Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I always say 'respect' is one of the greatest attributes in this life for our fellow men.

Treat people how you wish to be treated; and if you have morals/values/spiritual beliefs, then really mold your lifestyle within those core beliefs, don't be a hypocrite or un-kind. If people don't respect your feelings, your love, your time, your being, then they don't deserve your time, energy or respect either. It goes both ways ~ Respect your fellow man. It's the one thing you shouldn't settle for, if you indeed respect yourself!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


It was while watching one of my favourite Wallace & Gromit films: A matter of Loaf and Death; that it occurred to me a few things. One indeed, that I felt like Gromit, in that everyone around me was giggling, happy and in love. My parents just celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary (I'm truly quite happy for them); two of my dear girlfriend's getting married the following month of July; and well through the walls of my new place there sure was a lot of giggling or could that be 'thumping sounds' happening on the other end! Oh bother! The second thing that occurred to me was that in life we always want MORE. Never are we satisfied with where we're at and what we've got. We always want MORE. Be it material things, new gadgets, a dog, a child, or money. Surely human beings don't tend to be content in the least; there is always just that one more thing we can have that will give us that extra oomph!; that extra bit of happiness we earnestly crave! We can safely say though that after achieving what it is that we want, the elation wears off quite quickly…it doesn't take long till you tire of that gadget, or the Apple corporation invents the new and improved version of what you already have. I suppose the only thing that won't ever tire, that should always be exciting is your mate, your friend, your true love…for 'every bread surely has a cheese!' I just suppose I may be a tad too cheesy for any bread at all! Oh Crumbs! J

Try to focus on what it is that you have already. Your family; parents (even if they live far away and you rarely see them); a job, even if it isn't the dream job; your health, your strength, friends that entertain you or make you laugh, no mariachi bands playing outside your window (amen to that), sunshine, great sneakers, a snazzy car, suitors…even if they…hey you're liked! Focus on these things and what it is that you desire will be sent, and your already good fortune will be multiplied, you must be grateful for where you're at. Wherever you go, there you are, and it is exactly where you're supposed to be. So if it's in a dark hole, stay there! Hahah j/k But seriously, embrace and accept wherever it is that you are. If you're going through some sort of struggle, inner or outer, your mind racing with thoughts a mile a minute because of it; calm yourself, breathe, put on a lovely tune, or some good ole' Wallace & Gromit, it'll be sure to put a smile on your face and enlighten you to realize that whatever it is you're going through is only for a moment in time, opposed to the grander scheme of things. Seasons in life, seasons of emotions, friends that visit for seasons too; and love…well, it is the greatest thing, so don't dismiss it, embrace it too, with all its squalid brilliance! Just remember it takes two to tango, and if the other person very well doesn't care to take your hand and dance with you…then they most likely won't like to accompany you on the dance of life either! Be patient with yourselves and where you're at. Be patient with your heart and the timing of the Universe.

Awaken and become aware that with life there are always miracles waiting to happen! The impossible is always possible, and what may be up now, treasure it, because it just may be down tomorrow. And people that are sensationally dreadful to you, and they say things that prick your heart and soul, know that they indeed may be jealous, un-aware and actually quite likely hurting themselves and because of lack of education or morals or upbringing they act out and do things they one day most certainly will regret. Let them be! Let it be! Keep smiling; keep doing the right things, showing kindness and you'll be sure to ace the test!

For yes darlings, this is only a test, and death, which is also a part of life, is the final. The final test, the moment you are able to review your life on earth, and the moment you return from whence you came. And how exciting would that be as well. Enjoy it for now, the good, the bad, the cheesy…because tomorrow just may be your lucky day! Live with that hope and expectation! J



Monday, June 13, 2011

The Way of Love

While doing some light reading on some one of my nights, I saved this in my mobile telephone to remind me of the truth. So that no matter how badly cars try to run me off the road, and get me off my path to my destiny and dreams, that I will stick strongly and attentively to these words. I know that staying on the right track and not giving up in my dreams, will bring me closer to my destination becoming a true reality. The truth is promised to you, and I, and there is no need in thinking negatively or giving up; otherwise you just might miss out on one of the greatest moments/opportunites of your life! You're almost there ... pat yourself on the back. Your team of angels and the heavenly realms are rejoicing, they see and hear you; will you be silent and listen to them? Will you continue believing?

"...if I speak in tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver up my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing...

...love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away...

