bevel to name a few.

With a budget of an estimated humble $500,000 USD this cast and crew was fortunate enough to make an amazing $33 million USD profit. Just goes to show, it isn’t always about the fancy tools but how far a good story told goes! J

Check out: www.fireproofmymarriage.com for more on the film and about useful steps you can take to solidy the ‘salt and pepper’ in your marriage!


** This song gets me in a beautiful, serene, trance....LOVE it! ~ Enjoy :))

Sunday, November 25, 2012

You are Enough

We live in troubling and confusing times. We are lost. We are filled with anxiety. Milling about with slander, and lies as our friends and believing them to be our truth; we’ve forgotten and accepted what it is society feeds us day in and day out. How we’ve gone astray. How sad it is to see our suffering, pain and doubt, all brought upon by us! We meander lonely and broken down through life.

We complain, fret and ask for signs because we miss that important element – the Universal truth, the Universal love – God’s love. His words are simple but his ways are more difficult to practice; yet his miracles and his promises are always sufficient! We need nothing else to live by, but faith. My darlings, you won’t be forgotten; you can be forgiven – it is never too late!

We must practice patience with our desires – the Universe/God hears the murmurings of our hearts; and the best is yet to come. Quit asking, “When?”, “How?” and “Why?” and as an alternative give thanks for that Universal presence of truth in your lives and humbly say, “Thy will be done…I trust in you!” Let your parched lips turn upwards in a smile of tender graciousness, your hearts lit with fires of warm hope, your eyes with clear passion and your hands with tenacity. Be energized with the presence of life and the mystical creation of everything in this wonderment we call earth.

You are so beautifully created; each with exquisite gifts and offerings to share with the world. You are valuable and precious children of the earth. Humble and open your hearts to the cleansing transformation and awakening that is happening right now; take advantage of what life is presenting to you and don’t look back! Breathe in new life. Be full of positive expectations. For nothing is impossible or too difficult to handle once you washed in truth. Love and the light are always on your side. Reach out for this power. You can find it through prayer and meditation. Make time to be silent and listen. You will be blessed with peace, inspiration and strength to continue on.

You are enough!

Live in thanksgiving even on the ‘not-so-good’ days; because it is your faith that will keep you afloat. Let that heavenly presence of truth center in your lives and support you to witness your divine outcomes. J

Bless-up darlings,


Monday, November 19, 2012


Pleasantly surprised and thoroughly pleased with the latest addition of  an M. Night Shyamalan collaboration. Reaching world recognition after writing and directing his third and groundbreaking film ‘The Sixth Sense’; the film critics hounded Shymalan’s every move. Many were ‘let-downs’ and missed that extra glint of greatness, but he still had pivoted into a house-hold name. 2010’s ‘Devil’ was really a clever idea of telling an age-old tale of good and evil with a modern and terrifying twist.

Written by M. Night but directed this time by John Erick Dowdle the story-line was well adapted to screen with great pacing, transitions and plenty of chilling  moments on account to the un-expected entrapment and vulnerability of our main characters. Chris Messina whom has been taking film and television by storm, Logan Marshall-Green, Yugoslavian Bojana Novakovic, Bokeem Woodbine, Geoffrey Arend and solid actress Jenny O’Hara all team up to accomplish a bloodcurdling but inspirational tale.

This horror-mystery-thriller cost an estimated $10 million USD to make and grossed $62 million USD world-wide which isn’t at all bad with few main characters, in a solid 4 locations. Mexican Jacob Vargas who played ‘Ramirez’ provided great wonderment and faith by his narration and wisdom in the midst of unfolding chaos.

I felt it was an excellent scary movie with brilliant story; just enough facts, and nail-bitingly good moments! J I’ve already never been fond of elevators – well this just peaks that uneasiness a tiny bit more!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Birds

What a phenomenal movie from start to finish! I’ve always wanted to see this Alfred Hitchcock classic but the opportunity never did present itself.  This 1963 Horror-thriller was written by English Daphne Du Maurier and Evan Hunter and expressed with handsome simplicity by English Hitchcock. Who would think that an idea so straightforward could have such a prevailing and even frightful effect?

