Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrating 50 years

**From the shores of the lovely twin-islands of Trinidad & Tobago, small islands with mighty and diverse people – producer of oil and natural gas – creator of the steel-pan – land of beautiful men and women – with Gold medalists, Nobel Laureates Prize winners, Musical Superstars and the BEST and SWEETEST Carnival in the WORLD – we celebrate 50 years of Independence! J God Bless our small Nation. ** Discipline, Production, Tolerance** Together we Aspire; Together we Achieve! J

Love your Life

I read this today and wanted to share it with you, my darling readers…live with no regrets – all is simply – WELL. J

“Like a string of colourful beads, the days of my life follow one after another. Every bead, every day, contributes to the whole. As I reflect on the days of my life, some may seem brighter or more colourful than the others; some may appear cracked or chipped, yet each day is precious. I have been strengthened by challenge, broken open in crisis, and sustained through it all by God within. I have been humbled by my errors and encouraged by my successes. I’ve been blessed by friends and family as we’ve lived through times of joy and sorrow. For every loss I’ve grieved, I have been blessed by a time of love. I have no regrets. I love my life!”

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. – Psalm 23:6

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jurassic Park

** This movie changed my life; I will always be an enormous fan! This lovely theme song is powerful and timeless. Love Jurassic Park ! J

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Lesson

Just like it was in school; when we didn’t get the lesson the first time, we’d have to do it over and over until we got it right. I believe this applies to all our lessons in life- our life classes. There are many life lessons – not logical like Mathematics, but a bit more philosophical with us piecing parts together to ultimately reveal the ‘whole’. And we are indeed part of the ‘whole’ – all connected, all on a journey towards spiritual fullness and greatness! J

‘Patience’ happens to be a lesson we humans repeat quite a bit. We can’t seem to wrap around our heads that ‘we – are – not – in – control’; neither that ‘we – must – go – with – the – flow –of – the – Universe’. If we don’t get it now; we’ll get it later. But until we do, we’ll keep butting our heads against the wall. No-one said it’d be easy, or perfect; it’s usually the ‘easy concepts’ that are hardest to put into practice.

Whatever our aspirations or desires are we have guidance with and within our beings to develop the unique gifts we have to share with the world. There is no need to rush and there is no need to compare ourselves with others. As the ‘Desiderata’ stated, “…there will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself…” That’s because we are all on different spiritual pathways and journeys to strength and resilience to develop a closer bond with God/Universe.

The sooner we accept, surrender, and stop fighting, the easier and lighter our load will become; as we are able to move with the flow of life. Believe me. Our creator knows what we want; our desires would not have been this strong if it wasn’t put there for a reason – what we must realize though, is that our dreams are human dreams and have little potential compared to what we could really allow to happen in our lives.

All we need is a little more patience. A little more trust. If you want to fight and control everything…you’ll get what you want eventually…but if you ‘let go’ and become more trusting and patient in the truth and beauty of Universal flow, then not only will you become more stress-free; but you will also be bountiful in confidence, faith and heavenly insight.

It’s always darkest before the dawn…smile darlings…your blessings and surprises are just around the corner.

Bless-up! J

Killing me Softly

Underworld - Evolution

I’m not usually a fan of a string of movies – but I quite enjoyed ‘Underworld’ so of course I was intrigued to see what ‘Underworld – Evolution’ had to offer! And now I’ve figured out how ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ sagas do it! Well, let’s just say it was plenty more gore, plenty more swearing and the sensationally scourging sex-scene between vampire and were-wolf! :D

Once again, keep the children out of the room; and you can be sure to enjoy yet another installment of the ‘Underworld’ clan. I know Kate Beckinsdale is laughing all the way to the bank with this exciting and adventurous film she is able to re-visit every 3 years; the first being in 2003, this one in 2006, and the other 2 in 2009 and 2012. She continues to shine and blossom with her character ‘Selene’, whose gifts aren’t only being ‘super-sexy’ in leather black suits, but also being excellent at firing 2 guns simultaneously, not to mention landing gracefully whenever she falls. J They surely don’t make vampyre warriors the way they used to!

