Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ben Affleck is currently on a good run; his latest film in which he stars as well as directs has earned him nominations for 7 Oscars, 37 other nominations as well as 21 wins. He has already quadrupled his initial budget of $44 million USD and the film is the talk of ‘The Town’ – no pun intended! J

Based on a true story, Affleck manages to piece together history in a fascinating, thrilling and compelling way.  This drama is a collage of exotic cinematography, gripping dialogue as well as brilliant acting by which he is able to deliver successfullly. Although I feel that this film shines too little a light on the truth that initially caused the tension between America and Iran; I feel that it was a good strategy to win the hearts and connection with the Western film world.

John Goodman, Alan Arkin, Victor Garber, Bryan Cranston, Clea DuVall, Scoot McNairy are just a few of the cast in this film, all of whom are American including those who played Iranian as authentic actors from Tehran may have received harmful consequences if authorities recognized them in this film.

Every person, every country has different ways of doing things, different ways of living, but that shouldn’t make it weird or unusual. Because a civilization does something differently they should not be considered any less of a man; only a different man; and this is why I will vehemently disagree with the following statement made in the film.

“Actions of Iran, have shocked the civilized world.”

We must ask ourselves, what indeed makes a civilized world?

If you enjoy the adrenalin rush, action and the run and chase, then you’ll fall in love with Argo. Sure they may have demonized Iranians, with a biased point-of-view on history, but it isn’t the first time or the last time filmmakers will take this route.

On a lighter note this film is clever in a plethora of ways, and what I loved the most was the wonderful ‘film idea’ that saved the day! I’ll leave you with some of my favourite quotes:

“Argo fuck yourself.”

“It’s got horses in it. It’s a Western.”

“If I’m gonna make fake movies. It’s gonna’ be a fake hit!”

“Brace yourself, it’s like talking to the old too fucks from the Muppets.”

“We’re gonna’ need a script!” J

Monday, January 14, 2013

Django unchained

I can see now why ‘Django Unchained’ was the talk of the town and why my male friends professed over and over again that they needed to re-watch this film. This was 2 and a half hour of pure entertainment! Certainly not what I expected, as it was a glamorous, violent and revengeful type movie stacked full of unpredictable humor, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino (whom you may remember from the series of successful ‘Kill Bill’ movies) and based on the original Django played by Italian Franco Nero nearly 50 years prior this film although adapted from this Western idea proved to be like no other film of its kind because it made a black person ‘Django’ played by Jamie Foxx the hero of the story – in the south – pre-civil war – which is unheard of! It’s difficult to say what genre of film this is because Tarantino carefully melds drama, with action, with comedy, with romance, with so many other things and does so effectively.

With an estimated $100 million USD budget, filmmaker Tarantino gave his audience a widely versed pop soundtrack, exquisite cinematography, laughter, adventure, empowerment and pure un-adulterated show business. He also managed to have a fantastic cast of talented actors to bring his vision to life including the immensely gifted Leonardo DiCaprio, versatile Samuel L. Jackson, hilarious Jonah Hill, beauty Kerry Washington and my favourite German Chistoph Waltz who played ‘Dr. King Shultz; the original Franco Nero as well as Quentin Tarantino also make guest appearances.

Nominated for 5 Oscars, another 20 nominations and 13 wins, it’s easy to say this is becoming the height of Tarantino’s career; and well-deserving. Despite high gore, violence, language and brief nudity, he possesses knowledge on film and pop-culture and knows how to execute what the masses want. It is not only a story of a free-slave post-civil war in America turned bounty hunter to rescue his wife, it is also a story showing how ruthless, jealous, silly humans can be, the pain that was caused and the pain we still continue to cause and how love even then was able to survive and be something worth fighting for! J

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Nominated for 4 Oscars, 35 wins and 34 nominations as well as nomination for youngest best actresses, Quvenzhane′ Wallis, ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ was a cinematic gem. Written by Benh Zeitlin and Lucy Alibar and directed by Benh Zeitlin, this 2012 film is about the survival of a 6 year old girl and her father during post-storm Katrina flooding in New Orleans. 

Another great film with the risk of working with newcomer actors Quvenzhane′ Wallis who played ‘Hushpuppy’ and father ‘Wink’ played by Dwight Henry had a solid chemistry and although some scenes were un-settling like the majority of the dilapidated environment; it spread out quite beautifully; again going to show that one can strike gold with determined players and a good story.

Narrated throughout and through the eyes of ‘Hushpuppy’, the audience was able to bond with the 6 year old and really feel her strength and pain as she tried to fix things. She learns tough love and courage through her hardships and calls on her late mother for guidance in times of despair. Filmmaker Zeitlin also uses a lot of symbolism with ancient aurochs which are prehistoric creatures similar to domestic cattle; this large bison represents the 6 year olds view of how people will look back on her life as they did these extinct animals.

With an estimated $1,800,000 USD this film has already grossed quadruple of what it put out and was more than well received at the Sundance Film Festival. This drama-fantasy was a story about love between father and daughter; a story about surviving on your own and about doing the best with what you have. People learn how to be independent at different times of their lives, and sometimes the waters rise and people have to learn whether they’re ready or not. 

Exceptional cinematography, heart-warming, disturbing and lovely close-shots and soundtrack, this is a film that will be talked about for years to come. J

Monday, January 7, 2013

Look at Yourself

** Look at Yourself - you're beautiful - don't despair - instead put all your trust in God/Universe! I'll have you know that Nick Vujicic is happily married and expecting his first child. His worst fear, he surrendered it and was blessed beyond his wildest dreams. No arms, no legs, no worries! :)) The next time you think of complaining think of smiling Nick! :)) You can find out more about him on his website:

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cloud Atlas

A tad confusing in the beginning but carefully relating the web of significant key characters, this drama-mystery-sci-fi-fantasy film with an estimated budget of $100 million USD, loads of special effects, make-up and extraordinary actors delivered every element of an effective and stirring story. With a talented team sharing writing and directing credits 2012’s ‘Cloud Atlas’ seems stronger than ever!