With dabbles of characters from all walks of life and centering on a small North Californian town, the story unfolds. The audience is fed passion, excitement, adventure, horror and survival all in one sitting and it’s easy to see why this film was nominated for an Oscar that year and received several wins. With an estimated budget of $2 million USD they were able to make back a cool $11 million USD.

American beauties Tippi Hedren and  Suzanne Pleshette who played ‘Melanie Daniels’ and ‘Annie Hayworth’ respectively; both sought the love and protection from dashing ‘Mitch Brenner’ played by Aussie Rod Taylor. Concerned and over-protective mother ‘Lydia Brenner’ played by English Jessica Tandy proved to be logical after the past was revealed and she felt helpless at protecting her young daughter ‘Cathy Brenner’ played by English Veronica Cartwright.

Just another one of the marvelous examples of the passion and excitement that is born unto screens simply by telling a good story! Let’s just say it made me uncomfortable and anxious even though it was made in 63'.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Core

This 2003 Action-adventure-sci-fi starred the award winning Aaron Eckhart and two (2) time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank and grossed $74 million USD. Written by Cooper Lane and John Rogers and Directed by English John Amiel this film was an unbelievably thrilling ride (no pun intended). With tremendous use of special effects and loads of extras this film managed to make the apocalypse quite a reality.

Disasters may appear in our lives but once you’ve got courage, determination and faith, anything is possible. Our main actors, a crew of six (6) head down to the core of the earth to activate a nuclear device that will help the Earth’s core to spin again. The model turned actor DJ Qualls whom you may remember from ‘Road Trip’ and English Delroy Lindo who has acted in scores of memorable films like ‘Up’, ‘The Cider House Rules’ and ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ to name a few, also portray brilliant acting abilities.

I quite also enjoyed the portrayals of the illustrious Alfre Woodard who played the concerned yet sturdy ‘Stickley’ and ‘Serge’ played by Turkish-born French-bred actor Tcheky Karyo whose task was most emotive due to his dedication and love for his family.

There was angst, wonder and the love of voyaging into the unknown wrapped into a neat 135 minutes. I found the opening scene in the film to be luminous with a man tapping his watch and saying, “It stopped”, before numerous odd and catastrophic events were set in motion.

Power of Love

** Ella Andall - another of Trinidad & Tobago's powerful singers - 'Bring Down the Power' moves us and reminds us of the 'greatest power' - the power of LOVE :))

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Road

A little bit of ‘Cast Away’ starring Tom Hanks, a little bit of ‘Eli’ starring Denzel Washington but perhaps one of the more depressing movies I’ve seen. Possibly the fact that most of the film’s colour scheme was grey (which works well with the whole ‘end of world’ theme) or conceivably that the ‘Boy’ played by Kodi Smit-McPhee meets a family complete with a disheveled dog was a bit too much for me. Two (2) hours of our main characters running away from cannibals and looking for food to eat really wasn’t my cup of tea. However the theme song is attractive (although heard seldom throughout this movie) and  we got eye-fulls of ‘Man’,  father and main character of the film played by Viggo Mortensen’s arse!

On the brighter side; this 2009 film Written by Cormac McCarthy whom you remember from ‘No Country for Old Men’ and Joe Penhall and Directed by Aussie John Hillcoat scored 15 nominations and 2 wins. There were many thrilling moments, the acting was first-rate and the reality of what life could be for people who yearn to survive seems quite genuine.

This Adventure-Drama had a budget of an estimated $20 million USD and besides gaining countless nominations and awards only made back $8 million USD. It was funny to watch the credits for the cast which were all listed as ‘Man’, ‘Woman’, ‘Bearded Man’, ‘Gang Member’, ‘Well-fed Woman’ etc. I appreciated that the Director tried to help the audience experience emotions of loss and despair from our main characters by showing the close bond between father and son. Mega-actress South-African Charlize Theron also played the part of ‘Woman’ and mother in this film; and although her role was quite small she delivered exceptionally as usual.