Breathtaking, and decrepit cinematography, loads of action and solid back-story so the audience wouldn’t get lost. This installment of ‘Underworld’ held the same team of writers, Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman and Danny McBride, with direction once more from Wiseman. Wonderfully executed story of ancient feuds and forbidden love exposing secrets in between the film’s fierce battle segments.

Be careful, you might spill your pop-corn on this one! J Enjoy the ride!


In 2003, English actress Kate Beckinsdale showed her dark side in this action/fantasy/thriller. Besides the film’s immense special effects, glorious cinematography and amazing camera angles it also showcased her versatility and strength in acting. The story written by Kevin Grevioux, whom you may remember from 'Star Trek'; also plays a part in this film; and he teamed up with Director Len Wiseman and screen-writer Danny McBride to ensure that, this tale was a captivating one.

Raging wars between any two parties are heartrending and perplexing, but when the war happens to be among vampyres and werewolves; now that makes for a fascinating experience! It’s difficult not to be moved by a story of love, and one filled with action, adventure and longing, makes it twice more thrilling! J

Kate Beckinsdale plays alongside an English cast of Scott Speedman, Michael Sheen, Sophia Miles, Wentworth Miller and Robbie Gee to name a few. They and others helped to make this motion picture a believable one. 

With strong violence, gore and some language I wouldn’t recommend it for the young ones, but for a good pouncing of the heart and a kick-start to your evening; I’d certainly pop this ‘bad-boy’ in. Think ‘Tomb Raider’ meets ‘Dracula’ it’s a lovely balance between the conventional with a modern twist – all that changes are the ammunition! J

Sunday, August 26, 2012


“One Taste is All it Takes…”

It only took me all but 12 years to taste this remarkable film! J And how could you not say Chocolat without “Mmmm”! J This 2000 film set in the equally remarkable small and rural 1959 French village was a delicious delight from start to finish – no ‘pun’ intended J

I wasn’t quite sure if the audience could handle all that chocolate and Johnny Depp at once; but somehow it was an ever such marvelous idea! This drama, romance was written by English Joanne Harris and adapted into screenplay by Robert Nelson Jacobs and directed by Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom. French beauty and actress Juliette Binoche starred in this film as the mysterious woman Viviane who brought ecstasy to this little community. Other well-known and well-loved actors you may recognize in this quaint film would be the alluring Johnny Depp, English ‘force-to-be-reckoned-with’  Judi Dench, Canadian Carrie-Anne Moss whom you may remember from ‘The Matrix’ and Oscar nominated Swedish Lena Olin and Irish ‘innocent-faced’ Hugh O’Conor you may remember from ‘My Left Foot’ to name a few.

It was a film experience similar to none-other; with splendid cinematography, the simple story of doing what feels right and keeping the balance and splendor of life as well as one that warmed the heart with fragranced and lovely tang! J With an estimated budget of $25 million, it was easy to see how all their hard-work was paid off as they made back a well-deserved $152 million world-wide.

It made me laugh and cry – I’d certainly recommend for a wondrously luscious night of fun. Alone or with friends – even if they happen to be some good ole’ blocks of Chocolat! J

Friday, August 24, 2012

Second Time

**Love me some HED KANDI!!!
   "Can I fall in love a 2nd time with youuuu!?"
   Dance baby dance! J

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Cave

'Top Buchanan' is still alive!!!

Sorry for the spoiler alert – but this is only the name of the character you’ll find out about after you watch this movie. J Always in the mood for a good thriller/horror and this one tickled my fancy as it was jam-packed with adventure and action. J

Written by Michael Steinberg and Tegan West and directed by Bruce Hunt (whom you may remember from the Matrix Trilogy), this 2005 horror brought a scientific and mysterious story to life with great implementation. With a plausible methodical story set in beautiful and historical Romania and with an expert cast stuck in eerie yet beautiful surroundings of the south-eastern Mexican, Yucatan Peninsula; exploring and then being hunted by monsters makes any audience member’s heart race with excitement!

