Monday, October 21, 2013

The Silence

'Das letzte Schweigen' as this 2010 crime/drama/thriller film is called in German, did not do particularly well in the box office, however received 1 win and 4 nominations for it's clever plot. Based on a novel by Jan Costin Wagner and adapted into screenplay and directed by Swiss Baran bo Odar, this film progressed at an incredibly slow pace. The usual to be expected;a slow progression in foreign films, Danish Ulrich Thomsen and the cast of German actors, Sebastian Blomberg, Wotan Wilke Mohring, Burghart Kaubner and Katrin Sab, all demonstrated wonderful acting abilities in this mysterious and thought-provoking story.

Once the audience can withstand the creeping yet deliberate turn of events, they realize that every moment of truth is significant to expressing the inner feelings of our main characters and the serious turmoil they are going through. Disturbing and a bit strange but a riveting story!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Way

"You don't choose a life Dad. You live one."

A Catholic family affair, on and off-screen. This 2010 film wasn't religious but certainly spoke to the audience on spiritual topics such as: Why are we here? What is our purpose? And what are we searching for?

A beautifully shot and written script by Emilio Estevez based on a book by Jack Hitt. With a humble budget of just $110 thousand USD, this film that was adapted into French and also Spanish brought in well over $4 million USD at the box office. Actors portraying the actual countries they're from  was fun to see, as well as the chemistry they displayed throughout. Irish James Nesbitt, Canadian Deborah Kara Unger, the lovable and fun-loving Dutch-man played by Yorick van Wageningen and the American whose main journey and story it was about Martin Sheen.

'The Way' was heart-warming, inspirational and lovely story about the historical pilgrimage the 'Camino de Santiago' or 'The Way of Saint James' and it spoke to the hearts of viewers who also suffer with similar challenges along the journey of our lives. An adventure, drama and pockets of comedy this film is one for the entire family!

Take this Waltz

Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Luke Kirby, Sarah Silverman; the audience got their good acting delivered. Written and Directed by Actress turned Director Canadian Sarah Polley, this film had a simple story with perhaps not the most wise message for the world, but one of the most beautifully shot films I've seen to date. Luc Montpellier in my opinion was the star of the film, as he captured beauty with the camera lens.

More drama than comedy, this 2011 film with a run-time of 116 minutes and an estimated budget of $137,000 and with star names to capture fans, it grossed an easy $1 million plus. Rated R for language, and strong sexual content and nudity, its a story of what happens when one listens to their attractions and longings instead of responsibility and commitment. Sure, there'll always be fascinating handsome artists, but why destroy a happy home?

Artfully shot, spectacularly framed, excellent direction and superb acting (stand-out Sarah Silverman - and it isn't comedy) this film will not only tickle your fantasy but also received 3 wins and 11 nominations.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friends for a Season

I've lost my fair share of "so-called" friends and I must admit it hurt me diabolically at the time, but take heart darlings. You're still fabulous! People are a funny folk. Sometimes they're sweet to get what they want from you. Sometimes they're sweet to drain your good energy. Sometimes few, can be genuinely sweet because they just are. Beware. Everything you see is not the truth, in this world. We are living in times of wolves dressed in sheep clothing. It's okay to lose friends, it just means that new ones are about to take their place.Take the positive, learn what you can as it'll make you stronger and keep moving forward; there's no need to look back or feel that you've lost.

Be you!

You have every right to be here and the world needs your light. So keep shining. If someone is trying to black-mail you into a friendship, black-mail you into doing their bidding, or black-mail you into being something that you're not. Don't keep that negative pressure in your life! You DO NOT have to be like everybody else. You are a unique individual with your own talents, desires and purpose.

Spend time with others who inspire you, motivate you, encourage you and most of all, truly love you from the core out. Looks fade, and fame is a-fleeting, but true friends come few in a lifetime. So yes, you may have a million followers/friends on Facebook waiting to see you fall. But those friends that are there for you in your times of struggle, the ones that believe in you when nobody else does, the ones that ask "How are you?" and really mean it - those are the keepers! You already know the truth.

Let it go!

And know, that there's a reason for everything under the sun. Someone that encourages you to do things that aren't wholesome and things that aren't strengthening you in a positive way, let them go! They don't know better and they don't want to know better. Everybody isn't going to LIKE YOU. It's okay. Because you're you, and they're them. Once you know that you're doing the best you can and you aspire to keep doing better, then you're on the right track. Don't let someone stop you because they're jealous or don't want the best for you. They're on their path, and you're on yours. The Universe/God is just going to attract the right people and new friends in your life to keep you on the path you need to be.

Times are tough, the road is bumpy, but you've got all the fuel you need to arrive right on time! Don't worry darlings, your'e on your way, and your heavenly team is anxiously awaiting your arrival. Enjoy the journey because with all your good deeds, you're in for a very HANDSOME reward!


Love Jair 

Just the Way you Are

** You don't have to be a sLuT, lose your integrity, respect, or self-worth to be considered BEAUTIFUL! Listen to the words - One of my faves! Thanks Bruno Mars~**