Thursday, August 25, 2011


It occurred to me while chomping on carrots one night in my hotel room, how prideful we all are. Okay, I'll lay down my pride for a moment and say; how prideful I even could be. How enormously egotistical we all are as human beings at times; because we forget. We are so damned forgetful; we put up facades because of fear, because of rejection, because of competition, because simply we are forever searching for the truth; the true meaning of life; and searching for love…for what is greater than to love and be loved; to be accepted; to be wanted. What lost, little sheep we truly are…how terribly trapped we feel at times in this fleshy outfit we indeed picked ourselves to wear.

My darling children, do you not know that you are never alone; that all you had to do was wag your little tails and enjoy and love each other. The shepherds are always there, always ready to give comfort and joy; all they steadily implore is to freely lend hands to your brothers and sisters. To clothe those that need to be clothed, and offer drink to those who are thirsty, and food to who are hungry, and love to those who are lonely. For it is through these things that you have immersed yourself to limitless Universal joy and fulfillment.

Feel my darlings, yes what is it you are feeling? Embrace it with gladness, for you have the opportunity to turn it into a positive and truly push yourself to your human limit. For remember you are spiritual beings on a human journey, and when delivered a task in your adventure here in life, you have a wonderful prospect at being resilient and accomplishing what it is you set out to do. Turn it around; give them your other cheek with a smile. J The more you give of love, the more you will receive it; and every act of kindness you share openly will touch at least one heart, and how marvelous would it be that you should spark encouragement and radiance on a person ensnared in vast darkness; for those that are lost.

As it is written, blessed are those who are give regard to the weak; blessed are those who are slow to anger and are full in abounding love and faith J For you are protected and your desires will be delivered for impossible is nothing. Show mercy and compassion to one another, for we are reflections of each other, wanting simply love and appreciation. Let go; feel the music; feel the Universe; listen to the sounds of the evening…and be FREE, free to be the best you! Because I got to tell you…you're pretty darn adorable! J

Bless up!

Love Jair

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'll be waiting up there

** Such a lovely song -- ends abruptly in this video - but still love it! :))

The Reef

So it wasn't even 2 weeks ago during one of my rides to the hotel, that I had my fellow flight mates laughing at the top of their lungs because they thought my statement about sharks was funny. It was around the same time that the shocking photos of the man swimming near a whale-shark surfaced on the internet and newspapers and my flight mates and I were discussing it in utter amazement. They asked me, "What's the difference between a shark and a whale-shark?" Even though my beloved Dadsy is a retired biologist, and I wasn't any expert on the topic anyhow, I said quite naturally, "It's like a shark, but it doesn't eat people!" They couldn't stop laughing, and blurted out in between giggles, "Sharks don't eat people, they just take a bite!" I laughed too.

I'd seen 'The Reef' keep coming up as a recommended film on Netflix and I kept passing it by, thinking it was probably like 'Jaws'; and it isn't that I dislike Jaws, but I dislike it greatly when filmmakers keep trying to tell the same story over and over again. If there's a classic, do it well, and do it once, I say! It was a long day, and I felt for some entertainment, perhaps something nail-bitingly engaging, something I wouldn't have to cry or over-analyze, just squirm in my seat and stare intently from between my fingers from my hands covering my face. This movie was just what the doctor ordered!

This 2010 Australian film was set along, where else, but the infamous Great Barrier Reef. It was a simple, yet riveting film about 5 friends whom went out for a swim, and had their boat capsized in the middle of the sea. It's quite obvious our viewers knew what was in store for our characters, but we watch on in trepidation anyway. It was neat to see the transition of calm, beautiful blue sea filled with reef and colourful fishes and turtles to the thumping sounds, excellent screaming and water-so-deep-it'll-make-you-sick-because-you-know-sharks-are-down-there. I thought the writer/director Andrew Traucki, could have been a bit more inventive than naming the yacht 'Boomerang', and come up with a little more reality, than having them fall asleep, and wake up in the middle of the ocean the following morning un-harmed, and as soon as they swim again, the 'same' shark decides he wants breakfast.