With an estimated budget of $30 million dollars; and with intricate and unique horror cinematography; most of which is in a large cave and with characters we do not know too much about – they managed to balance out at $33 million dollars.

If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced, visually appealing, and equally gripping film with the added bonus of the character 'Top Buchanan' remaining alive; then you should tune in to this enjoyable thriller! J

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hunger Games

This 2012 Action/Adventure/Sci-fi film was reminiscent of ‘Harry Potter’ and had elements of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and glimpses of the brilliant novel ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley. ‘The Hunger Games’ written by Suzanne Collins and screenplay adaption by Suzanne Collins, Billy Ray and by director of the film Gary Ross had all the key elements for making of a booming and thrilling teenaged movie. Backed by Lionsgate films and with a cool budget of $78 million dollars; it’s easy to see how it made back $672 million worldwide. Teenagers in love and teenagers fighting to the death is very ‘becoming’ right now! J

The intensely beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence stars in this film and plays the character Katniss Everdeen with wonderful grace; she is calm, focused and triumphantly believable. She plays alongside others like: Wes Bentley, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, ‘too-sexy-for-his-own-good’ Lenny Kravitz, a barely recognizable Woody Harrelson and new-comer and uber-talented Amandla Stenberg who plays one of the youngest at battle ‘Rue’ from District 11.

With such support, talented cast and a vigorous budget it’s easy to see how well put-together this film was. Grand camera angles, fantastic lighting, splendid soundtrack, magnificent special effects, CGI and without a doubt, a seamless team-work in place, as continuity, story, dialogue and dramatic moments were all on point. Certainly recommended for pre-teens and teenagers; maybe not as stimulating for adults as the action happened mostly and was focused on that specific age-group from 12 to 18 years old. But I must say, it still makes for a cool night of fun! J

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tell Him

** Where have all the ladies and lovely lyrics disappeared to???

**Let me be patient, Let me be kind, make me unselfish, without being blind. Though I may suffer, I’ll envy not, and endure what comes, cause’ he’s all that I got…

I need him, I love him, it’ll be alright…

I may have faith, to make mountains fall, but if I lack love, then I am nothing at all. I can give away everything I possess, but I’m without love, then I have no happiness.  I know I’m not imperfect and not without sin, but now that I’m older, all childish things end…**

Love you Lauryn Hill J J J


During my first and hopefully not last prayer-fast I gained knowledge on some useful things. One that sacrificing food puts your mind in a much more clearer and peaceful place, and Two that Gandhi was a boss-man to survive that long without food! Fasting is a practice you can get used to; but practicing it in the summer and in an environment where everyone around you is sharing flavourful, exotic foods, it can appear to be a bit more complicated.

Nevertheless, my experience was an overall good one; and I had the pleasure of reading ‘The Book of Job’; among other things throughout that time. What I learnt was that the Almighty creator/Supreme being always tests us with what is most beloved to us. Why is this? Well it’s to see how faithful we are and to make sure that we do what we were created to do. We were all created for the same reason; to be sincere, close and loving with our heavenly father; to be loving to our neighbours, friends and even enemies.

The Universe/God sees and hears our hearts and knows our desires and what is pumping within our beings; therefore we must always be grateful and must always share dominion with him. We are not in control of everything, especially in divine timing and when un-pleasant situations or change arises. We need to remain steadfast, true, and positive right through our tricky periods.

According to this book of Job, our human blessings/gifts/materials may be increased or decreased at any given time. And that our occupation is our livelihood, but not our lives; we were designed perfectly to complete specific tasks and the greatest of them is living, practicing and being ‘love’. We are all one – part of the greater whole – and we must not forget that! J

Discouraging at times and a struggle always to remain positive, as even Job complained effortlessly during his low moments; but we should not compare ourselves with others; life is not a race and the sooner we let go of the negative things of our past, the sooner we realize that these people and situations have no power or control over our thinking and future greatness; only then can we truly hold freedom and joy that comes from the peace of mind.