Despite the disturbing graphic content in some scenes, I’d have to say that actor Viggo Mortensen’s performance was splendid and viewers can see that he was completely committed to his character’s wants and needs. There were also wonderful cinematic scenes of the decaying and crumbling landscapes our earth had slowly become. Slow, dismal and ordinary at times this film is an amazing one to study but not necessarily one that inspires or offers hope.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Fall

From the exquisite classical soundtrack, odd sound-effects, the darling loving eyes of a child, to the magnificent cinematography and grace in which it was executed in; I am happy to say I’ve found another wonderful film to add to ‘Journey with Jair’s’ list of favourite films! J

Writers Dan Gilroy, Nico Soultanakis and Tarsem Singh all came together to adapt the original 1981 story by Bulgarian Valeri Petrov. Directed by Tarsem Singh in 2006, this adventure-drama-fantasy delighted and gripped its audience from start to finish. A story within a story ironic in that films also mimic stories in life, this film shared mythical characters within the imagination of a child. Both main characters Alexandria played by Hungarian prodigy Catinca Untaru and Roy Walker played by passionate Lee Pace shared many things and due to their loss, they were able to form a extraordinary bond and encourage each other.

It goes to show that one may be paralyzed by a fall, or by severe loss, but the heart though it may be fractured and weeping, yearns to be healed once more. Healing can come from a listening ear, a smile of hope, or from the lovely bond of friendship! J

It inspired me, made me laugh and cry…

Certainly ‘Journey with Jair’ recommended!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Keep knocking

** It's a process, it's a journey, but dare not give up - only a few more doors and lessons to open - then voila! Your blessings will rain - your dreams will be realized; keep focused...don't be distracted by those who don't know your greatness! :))

Monday, November 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes

To live life is to expect the unexpected. Life is not conventional to say the least and being human doesn't make it any bit easier. We worry, we complain, we fight and we find some situations tremendously unfair; no matter how many times we experience things, we will always frown, pout and get uneasy. It’s alright darlings, the challenge is being resilient – and it’s a process in getting there. Some days are better than others; but the fact that some days are better means that we have some little spark of hope hidden somewhere underneath the hurt, pain, anger and tears. The journey to recovery and in experiencing real joy again is easier said than done; but once you accept the situation, surrender in realizing you cannot control an outcome and let go to the divine/Universe/God in supplying the best outcome it is then that peace creeps in. Prayer, meditation, and yoga also offer us comfort, as it evokes our strength from the inside out.

We might not realize it; understand it; or see it, but just as magnificent films are made and mighty empires are built, there are always others working ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure victory. We should always do our best in achieving goals, dreams, and inner-peace; but it does not happen straight away. Things sometimes fail, however that does it does not mean it isn’t meant to be or that it is the end of the story. No-one knows the end of your story; or what twists, turns or climaxes will be experienced. Don’t fill your mind with human fears – it is good to get advice, but instead of putting your trust in those who ‘think-they-know’, try putting your trust in God/Universe who is working ‘behind the scenes’ and ensuring that his story goes according to plan! We will receive our due blessings because we are surrounded by that unconditional love. Don’t give up – each day, each hour, each minute you are getting closer to life taking a turn for the better.

Life does not guarantee anything except that if you keep trying and keep believing you’ll cross the finish line. Don’t be faint at heart darlings, despite our human fears know that practicing faith, trust and keeping positive ensures brighter and more pleasant outcomes. Your efforts, your love, and your diligence is not in vain! J If you are earnest in heart then it is sure that you will receive what you ask for. Having faith that you’re being listened to and helped ‘behind the scenes’ gives you confidence and peace; you may not see how you will get there but if we would just close our eyes and ingest, or take the plunge, you will finally see that enduring and keeping things simple always lead you to a paradise of truth! J

How does one practice faith we might ask? Ah-well, everyday is practice! Start off small – practicing faith gives you strength for when more serious ‘life surprises’ pop up. How do you know faith works? If you’ve ever had a miracle, if you’ve ever had too much of a coincidence, something that simply can’t be explained – then you know that everything happens for a reason. Remember, it’s always about the story – you’re the star and you get to build your character but it’s the Universe/God that is the director. That’s scary some might think, but guess what!? Your story – your movie is a block-buster; it’s an award-winning; nominated; marvelous success!

