Saturday, August 13, 2016

Set up Shop

** "Give it your best shot!" ~ Don't listen to the 'nay-sayers' ->> Sing it music like Caribbean music!

Mother Nature

From the beginning of ancient time, our ancestors and forefathers, or should I say ‘fore-mothers’ knew the importance of the maternal spirit, nurturing that and celebrating the ‘inner-goddess’; there was ‘Nefertiti’ the Egyptian Queen, ‘Mother Mary’ the virgin whom gave birth to the son of God and there was ‘Venus’ inspired by poetry and representing divine love. During those times, women lived in a more tolerant, more celebrative and more of a matriarchal society. 

However, like everything in life, things go full-circle, and after the fall of that triumph, women literally began falling from grace. There was the burning of ’witches’ at the stake, stoning in front of an assembly of people, advertising that a woman’s place was to be at home and only a few decades ago in 1920, American women were allowed to vote. Women were suppressed, humiliated, punished wrongfully and even killed because they proved to be too magnificent, intelligent or pure and loving in their intentions. 

Slowly, women are becoming more and more aware and reminded of their strength. We still live on a patriarchal planet, some countries more so than others, but having the opportunity to be a voice to empower women in whatever capacity towards positive change for equality, balance and respect, is something I think we are all capable to do in different ways.

I believe that we should begin teaching the wonders of what it means to be a woman from the time they are small girls because this is the foundation and structure we build on for a sturdy life. It’s wonderful to embrace all aspects of our being, like sexuality, but a young woman must be reminded that being sexy isn’t just by wearing revealing clothes but quite frankly the opposite, it’s a state of mind, body-language, speech, and actions. Following blindly like sheep, in a society that constantly tricks, objectifies and marginalize on women’s sexuality for their own pleasure isn’t right.  

Empowering women is to forage the light within and educate women so that they no longer be subjected to abuse of any kind, and feeling that they are unworthy and must look in from the outside into a world that will only embrace them should they become slave to Man-made rules (pun intended). Women must know that they have choices. That they bring Life into the world. That they are multi-taskers for a reason. That no matter, what nationality, creed or race, we women,  can do many things, all with brilliant grace! 

Thursday, August 4, 2016


**Always delightful to hear actors and 'brand-new' actors speak about their craft & the joys of bringing stories to life! :)) I love the gifts given by the director to the actors and the realization that we as humans have the power within to find all that we need.