What one person achieves is their achievement; what YOU achieve will always be something precisely engraved particularly to your existence here and now.  Make promises to yourself and declare what you know is the truth. My darlings, for ever and a day be thank-full – we have no right to be complaining…


Jair J

The Sweetest Thing

If you like nonsensical, fluffy, overly sexy comedies, then you’ll love ‘The Sweetest Thing’! This 2002 film written by Nancy Pimental and directed by Roger Kumble was a simple film about dating and relationships; about being tired of the games that people play and really wanting something more meaningful in life. It was filled with ‘Bollywood-type’ sing-dance numbers, loads of giggling and plenty of predictable and un-savory dialogue. Great line of actors in this film including the wide-smiled and leggy Cameron Diaz , serious and chic Selma Blair, bright-eyed Christina Applegate, as well as actor, director, producer Thomas Jane and child star turned hardest working actor in America Jason Bateman. As much as I tried to get into this movie; I felt that it gave romantic comedies a bad name; and although there was a message; it was so weak within the story that it seemed more to be a series of horny scenarios and situations than to have a worthy or serious message ring true.

An estimated budget of $43 million dollars and making back a cool $68 million worldwide it goes to show that time and time again, that sex sells. Sure we have all kinds that make up the world – but constantly it seems to be the bratty reality shows and uncouth, lewd behavior that attracts and sells more than anything else.

Not at all my cup of tea. But would I call it entertaining for viewers; perhaps for a group of teenagers; I’d find it fair enough. J

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Mighty Lord Kitchener

** In my opinion - the latest and greatest performer of calypso in Trinidad & Tobago. His lyrics, his melody, heavenly and unforgettable! :)) My favourite song to play on pan! Missin' yuh muh sweet tenor! :)) ENJOY!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Despicable Me

I know, I know, I’m a bit late seeing this crime, comedic animated special written by Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio, and Sergio Pablos. Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud and with a number of amusing voices to add luster like, Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Mindy Kaling, Julie Andrews, Kristen Wiig, Jack McBrayer, and Miranda Cosgrove it was an adorable and smart movie with a lot of heart.

Behind every tough exterior there’s always a warm heart hoping to be found out! J This would be the case too for ‘Gru’ the clever yet kind-hearted villain that wants nothing more than to make his mother proud. Along his journey he realizes that he needs to do what his heart desires and not try to please anyone; for the love we desire comes when we least expect it. J

Looks are always deceiving; nothing is as it seems; the last act is always the most interesting! Wonderful and hilarious and made for a good night of giggles!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


“The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.” - RUMI

Monday, August 13, 2012

Accept your Blessings

We all have crosses to bear; or burdens, tasks and obstacles in life; there are none of us as human-beings living on earth that is free from this. We must remember though, that we are not alone in our turmoil, difficulties or struggles. We must utilize the power of prayer to communicate with the heavenly realm and truly envision the way we wish our lives to transform. We are given that gift of imagination, and despite outward appearances and inner doubts we know that with the Universal Good/God that we can manifest all our desires!

Forever is how much the Universe/God loves you; you were created special and with purpose just as all the mighty mountains, running streams and lovely meadows. Believe that! Whatever you are going through at this moment; release it; surrender the hurt, guilt and pain. Forgive yourself and forgive the persons and or situations – open your heart and feel the divine love and joy that is always encircling you! The painful memories have no control over who you are today; let those attachments be replaced with healing and restoration; to freedom!

Connecting with this higher force ensures that you flourish spiritually and once you live in that mindful space and carry that light of God within you, you will always be safe, protected and have a healthy peace of mind. Is this your desire? Are you tired of living with regret? Tired of wasting energy in vain? Don’t try to impress anybody! Impress your heavenly father/mother, your supreme creator. Now is the only time there is; why not make a fulfilling and blissful change in your life; and claim your power and beautiful experiences today.