There wasn't any attractive dialogue, strong connections with the characters, any snazzy camera work or compelling music like that of 'Jaws'; only the fact that we knew the Great Whites were coming and the shock at when they did arrive. It was a fun movie – no block-buster, and voila no 'Jaws' either!

Needless to say; sharks EAT people! ha ha I rest my case! :))

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Arvo Pärt

A treasure is something to be remembered forever...
A thing of beauty...true beauty and grace...


This 2002 Italian film written by Krzysztof Kieslowski and directed by Tom Tykwer was a slow, cinematic show, with thoughtful and long transitions and very little dialogue. I would admit early that it wasn't my favourite of films. Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi however did a grand job at delivering what it is like to be on the brink emotionally after realizing that their freedom is lost and they are wanted fugitives.

The title is what ultimately attracted me to watch the film; and it is funny how the titles that tend to be more simplistic and un-interesting at times, tend to be the ones that are truly the delight for audiences and award nominations. Heaven, had a unique opening scene of the screen depicting a person practicing in a helicopter flight simulator, where the conversation in the background went:

"In a real helicopter you can't just keep flying higher."

"How high can I fly?"

There were several instances throughout the film where the filmmakers hinted on the height of heaven, as in the scene of the 2 girls and their father going up in the elevator, and the young girl exclaims, "It's so high Daddy, too high!"It makes the viewers wonder, how high is too high, and therefore, how high does one have to go to reach to heaven, or in Philippa played by Cate Blanchett and Filippo played by Giovanni Rbisi's case, how high to reach freedom, from a world of injustice and little truth.

Cate is certainly one of those actresses aspiring actors can respect and admire, as we see her here speaking Italian well, even though she is English, as well as having the guts to shave her head bald during this film. My desired scene would be the naked silhouettes embracing under the massive tree; it was really quite lovely. I also enjoyed the slow, hypnotic lullaby-type classical music by Arvo Part. I do believe I'll add him to my collection of classical geniuses. It was a delicate film about love, strength and standing up for what you believe in, the camera work was remarkable and the acting although mostly nodding and stares, were full of intent and determination.

It ended aptly with our lead actors stealing and escaping with a helicopter, that…well…disappears into heaven J

Monday, August 22, 2011


Now I want to make it very clear, that stability, quitting and settling for less are 3 very different things. Quitting, is giving up, which is more similar to settling for less because of convenience or fear of facing reality. And stability is what this passage is about, it's not about resisting change or being afraid of spontaneity but I am speaking of stability as far as having security in depending upon people to help and love you in your life. Like stability you can count on in your parents or the stability you can count on when you call the police or the stability you can count on in any genuine friend who means you well.

Today, I was having a bit of a breakdown, and for those of you who know me, it doesn't happen very frequently. One thing I have is tolerance, for sure I'm firery like a fire-fly but that is only because of my strong passion for love and life. This year is a special year, a year of change, of BIG changes, a year of awakening, a year for spiritual upliftment and renewal/re-birth. Things must break down in order for a better foundation or reconstruction; it is the only way in which we can move forward in a more positive light.

I'm surrounded by wolves dressed in sheep clothing, by those who find it funny to bring others down and point fingers because in reality they are weak and afraid to face their fears head-on. It disheartens me at times that our human-race despite it's greatness, many of whom are still sleeping. Time is going by and people rather live a material and unexpressive and fake life. They are afraid to feel, to connect with their emotions and realize why indeed it is they are journeying where they are.

We all need some source of stability in our lives. I try to incorporate it into my life by always pushing myself to attend classes and go to work and become a better individual, despite the limitless competition and jealousy that goes along with it. I add things to my CV, not because I wish to be boastful or arrogant, but because I feel by giving to others and being a dedicated and stable person in society will enrich my life experiences. Who did we turn to when we first fell off our bicycles as small girls and boys? Did someone run to our rescue? Did they make your nasty-cut better? Were they patient with you and give you a warm embrace to help in your healing process? You alone have the answer to these questions, and you also have the answer to this question. Who comes to your rescue now? Who is it that you can count on to always be there, no matter the ups and downs there are in life?

