Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Portrait of a Lady

I remember flipping through a magazine one day, as passengers on my flight were deplaning and being appalled at the vulgar images displayed by a certain 'Star'. She said that she believed her body was 'a work of art' and indeed she was beautiful, but it discombobulated me as to why she felt she had to expose her 'art' to the world! 

You do not have to show everything.

There is beauty in mystery…there is elegance in secrets…there is excitement in whispers. Why is it society feels that they must shout and relinquish everything they are?! To prove what!?? Yes, it's true that 'sex sells', and everyone wants a piece of the action; but if you show everything…will one, not lose their beauty, their appeal, and become second-rate or dull?

Troubled and half-witted this 'Star' is no doubt, she has automatically entered a realm where she will never be respected as a 'Lady'. The comments superseding her photo-shoot also expressed disgust and the lowering of the magazine's standards to have her 'Grace' their cover. Indeed, there is nothing graceful with the suggestive poses she portrayed. Some don't care to carry the title of 'Lady'; but it's because they don't understand  or will never understand the sacredness of what it means; the sacredness of what 'our beings' mean. One's body is their temple - what you put in, you get out…whether it be food, exercise or practice. When you abuse it, and disrespect it, that's what you attract into your life, and if it's attention you crave, you'd most certainly be inveigling the wrong kind.

Many are lost and slaves to the new world of 'instant-gratification', 'instant-attention', 'insta-life' paths. They hunger for followers to join them on their seemingly easy path to happiness. They don't see how they could survive if it all was swept away. True love is accepting a person for what they are…their quirks, their meekness, their strengths, their short-comings. You don't have to show everything to gain acceptance, or pretend you're something your'e not to gain fans. People should respect, value and love you based on your talent, your friendship, your truths, on you, simply being you! Don't forget your worth darlings! It shouldn't be based on your body or looks…for they fade with time…it's your heart and soul that matters. That is the true work of art…that is what you should expose with example! :))


40 days and 40 nights can fly by for most; in fact months and years can fly by for most; but during Lent we must make time to reflect on what its true meaning is in our lives. We must make time to reflect on how we want our lives to be. Many times we settle, because we are afraid, we listen to negative comments made by others and it intimidates us. Our destiny, our greatness is too great to stifled by the nonsense uttered by others. Don't be distracted darlings, keep focused on your goals.

Happiness is sometimes a slippery feeling…and she evades you if you're not careful. When she's there, enjoy her for what she is - be grateful - be gentle. Everything in moderation, for if you try to 'one-up' her, she will quickly invite her friend 'Sadness'. Happiness starts from within and grows when you help others. You can't find Happiness in money, possessions or anywhere else.

During Lent and this final holy week, we remember the path taken by Jesus. He taught us that before we receive our BIG blessings in life, that we must be brave and patient in passing firstly our small tests of faith. Jesus had a selfless love; he put his needs second for the love of mankind. This is how we should strive to live also; putting God/our Creator first; trusting that he knows whats best for us and in the best timing. After all we do not see the entire masterpiece … but only bit by bit as it carefully and perfectly unfolds.

Enjoy the silence … and make time for prayer and meditation … you'll see that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this very moment in time. Leave your guilt, your past, and your anxiety and worries at the door. Enter into light, truth and the rebirth of the new, whimsical you! :))


Love Jair

Monday, March 25, 2013


** This tune's got life...
Get yours...
It's yours to live - go with the flow... :))

Friday, March 22, 2013

Strange Circus

Written and directed by one of Japan's most controversial film-makers and poets, Shion Sono; comes one of the most disturbing yet exquisitely fascinating foreign films I've had the pleasure of seeing. The story, so haunting and grotesque it brings tears, intrigue and loathing all at once, its easy to see why this 2005 drama-mystery-horror was as captivating and brilliant as it was!