Accept your blessings – you deserve it darlings – you’re one in a million! J


Jair J

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

I’m always in the mood for a good scary movie and this rainy evening seemed just right to snuggle into ‘Don’t be Afraid of the Dark’. I’d seen so many shoddy reviews when this 2010 horror-thriller came out; but I am a TREMENDOUS Guiermo del Toro fan and any film by this Mexican genius is a must-see for me! A collaborative effort with Canadian director Troy Nixey and another film starring the upcoming child star Bailee Madison, whose been in numerous movies lately, including ‘Just Go With It’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Bridge to Terabithia’ to name a few. She shone once more playing the character ‘Sally’ and exposed her dexterity for acting well beyond her short years.

Brilliant back-story and lovely way of executing this 1973 television classic; from the careful painting of characters, to the wonderful shots of cinematography and smooth camera angles; it was easy for the audience to be completely invested in what was being shown. I honestly found myself cringing and heart racing at some points; it made for a good night of chilling fun! J

Coming towards to end of the movie though; I found that ‘the creatures’ became ever more cunning and clever and scenes where characters had to fight off these magical vermin made it all the more close to laughable as the situations made the humans seem completely helpless next to them. The echoed small voices also I found to be a bit much, as I found it didn't match well with the darkness of the seedy creatures. Katie Holmes who plays ‘Kim’, grew on me gradually, as her half-smile had less and less effect when all she could do was scream. Guy Pearce whose character was ‘Alex’ was believable every step of the way; for who would truly in modern day agonize over stories of a troubled little girl, despite that little girl being your daughter?

Although thoroughly predictable there was a surprise ending and exceptional graphics throughout; I’d certainly give it more than 5 out of 10 stars for the pure excitement and entertainment of it all. Unquestionably another enjoyable thrilling tale with just enough ounces of fairy and disbelief to make you want to do your own research! J

The Company Men

This 2010 drama starring Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee-Jones and Kevin Costner made for a serious recipe of cinematic status – however despite its serious cast, its ingredients weren’t enough to keep its audience enthused every step of the way. USC Graduate John Wells whom you may remember from ‘One Hour Photo’ or television shows ‘ER’ or ‘The West Wing’ wrote and directed this film. Set in Boston, I found the Boston accents most amusing in this movie.

The story is a solid one and we follow men through their agony, fears and frustrations as they are ‘let-go’ or down-sized from their company. All of them successful and living in opulence and learning once again how to move forward and transition despite the grim-looking options presented to them. I found Ben Affleck’s character, ‘Bobby Walker’ quite daft as everyone but he moved with the flow of things, and he kept fighting against the reality of what was happening to him.

Thanks to the American Economic Crisis/Recession, times are incredibly rough and only those that adapt and are resilient can survive. It doesn’t matter what you were paid before or your performance before – everyone is given a clean slate; it is all about survival. No fancy camera-angles, beautiful cinematography or action sequences; it was a poor attempt at gaining a steady interest from its viewers because we didn’t have enough back-story or connections with the characters. When they lost it all – we could not ‘feel’ or empathize with them.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's Eating Gilbert Grape

“You’re my knight in shimmering armor. Did you know that?”
“I think you mean shining.”
“No shimmering. You shimmer and you glow.”

It isn’t everyday that a movie truly touches your heart; and 1993’s ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ does exactly that. This American drama starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, written by Peter Hedges and directed by Lasse Halstrom received 6 wins and 1 nomination that year. Wrapped up with subtle jokes and warm cinematography it was an intimate look between the relationship between a boy and his family, of him reaching his breaking point and wanting more out of life, and also about him discovering true love.