No-one's life is free from tragedy or chaotic situations; it is a beautiful life, but it is one of also un-expected surprises. Your life is a steady adventure, but despite the ups and downs you are the hero who should always be resilient and come out on top! That's what the star does, and you my darlings, are the stars in this Universe. It is your story. Why not try to be that stable person that others can come to when they seek peace, calm and compassion? It is through being of service to others that makes you happier and stronger. The more you give, the better you get, and the more fulfilled your story will be. Don't shy away and say "Woe is me – they don't understand what I'm going through!" Certainly they may not; as we've established before, so many of us aren't awake; but that doesn't mean that you should cave in and be a self-centered, un-feeling and lonesome person.

People look up to you; just like you looked up to those who cared about you when you fell off that bicycle; and just like they cared about you when you came into their lives. Some people are stable, some people are simply sheep, finding it un-necessary to dress as wolves and assimilate and conform to something that they are not. Those are the people you should trust; those are the people you can count on. Because they know what true love is; they know that we are all reflections of each other, learning lessons and moving onto different levels of learning in the movie of life!

I remember once, a very dear and handsome soul once told me after I expressed how much I'd disliked what I was going through, he said: "Well, Jair, if you find it so much of a problem, then you can just go home!" I found it absurd and mean then, despite my love for this person; but in reality, he shed enormous light; because, you could just go home; but is that really what you want your story to be? You can't just give up on the situation or life, you have to go through it. You just need to make things right again...and it's possible. The impossible is made possible to us everyday through heavenly miracles...stay with it; you're almost ready to bloom. Smile through the ridiculousness of it all; you aren't crazy, everything you go through is for a reason, a very good reason :))

Bless-up! J


Sweet Sweet TnT

A people without a culture, is a people without a soul.
Instead of pointing fingers and complaining, instead of only embracing your nationals when they do well. Have patriotism for your country today and everyday. Remember where you come from; it has help mold you into who you are. Help out how you can. And never forget prayer. It is - still - very powerful. Envision it, Believe it, Love it.

I believe in a new and improved Trinidad & Tobago.

Ah love yuh TnT! Now and Trinbago!

WE don't identify ourselves!
We have Halloween parties, we know who Coby Bryan is...but do we know who we are?

Do we embrace who we are as a people? Why not be proud of cricket, and steel-pan, and know who all our past Prime-Ministers are? We always trying to be somebody else. Why don't we just be content in who we are. In who we are as a people. Isn't that good enough?

You are a special, unique, talented individual of light, and the sooner you realize it; the sooner love will radiate and surround you. Here, in Trinbago and spreading to the Universe.

De Red, de white and black... don't love us for Carnival us everyday.The curfew is sad; but it's necessary for these steps to be taken. Sometimes we have to break down, before we can build ourselves up again...

Bless-up TnT!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bring my Baby Back

** Just bring my baby back home to meeeee! :))


This 2010 UTV Motion picture set in Goa, India was a most remarkable and heart-warming journey that I've seen in a long time. Besides the iconic music used in the film to make it memorable, the story-content and gripping and controversial substance made it something of brilliance and something of celebration!

Growing up in the West-Indies, and specifically in Trinidad & Tobago, East-Indian culture isn't hard to find. I was immersed in the music, the dancing, the food and of course the movies. I would say that this film although starring Indian superstars like Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai, isn't the typical type of Bollywood film one would imagine. When one thinks of Bollywood, they think of singing and dance numbers and elaborate and fantastic sets; but this film was much more subtle and aptly so.

Ethan Mascarenhas played by Hrithik Roshan was a man respected and admired by many; he was a successful magician, whom one day suffered a tragic accident during one of his acts, which left him as a quadriplegic. Fourteen years later, he's still fighting along and has inspired many like himself and others who just seem lost in life. He hosts a radio show and is light, love and laughter to all who enter into his life. But then something changes within his heart and he has a strong need for change. Guzaarish is the Hindi word meaning Desire; and throughout this film, the audience sees how powerful his desire really is and although we fall in love with the main character and may disagree with his aspiration, slowly we all begin to understand what kind of life he has endured and why even what may seem daunting, could ultimately be the most freeing and most beautiful of all.