I love the idea of using poetry to express feelings that are difficult to say in the open; as well as using redundancy and flash-backs to help move the story forward with strengthened clarity. The soundtrack also pivoted the film to brilliance as it's haunting beautiful melodies etched a grief-stricken ugly truth of it's main characters. Starring sensationally first-class actors, Masumi Miyazaki, Issei Ishida and Rie Kuwana.

With a run-time of 108 minutes, this story shines light on dysfunctional families, mental instability, perversion and lost child-hood. Told in the only provocative yet sincere way Sono can; this film leaves its audience marveled, appalled yet entranced into wanting to know what happens next. Certainly not suited for younger viewers but a delightful work of art for those who can stomach it. More shocking than frightful, this film has made the 'Journey with Jair' recommended film list! :))

I'll leave you with some of my favourite lovely monologues from this film:

"Your body is a beautiful reflect my soul. I want to be a vase that compliments the flowers..."

"I was waiting to be executed from the time I was born...I was twelve years old when I became my mother and my mother became me..."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Everything Must Go


"What's normal?"

"What happened?"

"Life happened."

Based on a short-story by the late Raymond Carver and adapted into screenplay and first writer-director debut by Dan Rush, this 2010 comedy-drama seemed more heavy-hearted and morose than anything else. Starring funny-man American Will Ferrell, Michael Pena who some might remember from 'Crash', English Rebecca Hall (The Town) and newcomer 'Kenny' played by Christopher Wallace, this film was more thought-provoking and serious than stirring any side-splitting laughs. Picked up by 'Lions Gate' and made for approximately $5 million USD it was a decent effort at showing that despite everything - all hope is never lost.

A bit slow-moving, but wonderful acting abilities displayed by Ferrell, the audience gets a feel of reality without the hollywood explosions and over-sized mammary glanded actress'. 'Lost is a good place to find yourself' and certainly a test in our strength, character and resilience.

Great story, some brilliant dialogue, honorable execution, but perhaps not the best direction; I felt that although characters were charming, each one should have pivoted the story forward instead of our viewers being stuck as our main character was day in and day out. Silence and less dialogue in film is welcomed, but not if it doesn't hold our spectators or keep the story interesting. There were some dry patches of humour but I find it hard to see other's pain comical at all.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is just another classic example that goes to show, that $35 million USD, can gross only $24,094 and be pulled from the cinema in only 10 days; and that Oscar-winner actors and even an award-winning director cannot make a bad story sensational. I was never really a fan of Nicholas Cage, but I'm sorry to say, that despite Joel Shumacher's direction, and Aussie Nicole Kidman's competence, this film still didn't have a chance.

2011's crime-drama-thriller 'Trespass' had all the makings of excellence, except a meritorious tale; written by Karl Gajdusek, it lacked sensibility and believable desperation. It was almost comical to see how the group of villains were the least of team-players and the many instances of pre posterous interruptions that took place time and time again. Liana Liberato is making waves with her young career and plays 'Avery Miller' quite cannily like that of her 'mother' played by Nicole Kidman. Without them, the film would seem utterly un-exciting or transformed into a proper comedy.

I also felt that the soundtrack wasn't as jolting or inspiring as it could have been, as often times music assists in delivering brilliance. Rated R for violence, terror, adult language and some drug use; this film may be a good example of 'what not to do' until you have a solid story.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This 2010 drama-thriller, isn't the first of its kind. There have been scores of films and countless unfortunate situations that have been reported and seen lately. Living now in an instant gratification and socially technological society it is more difficult to build lasting and real relationships and those who know technology better than anyone else are the same ones that fall victim to perverted adults.

This version was carefully detailed and the acting by English heart-throb Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and teenage Liana Liberato all brought this story to life in a very special way. It wasn't just shining light on the crime, but instead delving into the family-life and home after all is said and done; how a family can change overnight and hope to heal after immense un-settling circumstances. Directed by David Schwimmer (whom you may remember as 'Russ' from the television series 'Friends') and lending her acting expertise Viola Davis (Oscar nominee and star in 'Doubt' and 'The Help' to name a few) this movie easily stood out from the others.