Set in a small town of Endora, it’s easy to live a simple life and keep out of trouble; I feel that this film was special because despite it lacking any fancy footwork, the story stood solid on it’s own and the actors brought it home by truly connecting with their characters. Johnny Depp who played Gilbert Grape showed immense gentleness and Leonardo DiCaprio who played Arnie with a mental condition gave marvelous execution. I also enjoyed watching Juliette Lewis who played the free-spirit and love interest Becky and Darlene Cates who played the loving but helpless obese mother Bonnie.

In addition to the lovely soundtrack, this film easily had its audience hanging on to see what happened next; and for me brought tremendous joy and sadness. It isn’t everyday you see a story of people ‘really’ doing things that matter and have their priorities in order. It isn’t everyday that you find romantic moments that are true, stops time and make you feel something magical inside either! J

Life can be awkward and unfair but we must learn to adapt and do the best with what we have. Change comes but you must prepare yourself for it; you’re never given more than you can handle, so breathe and let things be. Keep doing the right thing; you’ll be blessed for it! J

“Tell me what you want as fast as it comes to you!”
“But what do YOU want?”
“I wanna’ be a good person.”


Thank You God!

Thank You God!

Whether your heart is filled with thanksgiving at this moment, or whether it is filled with unhappiness, discouragement, or fear, these words are for you. “Thank You, God, Thank you, God”.

What is your need right now? Is it for healing, supply, guidance, peace? The words “Thank You, God”, spoken and affirmed, silently or aloud, will charge your being with new assurance, peace and the awareness that good is happening to you at this present time and in this present circumstance. As you repeat, “Thank You, God” you will have a new feeling of oneness with the Father and a new confidence that you can meet, face, and overcome victoriously whatever needs to be met, faced, and overcome.

Thankfulness is a builder and a strengthener. Thankfulness is a healer, a multiplier of the good, and a dissolver of the negative. Thankfulness is a lifter and a life-giver. Thankfulness is a fortifier and a comforter. Thankfulness is an attracting power for blessings, a lightener of any load or burden, an ingredient of Spirit that produces miracles in the life of anyone, in any situation.

Let these words, “Thank You, God” life you up right now! Let them bring you out of darkness into the light. Let them build for you a new realization of the powerful potentials that lie within you, ready to come forth through the very challenge you face at this time. Let the words “Thank You, God” become a habit. Let them start your days and fill your nights, until you consistently think and feel and know thankfulness through and through your whole being, from tip t toe and inside out.

Thank God in the good times and in the bad. Thank Him when you feel like it and when you do not. Thank Him for your environment and for the people around you. Thank Him for the healing of the body and for the growing of the soul. Thank Him and thank Him and then, thank Him again!

Say the words “Thank You, God” aloud firmly, or whisper them softly, knowing that they are helping you to climb out of every pit of despair up into the light of Truth and reality.

Say, “Thank You, God” when even the little light dawns, or a small degree of understanding comes through. Say it in the face of apparent setback or disappointment. Establish, through thanksgiving, the habit of closeness to your heavenly Father, no matter what the condition or circumstance. Continue to say “Thank You, God” when things go your way, or if they do not. Let thanksgiving become the predominant characteristic in your disposition and your day.

If the word comes to you concerning dear ones who are having seeming insurmountable problems, let your first reaction be, “Thank You, God,” knowing that His presence is there and in charge. If someone very precious to you is going through a heartrending circumstance, let your thoughts be constant in their attention to the words “Thank You, God” knowing that nothing but good can come to this child of the Father.

“Thank You, God, Thank You, God” say these words when you feel well and when you do not when you feel lost and when you feel assured, when you do not know the way to go and when you do, when you laugh and when you cry, when you feel filled with faith and especially when you do not! Persist; persist, until your heart begins to feel a lift and everything in you begins to ring with joy.

“Thank You, God, Thank You, God” Listen to your own voice say this. Build your ladder of praise. Old negative states of limited thinking will begin to crumble and fall away. You will experience victory – inside and out.

By Mary L Kupferie

With Love – Jair J