...when I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I resoned like a child When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known. So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love..." :)

** My final thoughts:

Without love you have nothing -- therefore you don't even have life.

Continue spreading love and joy to all you meet, and you will attract more of that into your life.

Do not dwell in your past and do not worry about your future; now is the most important moment. For surely, it is easy to let the mind wander, but if you have un-wavering faith in the truth promised to you, you only need to take the next steps in the dark, knowing full well, that a path will be lit for you to follow; leading you to recieve all your heart desires in divine timing. Sometimes it's difficult, the road is unforgiving and you have many questions as to why things happen the way they do. Continue serving and giving without question, never put a question mark where the Universe has answered you with a full-stop. The time is now, the rewards are soon; you're almost there...with everything in life, add love to it; don't try to eliminate it. It is the greatest lesson and the main purpose of your mission here on earth...

Bless up! :)


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Iron Lion Zion

By Jair Ananda Massiah


Lioness I am

But thick mane I wear

I tend to hunt

Rather than sit and stare

Prowling yes

But silently

For nothing worthy

Invigorates me

I shall not pounce

Or roar and run

For beguiling tracks does not attract

And humming bees that lead to nests

Although sweet of honey

Prove only pests

And so I hunt

With all my might

For a reflection found

With elephant light

Though handsome and strong

And smooth he be

Charm and fun and flattery

It is not this confusion that I need

Instead refreshing and pristine

A drink of water in healthy streams

We need not den, cave, nest or grove

Only touch, taste, smell, melting eyes

And the thump, thump, thump of our souls...

And yes I hunt

Its you I seek

A love divine

Finally...my peace.


I've been wanting to write about this topic for quite some time. How shall one truly appreciate or respect something they have differing perspectives; or a skewed point of view?

Let's take this first example; what does truth mean to you? Some say, that truth hurts, according to Improv experts, they say that truth is funny, others swear that speaking the truth only backfires? But I find that it may depend on what exactly this truth is.

Life is all about different perspectives, how is it that an elephant be afraid of a minute mouse? Some of you may think, "Oh but that's a story!" Well, how is it that adults are afraid of spiders? (I'm one of those, and it isn't because of the size, but maybe the fact that they've got multiple legs and EIGHT eyes!!!) Which is more superior? The elephant or the spider? Or are the mouse and human in fact equal?

Christians believe to have just a mustard seed worth/equivalent of faith, and it can certainly move great mountains or create grand miracles in one's life. So is it possible then also to have little money and try to feed an orphanage? For some, that's bullocks! And for others they can see it happen with brilliant budgeting skills!

Another example still, some people greatly dislike policemen, they groan in disgust if they see one nearby y, or make donut jokes. Yet when people are in danger's way or a victim of some unexpected dilemma, the policemen are the first people we expect to give us remedy!

The elderly are using up our tax money and our time. They drive slowly, they speak slowly, and they're suddenly senile and unworthy, thanks to one, two many wrinkles. But these are people just like you, who've worked hard their entire lives, and been married successfully even through the World Wars, Great Depression and Civil and Racist Wars, and all they get from their social security to survive on each month is $135.43 cents, which can't even cover lodging at a room in a senior home, medical assistance or a decent meal.

All days one should be grateful. For life, sunshine, or rain that waters our mountains, shelter, decent health, a job that pays the bills. However even on the greatest days, some days just turn out tremendously fanatical! One can only try their best to keep it together and still wear a smile, when their flight crew is arguing, when the captain says we don't have any water for our 4 hour flight, and you have to work first class, and everyone wants coffee, and they're upset they didn't get their first meal choice, when some people have no food at all. Or when because you're from another country of different languages and speech patterns, a disgruntled passenger mimics you by saying, "Excuse me darling, don't you ever tell me that it's not your fault!" while waving their index finger two feet away from your face. Then someone asks what did you do on your layover, asking if you went shopping and expecting this kind of fun and grandiose experience, when you know you used your last penny to bail your sister out of an enormous ticket. And, to add icing on the cake, just when you're thinking things are looking up because a man compliments you and says you should be a model, and you say, thank-you but my passion is writing and I study film, they respond with, "Listen, your life would be so much easier if you were a model. You're so beautiful and all men want is regular sex and cooked meals…in fact I'll make it simpler for you, they want a 'hoochi-mama' and a mother, so just tell them line up and take a number!" And he goes on to guffaw and stare at you like a pin-up doll for the rest of the flight wearing with a nasty grin.