This film is disturbing to the max, has violence, adult language and sexual situations, but shows the shocking reality of what the modern-day teenager has to deal with. With a budget of $9 million USD, the film was expertly executed, however didn't make back even half at the box-office. Still, I find it's message and severity of the situation pertinent to all parents, families and those un-aware of the sick strangers lurking more closely than we dare to imagine.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


** Just a little genius from one of my favourite genius' - the phenomenal Ludwing Van Beethoven! :D


Written by Jason A. Micallef and directed by English Jim Field Smith, this 2011 comedy had remnants of 'Little Miss Sunshine' - with a small budget but plenty of talented and big names, including Jennifer Garner, Phyllis Smith, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde, Ty Burrell, Ashley Greene and Hugh Jackman to name a few. Interesting blend of comedy and heart-warming moments all-in-one. Although the main character is a cute 10 year old Yara Shaidi who plays 'Destiny', I wouldn't recommend the film for children because of it's strong adult language and sexual content.

Wonderful to see the shots used in this film, and the sheer commitment of each character portrayed. Because of the skillful devotion it was easy for the viewers of this film to go on a comical yet emotional journey of what we all go through during different times in our lives.

A fun little movie - great acting and camera angles and lighting to study from. The story…a little less interesting.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 Days in New York

This 2012 comedy was incredibly entertaining and seemed very 'Woody-Allenesque' with clever, witty and large amounts of dialogue. Written by French friends and actors Julie Delpy, Alexia Landeau, and Alex Nahon and directed by Julie Delpy; this film gave a hilarious insight on what 'happily ever after' really looks like, as well as the pros and cons of marrying/dating within different cultures/races.

With a run-time of 96 minutes and enjoyment from beginning to end, it's hard for me to understand why it didn't do well at the box-office. Chris Rock who co-stars as character Mingus and Julie Delpy who plays Marion, both had believable chemistry and delivered their dynamic relationship in the most hilarious way. Delpy's father Albert Delpy, Alexia Landeau and Alex Nahon who played father, sister and ex-boyfriend respectively also gave a romping, outrageous and absurdly good performance!

Although rated R, I found the humour to be considerably tame as compared to others who made it big at the box-office like 'Bridesmaids'. All-in-all, I enjoyed '2 Days in New York', not because of New York, but perhaps because of the little things that sometimes become quite serious, and that it works out in the end always; so all the anxiety and un-necessary worry is just that…un-necessary, and looking back, everything seems funny! :))

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Jessica Lange's performance in the 1982's true life story of the actress Frances Farmer was beyond one of the best portrayed by an actress. She was completely dedicated and committed to the troubled life of Frances Farmer. Written by Eric Bergren, Christopher De Vore (whom also wrote 'Elephant Man') and Nicholas Kazan; they all did a superb job at creating excellent dialogue and silence at the perfect times to bring across this riveting Biographic-drama. Directed by Austrailian Graeme Clifford, we can see the careful planning and execution that went in to make this film as believable and truthfully jolting as possible. This film was nominated for 2 Oscars that year and went on to get awarded another 3 nominations and 4 wins.

With a budget of $5 million USD and a run-time of 140 minutes, this film was disturbing, melancholic and gave true insight into how Hollywood can scoop you up and spit you out! Also true to the nature of human beings when they display ugly emotions of greed, power and jealousy. Frances Farmer had everything in her favour until she wanted to break from the 'cookie-cutter-hollywood-mold'. Hollywood and her mother were her sworn enemies and what happened for 10 years of her life were inhumane and sensationally awful. To gain her freedom, she had to be seen and not heard and play the role that Hollywood wanted her to. We've seen this pattern over and over again and many starlets die young or  turn to a life of drugs to escape the prison of what their lives have become.

Phenomenal acting and heart-breaking story, the audience is left mesmerized by this shocking and compelling story. Certainly 'Journey with Jair' recommended. Another marvelous movie that is true-to-life and inspires us all.