Based on a 2004 novel, ‘Cloud Atlas’ written by English David Mitchell and the screenplay adaptation and directing were done by Chicago siblings Lana and Andy Wachowski whom you may remember from ‘The Matrix’ as well as German Tom Tykwer whom you may recall from ‘Run Lola Run’ solidified this past-present-future masterpiece. Together with a band of actors that were exciting to identify throughout different time-periods this story tells how everything and everyone are connected and how each life impacts another.

Oscar winner Tom Hanks, Oscar winner Halle Berry, Golden Globe winner Hugh Grant, the handsome English Jim Sturgess whom you may remember from ‘Across the Universe’, bright-eyed South-Korean actress Doona Bae, Nigerian-born but British/Australian Hugo Weaving whom you may remember from ‘The Matrix’, the comical and charming English Jim Broadbent, Keith David, Susan Sarandon and English David Gyasi, just to name a few of recurring and moving characters within this never-ending story.

Rated R for violence, language, sexuality/nudity this film is not for the young or faint-hearted. Jam-packed with adventure, action, eternal romance and a remarkable soundtrack it is thought-provoking and stimulates the senses. Its message that there are no short trips or short-cuts in life, only loss and restoration; all of us a multitude of droplets in a vast ocean. A 'JourneywithJair' favourite! J

I’ll leave you with some lovely quotes from the film which keeps the audience on their toes throughout:

“A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.”

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.”

“Power, time, gravity, love. The forces that really kick ass are all invisible.”

“You say you’re depressed. All I see is resilience. You are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. It doesn't mean you’re defective – it just means you’re human.”

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

Be the Change


The clock strikes twelve and all of a sudden you’re whisked away from your dreams and placed back into reality; similar to the infamous fairy-tale character ‘Cinderella’. But because your dreams evaporate doesn't mean that it’ll never come true! This is a time when everyone wishes to make change, to start fresh, to become a better person; and most times we fall flat on our face within a couple of days, weeks, or months.

Change doesn't come instantly; it is something that takes practice, hard-work, and determination. And just because it doesn't come easy, doesn't mean that it’s impossible or that you ‘can’t’ do it. ‘Can’t’ should not be a part of your vocabulary; you know the saying, “It is better to love and have love lost than to have never loved at all…” Well similarly you should keep telling yourself, “It is better to try than to never try at all.” Would you feel better staying in a rut, being helpless or hopeless or would you feel better at least trying to make positive change? The answer should be simple, because just shifting your current mind-set to a positive one immediately you begin attracting positive energy and things into your life! J

Grace is fluidity. It is elegantly adapting and moving in an attractive way. We must look to this New Year with grace. Using grace to face whatever comes our way. Life = Adventure. And adventure is always unpredictable and spontaneous! We need to have goodwill and grace when times are nice and when they become sensationally awful. When you dwell in a mindful, loving, and sincere space, divine light and blessings of love, joy and beauty are always sent your way. Therefore nothing is impossible! And change, resolutions or shifting slowly but surely to your esteemed dream, no matter how great is ultimately possible.

Cinderella may only be a story for some; but I know of several modern-day and real Cinderella’s being given the charm, grace and will-power of a budding princess. If things were really meant to be easy, then she would never have to hear the clock strike twelve. She would never have to lose her glass slipper. Everything would have materialized by the touch of a wand and she’d live happily ever after; but even in her story there were ups and downs. Remember darlings that you can guarantee sunshine, comfort and peace after a turbulent storm; it is the law of the Universe. So then, believing that you must have control in all instances in life, will only lead to disaster; as an alternative let no impatience or despair cloud your vision. Be graceful, have faith and your resolutions and dreams will take precedence at the most perfect of times. J




If the thought of returning to work soon, after a remarkably long and needed break isn’t scary enough; if the thought of returning to work and your job happens to be a flight attendant isn’t scary enough then certainly watching the opening scene of ‘Flight’ starring Denzel Washington as pilot of your next flight, is enough to send your nerves in a tizzy!

Written by John Gatins and directed by Robert Zemeckis this 2012 film opened quite joltingly! I’d heard good reviews and not so good reviews but here I was experiencing it on my own accord and it was better than I had expected. This film wasn’t just about a pilot and it wasn’t just about a plane malfunctioning; its content was sensationally heavier. Who is the most fascinating person you ‘never’ met? It’s about realizing your faults and the people you’ve hurt. About accepting them, and making a change for the better even if it means being found out and risking losing it all.

With a $31 million USD budget it’s easy to see why the special effects and cinematography were first-rate but it’s the script/dialogue and monologue pieces that I loved most. The scene in the stairwell with the gaunt young cancer patient played by James Badge Dale whom you may remember from ‘The Departed’, ‘Shame’ and ‘Grey’; his performance was startlingly deep and touching and in my opinion certainly supportive-actor nomination worthy.

Oscar-winner Denzel plays the deportment of egotistical and confident pilot well, and the audience feels for him as they follow him in his ups and downs and internal troubles as they unfold. Whether you fly, work in the aviation industry or have never set foot on a plane, this film speaks to us all, as it shows the dangers involved with abuse of substances and learning how to live in moderation and shifting from a worried, anxious being to a free and clear mind. J

Life Changing

** All I want you to know, is your love is life-changing. And I couldn't be the same without you darling.  Your love is life-saving, you always catch me when I fall...