So plant your seeds, shower them in faith and watch them grow! J


Jair J

** If you have someone to love - it will make your life be so good. But you feel lonely now. And so tired. You will find your love - don't you cry! Just do believe, do believe - you have won this time, I see it in your eyes! That now you feel okay. Just do believe it will last this time - I see it in his eyes! That you will be okay. Do believe it's your love. Look around! :))

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Havoc is exactly what happens when we try to be someone we’re not. It’s important to be true to yourself and comfortable with who you are. Written by Stephen Gaghan and Directed by Barbara Kopple winner of 2 Oscars and scores of other nominations came together to expose not only the ordinary types of problems teenagers go through, but also a whole different world on the other side of the track.

Life is what you make it. How much realer do you want it than that? Anne Hathaway, Bijou Philips, the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mike Vogel and a distinctive yet young Channing Tatum team up in pretending to know more about the gangster, hip-hop lifestyle than their opulent truth will allow. They’re bored and they want to feel something ‘real’ but when reality sets in, sometimes it’s too late and one can only suffer the consequences.

This 2005 Crime-drama has many shocking scenes with people living on the edge and abusing their lives and their bodies. Though a riveting journey of teenagers lives I wouldn’t recommend it for young people as there is strong sexual content, violence, nudity, coarse language as well as drug and alcohol use. The audience experiences the intense obsession and playfulness of the lost and confused but by the end of the film our actors and audience are all soberly awakened to the ugly sides of reality at hand; teaching us the importance of knowing which lines in life are okay to cross.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


**Brings me fond memories - Breathe, Breathe, Breathe...beautiful people who are truthful...beautiful people who are different...who shake, who feel...who listen, who understand...beautiful - everything seems beautiful to me! :))

Get Him to the Greek

Written and Directed by English Nicholas Stoller, this 2010 comedy soared with not only 11 nominations but hundreds of laughs. With preposterous content, including violence, vulgarity and coarse language and with the help of fanatically entertaining English Russell Brand, Chameleon-talented Aussie actress Rose Byrne and the collected and talented American actor Jonah Hill ‘Get Him to the Greek’ brought the giggles but also warm and fuzzy sentiments as well.

Not suitable for the younger audience, so keep the children away if you plan on enjoying this troublesome yet adulterated fun ride. If you fancy celebrities they’re chock-full in providing the structure for the reality of this rock-star’s life. Christina Aguilera, Lars Ulrich, Mario Lopez, Pink, Billy Bush, Kurt Loder, Pharrell Williams, Meredith Vierra and P.Diddy to name a few, all supported their star power.

The deeper message this movie provided to the audience was that one can seemingly have it all, but even with all the material things in the world, it cannot suffice the more important things in life, to love and be loved and to love what you do. Life must have meaning and purpose and without that we all can become lost. Acting out and abusing the body only offers temporary bliss but only until you are ready to make a big change and take a reality check on what’s the most important in your life, do you finally have peace! J

Filled with opulence, fabulousness, glam and a jam-packed cast of comics with wit, ‘Get Him to the Greek’ is certainly worth tuning in for.

Not Easily Broken

Based on a novel by the infamous Christian preacher TD Jakes, screenplay adapted by Brian Bird and directed by Bill Duke; this inspirational 2009 film scored a couple of nominations and wins. ‘Easy on the eyes’ Morris Chestnut and ‘power-house actress’ Taraji P. Henson teamed up as a couple going through the pressures of marriage and tested with the trials of life.

Dimpled hottie Eddie Cibrian, hilarious Kevin Hart and the renowned voice to be reckoned with from actress Jennifer Lewis offered some lightness in between the heavy and heart-wrenching story. There wasn’t a whole lot of back story but thanks to the fantastic acting our viewers were able to connect easily with the character’s joys and pain.

