Tuesday, October 27, 2015


**Let them talk...let them spy...you know the truth...and you'll be obliged...to take part in the destiny...you've seen every time you close your eyes...ENJOY!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Master, I want to See

Sometimes we are blind. Spiritually blind. We cannot see our wrong-doings, our faults, our ripple-effects through life. We mean well, we try our best, but we fail at seeing that which we need to remember. Time and time again we fall, and fail, and cannot understand the cause of these unfortunate events. All that we are experiencing however, is because of our own doing. It may be hard to believe, but whatever actions we may be repeating is attracting less of what we need and want and in turn more of the harmful effects based on a cycle of actions. Don’t keep your hearts heavy darlings, because there is a way to finally see, crack the cycle and experience a shift and split from that which is keeping us stunted.

Have you heard the expression, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’? It is similar in gaining clarity and sight from our blindness. We must ask for sight and for healing. There is a lovely, little story about the prophet Jesus who heals a man that was born blind. People asked Jesus if the man was born blind because of his own sins/wrong-doings or the sins/wrong-doings of his parents. Jesus told them that neither he nor his parents caused his blindness. He went on saying that it happened so that he could see the miracles and be a miracle in the life of others. The blind man asked for healing and his healer appeared. Jesus healed him and he was able to finally see. After this the man not only gained vision for the first time but sight on how to move forward in faith.

So too my darlings, are we to ask for sight and for healing. What can we do to gain consciousness of our actions that are causing us harm? To find healing we must investigate and ask our God/Master/Universe to see with new eyes. The mud and confusion of our lives will be washed away and we will see the truth. We need to listen to others, but more importantly listen within. What seems impossible will finally become a reality in our lives. We have this privilege, this honor and this advantage of gaining light where there is darkness to continue on our path.

Don’t be too hard on yourselves. Falling and feeling the pain is not a strange occurrence. Not knowing why,  is also not a strange situation. Gaining sight from our blindness is a blessing. But for those who know what they do; those with vision and do things intentionally to harm the other; those will not only fall but become blind and their guilt will remain. We must try not to worry too much about those who deliberately and willfully cause us suffering. Instead we must practice focusing on our journey as best as we can. Once we help ourselves see, we can also help guide others to leave their lives of darkness.


Love Jair

Thursday, October 8, 2015


** I AM are powerful words of creation. Use it to shift air into your thoughts and ideas. Breathing it into existence helps us experience our desires that were put into our beings. Fill in the blanks of your lives by uttering into the Universe the words I AM...

** I AM unlimited.
** I AM refreshing.
** I AM unique.
** I AM powerful.
** I AM just getting started.
** I AM irresistible.
** I AM wanted.
** I AM stealing the show.
** I AM red carpet ready.
** I AM love.
** I AM sexy magic.
** I AM a best-selling author.
** I AM a successful actress.
** I AM a filmmaker.
** I AM a model.
** I AM made in the image and likeness of GOD! **