Monday, February 15, 2016

No Escape

“All that matters is making it out alive”.

It was wonderful to see Owen Wilson (Meet the Parents, The Royal Tenenbaums, Night at the Museum) playing a serious character as opposed to his usual comic roles. Irish Pierce Brosnan (Bond 007) was also interesting to watch, as his character in this 2015 Action/Thriller was completely different from his usual roles. Lake Bell (What happens in Vegas, No Strings Attached) played wife to Owen Wilson and Thai Sahajak Boonthanakit (Only God Forgives, 2 Guns) also joined in on the fun.   All actors were believable in their characters, but I honestly wanted to see more of Brosnan who played “Hammond” as in my opinion he was not only engaging but seemed to be the most resourceful.

Written and directed by the Dowdle brothers, I feel like the story had fantastic potential. Overall I can say it was also a good film but there were some elements that did not make it true to life. Set in South-east Asia, the movie was shot in Thailand, however there were Cambodian actors, bill-boards and Cambodian and Laotian languages that were used. If we want to get our geography in order, and if it the family did actually go to Thailand, then Vietnam wouldn’t be such a close border, one would have to go through Cambodia or Laos before arriving there. Another thing would be if film-makers gave a little more back-story on the countries turmoil as well as the Water Company Wilson’s character worked for. I also found the characters “complaining” about the “4th World Country” and about how much they missed home a bit immature and played out.

Besides those slight hiccups, the film was rated R for strong violence and some language and a short/prevented sexual assault. It was non-stop action and intriguing almost every step of the way. Thrilling and nail-bitingly intense, it makes for a great film on how to survive and protect each other in extreme and unpredictable situations. An unpredictable and gripping ride all the way!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Live the Life

** Blossom and open up little by little... it's not a race. It's your life xx

Freedom to be You

What is Freedom? According to the dictionary it’s a state of being free or at liberty, no restraints, no eternal control, no regulations, no bondage, no slavery, no obligations…independence and being true to one’s self. Then why is it lately that some correlate the meaning of freedom to mean something completely different. If someone is to be free to be themselves, then they should not have the pressure to be someone or something they are not. 

Lately, I’ve been hit by bothersome cultural explanations on what people think “freedom” is. One theory is that we are all free because we live in the “land of the free” and home of the brave. This statement is supposed to clarify truth, but If this were indeed true, I think we as individuals would be able to express ourselves completely and be at liberty to think freely and not conform to the constant subliminal messages we are bombarded with through the media everyday. Another theory is that being rebellious in a sense, lying completely naked on the beach or taking nude photos or pushing the envelope with our sexuality is considered being “free”. Putting our bodies up on display for the world to see, in my opinion not only draws attention of the wrong kind, but also cheapens the package on a whole. Because the “majority” like “media” invites us to assimilate and be “free” doesn’t mean that one is more powerful or without restraints. In fact, it is following the trend and accepting what the media teaches us is “cool” or “acceptable”.

This brings me to Freewill. What is Free-will? This is independent mind, independent spirit, independent absence of following the crowd but instead listening to that inner voice of wisdom. It is the will to be free and the freedom to do as you please. Being obligated to become “free” according to society’s definition is a trap. Being free to be as you are, imperfectly perfect and constantly expanding should be the doctrine of remembering what it is to be free. Being “free” to analyze the world and practice what it means to be  you is a beautiful thing. Being “free” to walk the path less traveled and celebrate your uniqueness is peace. Being “free” to discover new ways of expressing your individuality is sexy.

Perhaps society was starved of some things due to strict upbringings, traditions or practices, but does that mean we should tip all the way to the other side to reach satisfaction? Young girls are taught over and over again that sexuality sells? What if, in this patriarchal society, we celebrated women as goddess’ to be revered, appreciated and magnified as a true prize of adoration — the passage of continued life? What are women selling? And when they sell it, what do they receive in return? A label. A measly label. Is that what we want to be? Have we no self-worth, restraint, or mystery anymore? Must we lay all our goods on the table to be accepted, to be welcomed or popular? Or worst yet, to be considered FREE?

You are G-R-E-A-T! Don’t let ANYBODY try to make you feel any less of an individual. Be FREE to BE YOU! No apologies and no excuses :)


Love Jair