True happiness doesn’t just appear; it takes dedication, un-wavering faith, and the ability to admit your wrong and be willing to change to fix a troublesome relationship/marriage. This film reminds us that life hardens us but that it’s okay to let life soften us again too – I’ll leave you with one of my favourite lines, that went: “Sometimes you have to let life turn you upside down…so you’ll know how to live right side up…”

Planes Trains and Automobiles

With the American holiday ‘Thanksgiving’ quickly approaching it was fitting to watch the American classic ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ starring Steve Martin and late John Candy. Written and Directed by the late and esteemed John Hughes whom you may remember from other classics like ‘Home Alone 1 and 2’ with Macauley Culkin as well as ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.

This 1987 comedy also had adventure, drama and tender moments; it is difficult not to laugh out loud. John Candy had the gift of playing characters sincerely and viewers always had an easy time connecting with him. We’ve all had our unbelievably awkward moments and this film embellishes the highs and lows of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Times may be tough, but there’s always a lesson and a silver-lining! J Patience is virtue and virtue is grace, and Neal Page played by Martin had very little of it which brought on the non-stop giggles!

Definitely, ‘Journey with Jair’ recommended; a movie you’d like to add to your DVD collection if it isn’t already there – a feel-good movie! J

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

While listening to one of my favourite classical composers Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky, it occurred to me that he is not only one of the best classical originators of his time, but also though most would find his music dark, that there are almost always great uplifting movements within his pieces of work. His life was filled with separation, trauma and torment, yet it is evident in his music, that he didn't let that stop him from cultivating his mind and creating mystical and wonderful works.

My darlings, it is quite alright to mourn, cry, and grieve. It is simply our bodies way of telling us that something isn't right within. Just as our body alerts us to jerk our fingers away from fire, so too do our bodies alert us to pain. Elevate yourselves and allow that sleeping beauty within you to become awakened.

Acknowledging our foes is suffering, but what is wonderful is that once we do this, we are on our way to ending our torment and once more becoming resilient with new found perspective and reassurance. It is always darkest before the dawn. You can expect that after the gravest of moments and experiences that shortly after you’ll be renewed in some form, shape or fashion. Pay attention to this; and keep the faith and hope alive for you shall not always be lost. J

We all have genuine beauty inside and out, and we attract experiences so that we may better understand all we have forgotten along our journey here on earth. Nothing is as it appears, so stick closely to uplifting things in every situation. Be gentle with your feelings and your heart. Don’t try to drown them in substances that temporarily numb the pain; instead surround yourself with soothing expressions of beauty and awareness. With this sort of outlook we are sure to combat those heavy feelings and again radiate in light, joy and gratefulness!

Keep on the path darlings, once you know you’re doing the right things, there is nothing that will keep your rewards or joy away from you! All is unfolding as it should – you’re getting closer each day to the person you’re meant to be; be aware of your steps and smile because the Universal laws/Love/God will never forget you. J



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Thursday, October 11, 2012


So many good things come from Spain. Lovely warm weather, the traditional bull-fighting, Javier Bardam, Penelope Cruz and director Pedro Almodovar! This 2006 comedy-crime-drama written and directed by none other than the infamous Pedro Almodovar starred dazzlingly talented and beautiful Penelope Cruz, delightful Carmen Maura, Lola Duenas and Blanca Portillo.

Nominated for an Oscar with 53 wins and 53 nominations this film is certainly worth seeing. A strange yet enigmatic and addicting tale of the lives of women in a small village in Spain and the series of superstitious and harrowing events that unfurl in succession to resolve unfinished business and motherly support and truth. Delicately filmed with heart-wrenching performances, it is easy to see why this film is a cinematic gem.

With a run-time of 121 minutes and a budget just under 2 million pounds, Almodovar’s film was produced by production companies Canal + Espana, El Deseo S.A., the Ministry of Culture and Spanish Television (TVE). The distributors too many to name and had special effects done by El Ranchito. You may know some of Almodovar’s successful film titles like: ‘Talk to Her’, ‘Matador’ and ‘All About My Mother’ to name a few; it was Penelope’s dream to work with him on set and her dream finally came true in 2006; the beginning of a long line of future collaborations.

Viva la Espana! J