Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jeff, who Lives at Home

" Everyone and everything is interconnected in this universe. Stay pure in heart and you will see signs. Follow the signs, and you will uncover your destiny."

Just when you think you're in for a light comedy, lovable Jason Segel proves you wrong. This 2011 comedy-drama, was in my opinion much more drama than laughs; be sure to keep the tissues nearby.  Brothers Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass team together to produce great films that go on to be nominated and win awards, and although with a $10 million USD budget they only make back $4 million USD, the film has been nominated and fondly talked about. 

Ed Helms whom you may remember most notably from 'The Office', bright eyed Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louise, The Lovely Bones), and Judy Greer (Love and other Drugs, 13 going on 30) also join in on the fun. With great script, wonderful comic timing and a heart-felt solid story and message, the Duplass brothers strike gold!

We always wonder what is our destiny, but really just 'being you'/'being ourselves' is all that we need to be to rise to the occasion. Things unfold and are revealed in exact timing, we needeth brood or stress on things, instead wait for the bus to arrive and then it'll all fall together and make sense.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Requiem for a Dream

"It's a reason to get up in the morning. It's a reason to smile. Why should I make the bed, or wash the dishes? I do. But why? I'm lonely. I'm old. I like thinking about the red dress! And the television. And your father. People like me now. I am somebody!"

Based on the novel by Hubert Selby Jr.; in 2000, Darren Aronofsky brought us a film, nothing short of cinematic genius; a cinematic masterpiece exposing the depths of melancholic human souls. Ellen Burstyn astounds us with her portrayal of a lost and lonely mother. Jennifer Connelly, Jared Leto and Marlon Wayans filled in all the other gaps. Although Aronofsky's film are known for being a bit unsettling and disturbing, this film does just the same, but the audience is 100% invested in the story's characters.

When one thinks they're a failure it's mighty easy to collapse into a world made simpler, brighter, and more beautiful with the aid of drugs. Certainly not suitable for children, this film is extremely intense and depicts drug-use, sexuality, violence and strong language. With an estimated budget of $4 million USD it grossed $15 million but more importantly 27 wins and 36 nominations including an Oscar that year. 

This film grips at your heartstrings, and between the usual quirky sounds, camera angles/techniques and doleful soundtrack, viewers are magnetized in pensive delight. No matter the bitterness, and heartache, we must not be troubled but instead force ourselves to rise above life's languishing fathomage.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Idiot Brother

"You know, he's just a little boy. Little boys fight. Doesn't mean he's going to grow up to be a frat-boy rapist!"

The lovable and talented Paul Rudd plays 2011's comedy/drama 'Our Idiot Brother'. Written and Directed by Jesse Peretz, he was able to secure a star cast to join in the fun, with hilarious Elizabeth Banks, innocent-eyed Zooey Deschanel, sultry Rashida Jones, and English-rose Emily Mortimer to name a few; they played the roles of 'Ned's' sisters who all have their own ideas of how life should be. Ned's idea although idiotic at times always came from a place of love and respect.

Tragedy and misfortune play a big part in bringing in the laughs throughout this film, as well as with the pleura of comic characters our stars interact with. We all wish we could live a wonderful life growing organic vegetables and fruits and live with our beautiful dog but life always has other plans!

With a budget of an estimated $5 million USD, this 90 minute film managed to bring in $24 million USD in a short 3 months. Great comic timing, pain, and shaggy yellow dogs named Willie Nelson that tug on your heart-strings is a recipe for sure success!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Brass Teapot

This 2012 Comedy/Fantasy/Thriller was quite interesting, mostly because viewers weren't sure whether they should laugh, feel for the characters or take the whole thing seriously. Quite a combination of genres but writers Tim Macy and writer/director Ramaa Mosley managed to conjoin them into an entertaining film with an important message.

English sweetheart Juno Temple whom you may remember from 'Notes on a Scandal' as well as 'Atonement' stars alongside New York native Michael Angarano. They play a money-less couple  that have big dreams and the love they share until one little brass teapot changes their lives forever. Piercing blue-eyed, Alexis Bledel whom you may remember from 'Gilmore Girls', 'Sin City' or 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' also co-stars and adds a 'grass ain't always greener on the other side' theory. My favourite characters however were Jack McBrayer who you may have seen on '30 Rock' as well as Steve Park who played 'Dr Ling'.

Dreams aren't fulfilled overnight, they take dedication, strength, determination and loads of practice (in some cases hard work). This film poses the question to the audience, what would you do if there were an easy way to get what you wanted? Would you take it? Would it change you? How far would you be willing to go? Because everything in life, comes with a price.