Guzaarish is by far a gem in cinematic history. I say this because it can inspire and brighten even the most depressed and disheartened people. It shines light on how grateful and how beautiful life is at every moment, despite what may seem like a whirlwind of bitterness and disappointment. The acting portrayed by Roshan was larger than life, especially since most of it was done by his facial expressions and longing eyes. Aishwarya Rai lent us her beauty once more, but also surprising comic timing and grace so many women lack to carry today.

If you need a 'pick-me-upper' or some faith to keep on going, I'd certainly recommend this film that will speak to your heart with it's music, and wake you up with it's refreshing Goa cinematic landscapes. There was comedy, romance and certainly a dramatic and emotional passage of one man's outstanding life. Don't forget to bring with you some tissues to dry the tears.

I will leave you with some words uttered by the main character, which goes:

"Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love deeply. Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret anything that made you smile." :))


Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...

If you smile
With your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just...

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just...

Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...

If you smile
Through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile...

That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It’s Still Good

My darlings! Egad! I know, I know, you've missed me terribly. I apologize for my long absence, but alas my trusty compuer of 5 plus years found it necessary to retire. And here I am a month later with a snazzy, sleek and new friend I can spend hours on end with, writing, watching movies and chatting with friends around the world. It was worth the wait, wouldn't you say?! During that time I had focused more on reading some good books and spending time with human-beings. Ha ha J

So, I 'd been sensationally dreading the arrival of my latest birthday, because it forced me to really come to terms with things, and figure out where exactly had a year gone, 8 months to be exact. I hadn't exactly crossed off the majority of my 2011 New Year Resolution list. Fiddlesticks! This year was supposed to be special, and I wasn't really living up to the standard of dreams coming to life. Things were manifesting slowly but for an impatient fire-fly like myself, it wasn't nearly moving the least bit at all. I try to remain calm and grateful; for sure things could have moved along at a more acceptable rhythm; but wasn't I, weren't we exactly where we needed to be?

One of my hospice patients died. It was difficult; not something I hadn't dealt with before, but alas I was older, and each time moment or friend and experience would be different. She was a good friend. She gave good advice. She loved me and I loved her. While attending her memorial service, I knew that this was a reminder to cherish and celebrate life. The ups and downs, the confusion, the fear, all of it. Despite the sham and drudgery as it says in the Desiderata, it is indeed still a beautiful world. So why hold on to fear or negativity or feelings of disappointment.

So you've planted your mustard seeds, and seen mountains move, but by george, waitng for those things to grow and blossom is the most thorny of all. You're besides yourself and you have honestly done your best. You just want the best, but you can't seem to break through, to share that light and love to your doux-doux, and to the world. But I say, dry those tears and put on a smiling face; shake away those negative thoughts that sometimes like to crop into your head. You are stronger than that. You will be blessed for your love and good deeds; you are already taken care of, you're on automatic baby, because you don't need to worry about where you're going all the time. Just do your best, and let God do the rest.

Have you looked in the mirror lately? I mean, really looked. But maybe you don't see the light you emit from those eyes, or the joy you bring to people with that smile. You are a magnificent piece of work, really you are! J And if you don't really feel like a smooth operator of late; you'll be reminded by the Universe and the heavenly realms by those around you. Like someone slipping a note of admiration on your wind-screen, in the wee-hours of the morning when you've come down to drive to work. Or perhaps handsome lads, inviting you yonder to come visit for a wonderful time, that believe it or not, you deserve. Why not take these people up on their offers. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the radiant creatures we are. If you don't love and respect yourself, then who will? Don't be dragged along and un-loved or un-appreciated. Don't have others use you to make themselves feel better and then discard you because they don't understand what love is. You are love, you are light, you are a remarkable, unique and pleasant being that you should share with people who respect you for what you are and what it is you have yet to become. Don't give up hope; hold it silently in your warm beating heart, visualize it, and send love from afar, bless it and let go. Let go darlings, or 8 months in the year will race by before you know it and you'll wonder, if you'd made any progress at all J

It's still good…it's still a wonderful world! J