Monday, October 15, 2012

Sleeping Beauty

While listening to one of my favourite classical composers Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky, it occurred to me that he is not only one of the best classical originators of his time, but also though most would find his music dark, that there are almost always great uplifting movements within his pieces of work. His life was filled with separation, trauma and torment, yet it is evident in his music, that he didn't let that stop him from cultivating his mind and creating mystical and wonderful works.

My darlings, it is quite alright to mourn, cry, and grieve. It is simply our bodies way of telling us that something isn't right within. Just as our body alerts us to jerk our fingers away from fire, so too do our bodies alert us to pain. Elevate yourselves and allow that sleeping beauty within you to become awakened.

Acknowledging our foes is suffering, but what is wonderful is that once we do this, we are on our way to ending our torment and once more becoming resilient with new found perspective and reassurance. It is always darkest before the dawn. You can expect that after the gravest of moments and experiences that shortly after you’ll be renewed in some form, shape or fashion. Pay attention to this; and keep the faith and hope alive for you shall not always be lost. J

We all have genuine beauty inside and out, and we attract experiences so that we may better understand all we have forgotten along our journey here on earth. Nothing is as it appears, so stick closely to uplifting things in every situation. Be gentle with your feelings and your heart. Don’t try to drown them in substances that temporarily numb the pain; instead surround yourself with soothing expressions of beauty and awareness. With this sort of outlook we are sure to combat those heavy feelings and again radiate in light, joy and gratefulness!

Keep on the path darlings, once you know you’re doing the right things, there is nothing that will keep your rewards or joy away from you! All is unfolding as it should – you’re getting closer each day to the person you’re meant to be; be aware of your steps and smile because the Universal laws/Love/God will never forget you. J



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thursday, October 11, 2012


So many good things come from Spain. Lovely warm weather, the traditional bull-fighting, Javier Bardam, Penelope Cruz and director Pedro Almodovar! This 2006 comedy-crime-drama written and directed by none other than the infamous Pedro Almodovar starred dazzlingly talented and beautiful Penelope Cruz, delightful Carmen Maura, Lola Duenas and Blanca Portillo.

Nominated for an Oscar with 53 wins and 53 nominations this film is certainly worth seeing. A strange yet enigmatic and addicting tale of the lives of women in a small village in Spain and the series of superstitious and harrowing events that unfurl in succession to resolve unfinished business and motherly support and truth. Delicately filmed with heart-wrenching performances, it is easy to see why this film is a cinematic gem.

With a run-time of 121 minutes and a budget just under 2 million pounds, Almodovar’s film was produced by production companies Canal + Espana, El Deseo S.A., the Ministry of Culture and Spanish Television (TVE). The distributors too many to name and had special effects done by El Ranchito. You may know some of Almodovar’s successful film titles like: ‘Talk to Her’, ‘Matador’ and ‘All About My Mother’ to name a few; it was Penelope’s dream to work with him on set and her dream finally came true in 2006; the beginning of a long line of future collaborations.

Viva la Espana! J

Snow White and the Huntsman

Both my sister and I were excited to see Charlize Theron in action; we both thought of her as a phenomenal and striking actress. We didn't have the same opinion of Kristen Stewart however, talented yes, but always holding on to her un-necessary teenage angst. 

This 2012, action, adventure, drama was a twist on the original fairy-tale ‘Snow White’. “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, whose the fairest of them All”, has got to be one of the most lovely lines from fairy-tale land and it is uttered ever so often in this film. South African beauty Theron delivers again with her incredible dedication to her disturbed and miserable character.

Brilliant CGI, scores of armour, and costuming, and breathtaking cinematography and castle shots, this film delivers exactly what the audience would expect. Written by Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock, Hosein Amini, this film was laden with wonderful acting talent, Aussie Chris Hemsworth, English Sam Claflin, English Ian McShane, and English Bob Huskins to name a few. Starring also the specially talented yet un-grateful Kristen Stewart, she followed through expertly with her acting duties and thank-fully delivered a believable accent.