Feel it

**A voice from Holland --> he passes on the truth --> the truth we all know and feel --> RIP Great souls, may we keep remembering what you taught us **

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Make your World

**Sometimes they're smarter than you think...words of wisdom...Opportunities & Being Smart**

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Escape From Babylon

"The night is calling, as the days are falling…"

This 2013 crime-action-thriller written and directed by Nick Attin from Trinidad & Tobago, couldn't have been released at a better time. The subject matter is clearly relatable and valuable at this time, as crime and indisposed chaos is happening world-wide. Thought-provoking and often times unearthing deep philosophy, this story screams to the hearts of those living in fear in affluent paradises; one of which is also the paradise of the twin-isles of Trinidad & Tobago.

Feeling very Tarintinoesque throughout, Attin unfolds scenes to the audience with chapters, narration and lengthy dialogues. Despite sometimes shadowy scenes and no subtitles, the edginess and thrills are still translated well. 100% authentic to it's locale, showcasing talent from the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, seasoned and new-comers alike team up to deliver the goods, like Kearn Samuel, who played the main character 'Randolph Briggs', Gregory Pollonais, playing 'Hector Burke', and Samara Lallo, the beautiful 'Sammy' who loses her way. Others also taking great direction and skill were Conrad Parris (quite a house-hold name), Joel Joseph (who also shared his martial-arts artistry), and ingenious beauties, Taromi Lourdes Joseph, Kerri Tucker, and Teneille Newallo to name a few.

I loved how Attin paid attention to the smallest details, from the running headlines below the new's anchor's frame on television right down to test-tubes and rings on fingers. The soundtrack was a clever harmony blending nicely-framed shots; and all this was done without a Tarantino budget. 

For Attin's 2nd feature film, I thought it was a job well-done; the hard-work, dedication, and direction shows, and I predict a successful and blossoming future in film for him. It goes to show, that with passion, drive, and determination, all dreams are indeed possible.

I'm ready to watch it all over again! It's time for a modern hero - a refreshing sexy Caribbean one! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tell me that you Love Me

"I want to change the world...all the impossible, I want to do... I want to kiss your smile, and feel the pain..I know what's beautiful looking at a world of lies, you are the truth..."

**Classic. Lady. Powerful. Goddess.**

Don't take the Bait

Temptation is all around us. We are lucky to be given the gift of free-will, choice and the ability to make decisions. We must choose wisely and remember that all that glitters isn't gold. We must learn to see through games and sly ways. The bait offers us wonderful things, grand things, like, power, fame, fortune, and the hope of greener grass; and all in a seemingly easy way. It is waved in our faces in the most mysterious and hypnotic way, and most of us find ourselves drawn to take that easy bite, that wanted break.


One bite, and you'll be reeled in. Pulled to the surface, lost, and gasping for air. Like fishes, some of us are big fishes in a small pond with leverage to get most of what you want…others are smaller fishes in a big pond, hoping for the desires of our hearts to manifest. Those that offer you bait usually have ulterior motives and not your best interest at heart. They are hoping to show off that prize fish, be recognized for finding it, keep it trapped as a prized possession to show off or cook it up and boil it and fry it till it's drained of dear life.

Leave the bait. Keep your creativity, your freedom, and your peace of mind by finding your own food that'll award you nourishment. You can feed yourself. You don't always need that bait/break. What is for you, you will get it and in due time. The Universe/God is attracting all the right people at the right time and you needeth stress or worry about things that are out of your control. Keep on the path darlings, be kind, be of service, and keep joy in your heart as you continue to partake in activities you love…all the rest will fall into place.

We only see snapshots of the masterpiece of our lives. Trust that your choice is a good one and things will be revealed and unfolded as they should. It may not make sense now, but all is well and as it should be, enjoy the journey, because when you arrive, you'll be in a place much more exquisite than your heart could even imagine!


Love Jair

Monday, September 2, 2013

Valley of the Dolls

"You've got to climb Mt. Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls. It's a brutal climb to reach that peak. You stand there waiting for the rush of exhilaration but it doesn't come. You're alone. And the feeling of loneliness is overpowering…"

If there's a 'Valley of the Dolls' remake I'd love to play a leading role! Just putting that out there.This 1967 film was totally identifiable I'm sure for the many artists, dancers, models and actors that leave their home-towns and countries to NYC or LA to follow their dreams. Based on the novel by Helen Deutsch and adapted into screenplay by Jacqueline Susann and Dorothy Kingsley, this version directed by Mark Robson.

Canadian Barbara Parkins who portrayed the character from the small town 'Anne Welles', Patty Duke who played the talented New Yorkan 'Neely O'Hara' and Sharon Tate who played the kind but troubled soul having to make ends meet 'Jennifer North' all gave exceptional performances. My favourite character being 'Neely' because she had so much angst and bite which reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor in those days.

Show business is a cruel and harsh business, but still we love it - and the audience got to see the pro's, con's, mishaps and all the drama that goes along with it. Substance abuse was a large part of it, and viewers got to see how dependent these starlets became on it due to circumstances they faced once they'd gotten what they wanted so badly.

"These dolls wanted it all…"

I could watch it all over again - certainly 'JourneywithJair' recommended, and now on the list of favourites. Gold Star!

Sunday, September 1, 2013