Its days like this you can't have a melt-down; its days like this you've got to have a strong and positive perspective. Remember to have a reaction that pacifies and doesn't stir up more of what you're trying to get away from.

And you ask how? How can one possibly hold it together when, they just ripped a large hole in their stocking/pantyhose in the beginning of the day and everyone onboard is angry because they're going to miss their connections to Hawai'i? How do you keep it together when that summer course you've been planning to attend at NYU for months gets cancelled because your car breaks down and now you have to use the money to fix the car instead of furthering your education and dream career? How do you keep it together when the person you loved and married, cheated on you and had a child with a stranger instead of you? How do you keep it together when you give someone new a chance despite you being fearful of hurt and rejection and then after many months of bliss, the person suddenly disappears?

My darlings, we keep it together by remembering that whatever we go through is a lesson; a test and luckily not the final. It's a prerequisite to see how resilient, compassionate, loving and understanding we can behave in times of great stress.

So even if you are the one that sends someone poetry or an animated heart sms to brighten the one you fancy's day. Or perhaps you've been pleasant and fair and someone lashes out in an aggression-filled attack. And maybe if someone flirted with you incessantly to get your attention and you send them love and appreciation by giving them a box of chocolates and they say that it was delicious but they rather have less communication between the two of you because you seem too passionate. You wonder how will you ever keep it altogether!

Well, don't be afraid of giving up your control…remain mindful, share unconditional love, and remember the truth, but please darlings, let go! Just put your trust in the other person and whatever the situation is, for although their actions of life's situations may be unkind, unforgiving and upsetting. You are gaining your greatest lessons yet! Whenever someone is closer to greatness, obstacles are thrown in their way to try to make them give up or go off course. Stay on course my darlings; you're almost at your reward. Understanding that all you went through and had to go through was just to make sure you could withstand a higher altitude of surprises.

What perspective will you have when you're dished life's absurdities? For things fall, shatter and spill all over, but what shape does the liquid bear? Does it bear a heart shape by any chance? Do you sometimes have strangers remind you what a great person you are? Does a baby smile at you when you pass by? Do animals become more playful or follow you around? These are reminders that you are loved, by the Universe/God and by others you are too busy to recognize. To them, you are the world! A unique and precious being of light and love, their shoulder they'd be honoured to have you cry on, their hands, wanting to hold and give you warm strength and love…

Carry a positive perspective, remember the truth promised to you, stay on track, and always, always have compassion and unconditional love…

Bless-up! J


Thursday, June 9, 2011

No Woman No Cry

For my ladies out there -- this one is for you.
You're a goddess ~ don't forget it my darlings ... respect your temple, kiss your hands, don't settle, and keep smiling with your radiance -- you're blessed and you are LIFE! :))


Watching 'The Secret' always lifts my spirits, always reminds me, to keep on the path and envision, believe and trust the truth that is to be...

** ENERGY - Positive Vibrations! Only one person is responsible for your joy, and that person is you! Man becomes what he thinks about. Learn to become still. Energy flows, like the river goes, energy flows where attention goes :))

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sugar Land                                    

                                        By Jair Ananda Massiah



I had no idea it would mar me like this

My fingers red with discontent

I thought you owned this land

And that you would share it with me


I just had to sort out my things first

Climb to the top of the mountain

And see what the world had to offer


The seagulls really do have the best view

And conceited with the illusion

That they alone own this land


I wanted to feel that too

But it never really belonged to me…

It belonged to you


You and many others

Tried to take my land from me

My view, this mountain


You said you'd wait for me

But it was sorrow I had in my heart

For how could so much sugar

Fit inside this bag


The bag that carried my heart…


You swore this sugar, was like this land

This sugary land

Grown from midnight kisses

And sprinkled with real desire


Staring here into the valley


Knowing the truth

I saw it once in the seagulls' eyes


You couldn't wait could you?

For good things rarely come to those who wait


Go ahead

For it tastes no longer sweet to me

The air is stale

And the seagulls no longer fly here


The bag has burst

Spilling this 'sugar' everywhere

My time was not in vain

And these sandals I wear

Can still take me elsewhere


To another land

A true land

One I can see clearly


For your land

This Sugar Land

Was never really yours to give in the first place …



Like She

By Jair Ananda Massiah


He wanted a girl who spread her legs on silk and smelt of the reddest roses, and wasn't afraid to jump off mountains. Alas she was only a simple virgin, who smelt of dew that fell from those red, red roses, who spoke to him about the moon and the stars and told him that his eyes were warmer than the great green trees of the east. But little did she know, little did he know, she was only a muse that he'd tire of as soon as work picked up. For now he can go where girls will do anything to pleasure that muscle between his legs. Who cared about the stars anyway? Or the stars in her eyes, that just wanted to gaze lovingly at him. What was her love? This feeling…unimportant and simple in his snazzy world. How foolish she'd been to think that he'd care. That he could fall for a girl like she?

