Friday, July 31, 2015


Grace [greys] noun
1. elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action
2. a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment
3. favor or goodwill

Nothing that transpires in your world, my world, this world is a mistake. The masterpiece of our lives, which we don’t have the privilege of seeing is thoroughly orchestrated in turn creating the best concertos! There are highs and plenty of lows, but that makes for a delightful and interesting listen. ‘Grace’ my friends is handling the constant changes in weather; weather that you’re always unprepared for. 

I’ve been battling lately on what inspiring thing I could write as I’ve been weathering some turbulent moments in life this year; and again and again ‘Grace’ was the word that came to mind. ‘Grace’ to accept the things which we have no control over, ‘Grace’ to stand up to injustice, ‘Grace’ to swallow the pride and the pain, ‘Grace’ to not be distracted by the bumps in the road but to keep moving forward with the vision of greatness!

Remember that these sensationally troubling moments are just that; they will cease, melt away and you will have your life back; we can only hope with more heart, strength, wisdom and grace than we ever had before. For although the wickedness of people stirs something in our hearts and sometimes puts us in an unfamiliar dark and foreign place; we must not succumb but instead use that pain to bounce to realms of magnificence! 

Your trials must not keep you down; we must always result in resilience. Revenge sounds like a tasty fruit but it will only bring us harmful energy. To keep healthy inside and out we must be graceful survivors. Life is about learning and is always fair. It may be hard to believe but one storm makes you stronger and another is given to those whose hearts are filled with malice, hurt and ill-intent. Be grateful for your storms darlings, God/The Universe is opening up new doors as we speak! Handling this situation with grace only makes us blossom into a more prepared soul.

Grace changes everything!


Love Jair

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Raunchy Limits

**Actress Rashida Jones (father Quincy Jones); discusses the porn industry and the limits young women put on themselves by becoming an object for sex to make money -- she produces original netflix documentary 'Hot Girls Wanted'.