I'm always in the mood for a fairy-tale with a twist, but if that's not enough, this film has got loads of action, some violence, snippets of sensuality and directed by the handsome and married English Rupert Sanders whom Kristen Stewart is rumored to have had an affair with; all the more reason to tune in! J

Land of the Lost

Some may agree with me when I say that Will Ferrell is an acquired taste. Others would swear that he is the funniest man alive. Whichever you are, this 2009 film is madcap humour at its best with lewd and crude sexual content, drug references and a healthy dose of Ferrell power!

If you like dinosaurs, aliens, aimless exploration, and Will Ferrell, then you’d love this movie. Based on a 1983 American children television series, this film was adapted by Chris Henchy and Dennis McNicholas. These writers successfully created a bizarre world for our audience, all of which makes very little sense; Dr. Rick Marshall played by Ferrell creates a time-travel machine that works and he wants to find a way home to prove so. Brad Silberling probably had the time of his life directing this comedy with a cast that committed 100% to their looney characters and in turn giving the audience the only sense of stability they’d experience throughout.

Petite English actor Anna Friel who played love-struck side-kick Holly alongside Dr. Rick Marshall and Danny McBride who played hill-billy Will Stanton was most times more clever and correct than his counterparts; both brought different comic aspects to this film. Another stretch of reality with this one, but some funny moments all the same. J

Without a Paddle

I remember in my University days being invited by one of my friends to go see the pre-screening of this movie. I declined. For some reason the title didn’t seem to do anything for me and I hadn’t heard of it winning any awards or amazing reviews. My friend said I missed out. Years later, I decide to pop it in, alone. She was right, it was hilarious!

Writers Fred Wolf, Harris Goldberg, Tom Nursall, Jay Leggett and Mitch Rouse all put their funny bones together and created dialogue and jokes to last for 95 minutes. Director Steven Brill echoed the funny by successfully engaging actors Mathew Lillard, Seth Green and Dax Shephard to completely embody their characters, Jerry, Dan and Tom respectively. There was great comic timing and within the giggles and outlandish behaviour also a relevant and special message.

This 2004 flick took us from loss, childhood belongings, to an adventure in the woods, these 3 friends went on a droll journey of figuring out the real treasures in life as well as accepting their strengths and weaknesses. A good laugh with friends or one to enjoy after mind-numbing day; silly yet feel-good. 'Journey with Jair'  recommended! J

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I've watched scores of films with Amanda Seyfried and her performances didn't really impress me; especially that in ‘Red Riding Hood’; striking features and bright bold eyes, but she didn't seem to be connected with her characters. I am happy to say that 2009’s dramatic thriller ‘Chloe’ disturbed the hell-out-of-me; however finally made Amanda connect. Not because she portrayed a lesbian whore, but because she showed vulnerability and a little bit of craziness and those two qualities are unique and admirable qualities to possess in any actor. I’d like to continue seeing the roles and chances she takes in the future as she has been fortunate to work alongside some of the best actors, and directors.

Written by Erin Cressida Wilson and Anne Fontaine from Luxembourg and directed by Egyptian Atom Egoyan, this movie was full of seduction, un-faithfulness, and menace. Despite its racy and sex-induced content, this story kept the audience attentive yet baleful every step of the way. It was creepy yet unfolded beautifully with lovely framed shots, fantastic classical compositions and exceptional acting by Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.

This film exemplifies that once you tell a good story well, even skeptics will believe you! The power of story is the ability to convince someone beyond questionable doubt. J But just because people are good at telling stories, doesn't always mean that the story is the truth. Winner of 2 awards and 4 nominations, Chloe was a dark ride into the troubled mind of someone who needed to find closeness with her mother. 

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man

I had the pleasure of reading this novel by Steve Harvey, a gift given to me by one of my dear girlfriends and not only did I find the book entertaining but also quite enlightening on how men think and operate. This 2012 romantic comedy was based on this book and was adapted by Keith Merryman and David A Newman and was ram-packed with dashing and gifted actors like: Taraji P Henson, Jennifer Lewis, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Meagan Good, Michael Ealy, and Trinbagonian Romany Malco to name a few.

Directed by Tim Story, the audience follows men and women in the early stages of dating and the strategies, downfalls and victories throughout their relationships. Very sexy, beautiful acting and constant humour by comedian/actor Kevin Hart it was a riot! Chris Brown, Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd also had small roles which made for extra added surprises!

More heart-warming than comedy; there were real wonderful emotions represented by the actors of the character’s wants, needs and fears when wanting to settle down in blissful discovery and leave the playful dating world behind.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

This 2012 comedy hosted countless talented actors including: Chris Rock, Thomas Lennon, Elizabeth Banks, Cameron Diaz, Chace Crawford, Anna Kendrick, Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Lopez and the new and incredible Rebel Wilson among others. Writers Shauna Cross and Heather Hach kept the story light and simple by showing the audience different scenarios that may take place for expecting mothers and fathers. Director Kirk Jones managed to keep smooth transitions between the comedy, romance and dramatic scenes; and the actors delivered by giving heartfelt and side-splitting performances.

Wonderful display of emotions/hormones, friendly competition and plenty of BIG changes for the 5 couples we follow over a course of 9 months. It reminds us that despite the enormous changes we go through and events or situations that may arise, that it always turn out for the best.

My favourite characters were Janice played by Rebel Wilson, Wendy played by Elizabeth Banks as well as the 4 fathers in the park with the strollers; positively one of the funniest scenes/film moments I’ve watched to date. An uproarious and touching film that you’ll enjoy; I watched this one – twice! J

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Endless Flight

They say love is patient, that it is kind. That it does not envy, it doesn't boast or keep a collection of wrong. That love is not easily angered, it is never rude or self-seeking; that it always delights in truth. That love is protecting, trusting, and hopeful. This love that is spoken of is the Universal love but not what we humans experience or give to each other. Ahh, I hear many objections from my readers right now; but know that if you think about it, we only have glimpses of what ‘true-love’ really is; it isn't humanly possible to keep even-kilter with all the trials and lessons which we continue to experience in life. Therefore, if we mess up, doesn't that make this perfect love un-true?

Every hurt, every experience, every memory whether we like it or not, molds us into the unique individuals we are, all with different perspectives. Lesson after lesson we move forward to a better understanding of what love could and should be. We are walked on, tainted, disappointed, scared and physically and mentally tired of the surprises life throws our way.

The only thing that can bring us back to positive consciousness, grace, and joy of rebirth is the Universal love/God. We are able to tap into this non-pretentious, non-judging and unconditional love by prayer and meditation. Just as the river carves a way through pebbles and rocks and the wind after time bends the branches of an enormous tree, so too do we have relationships with each other. We are all connected. The more we create discomfort and hatred to others, the more we bring it upon ourselves. What we say and what we do are powerful tools of energy in the Universe that can always lift us up or drag us down. But not to worry darlings, just as there are seasons, there is also a time for healing, understanding and answered prayers.

Sometimes we think we have horrible connections – that our intuition is off, and our feelings are all over the place but remember while waiting on deliverance of peace and comfort, try to treat yourself with compassion and kindness. It isn't the easiest thing to do – to manifest your dreams and to become whole. It is your journey through life; and you fall, you get lost, and you run out of gas. It’s okay my darlings. Forgive yourself; we do not have the map in life; we do not always have the flash-light either. It is an adventure that you’re bound to make mistakes in. Dust yourself off, and have faith that you are journeying exactly where you need to be at this specific point in time. It always makes sense later. Meditate with the silence and listen for the messages of love in the wind. Pray for guidance and assurance that your journey isn't futile.

God’s love is within us all, always. We are imperfect love trying to become whole. Therefore if we want to live in love in our journey throughout life we must keep practicing with unconditional steps of kindness, forgiveness, compassion and humility. We’re all on the same journey, so don’t let anxiety weigh heavy on your hearts but instead look and ask for the ancient paths that were taken before you, where you will finally find rest for your soul…

Jair J

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Keep Working Ladies

** Lovely groovy Soca tune from Trinidad & Tobago!!! Just empowers and lifts the spirit - doesn't it!?
Bless-up to all my strong ladies out there :))