It Changed

By Jair Ananda Massiah

Little did I know that 2 weeks away from you indeed was nothing, had I known I wouldn't see you afterwards for months at a time. Every day, and I say, every day I dreamt of your smile that would light me up like the stars at night. And every day, I'd dream of your eyes, so gentle, so calm yet mischievous. You just needed someone to love. Just like me. And I had done well I thought, for 2 weeks at that time which felt like an eternity. And I visited my great aunts; and slow they were. Times were different for them. They had experienced all life had to offer and now carrying on each day was activity enough. And bed time was early also. And I lay there, not wanting to sleep. Listening to the crickets and feeling the clean night air…it was only you that filled my mind. You, so far away; missing me, as I missed you. My love so great, I wouldn't mind to stop and let time hurry on, for only to gaze at you would suffice. And it was then I called you. And your voice sounded hurried, for you were whispering and had run away. Wanting to speak with me, wanting to hear my voice, that to steal away from your work to listen was good enough an excuse to anyone who would happen to reprimand you. And you said, "I miss you!" And "Get back safe." And I felt your love. My heart swooning at the simple phrase. And I missed you too. Why ever must we be apart this long. So many long miles away. And that was a beautiful moment. And now a year later I lie in this same bed and wonder, was it all just a dream? The love of my life; did you think of me now, like then? But I'd never know. Because now, it didn't feel like love, and I shan't ever call…

The Stand

"And I saw a pale horse,

And a pale rider upon it,
And the name of the horse was pestilence,
And the name of the rider was death."

Revelation 6:8

My Dadsy is the biggest Stephen King fan I know; he has collected all of his books. When I was smaller I tried to follow in Daddy's footsteps by attempting to read one of the classics, but I had hardly reached the 2nd chapter when I realized that these books were sensationally scary! As I got older I made it my duty to watch the books that they'd turn into films; my favourites being: The Shining and Pet Semetary. Only till recently however, had I had the pleasure of watching the iconic film 'The Stand'.

Just as the opening quote of the film read, it is quite rudimentary at what the film would be about. Yes, it was about 'the last days'; and I can see how this 1994 film set the bar of may 'end of the world' type films that would follow after. Stephen King seems always to be ahead of his time; a genius in his own right, talented, and down-to-earth being a native of fisherman friendly Maine. His stories alive with familiarity and calm, quickly followed by the unthinkable dread that somehow many of us actually find relatable, and this is why I believe his films are always thought-provoking and interesting.
What is the deal with crows and black cats? Who ever made that the staple of scary? Oh, wait, I suppose it must be again the brilliant Stephen King. J I loved the way he incorporated the crow appearing right before things would go wrong, so as to prepare the audience to know that something ghastly was about to happen.

There were 4 parts to 'The Stand' which although necessary, quite long. Probably like his books; they're a good read, but a long read, and for his fans, I suppose that's never is a problem. The story was separated into 4 parts: The Plague, Dreams, The Betrayal and then…simply episode 4. J The Plague introduced the main set of characters, and depicted the places around the United States that were being affected slowly one-by-one. It opened with an escape, or so the family fleeing though, followed by prisoners suffering behind bars, families, animals, and then it seemed that everyone was dead. Dreams focused on the few people who survived the Plague and how they began picking back up the pieces, and truly being resilient and building themselves up again. The Betrayal reminded me of the Judas and Jesus story of one of his 12 disciples that felt it necessary to turn the prophet in to the wolves and lead him to his death. And the 4th part with few of the main characters left, left us with hope and faith that good always prevails over evil.

There were many things in the film I found comical though; one certainly being the music and soundtrack. I don't know if it was intentional, but even for built up frightening moments, there was still cheerful upbeat music playing, with no bloodcurdling or suspenseful music in site. I found it also comical yet I'm not complaining that the majority of black/African American actors were all messengers or on the 'good-side', as Ruby Dee who played Mother Abigail, (a 106 year old who liked playing the guitar from Nebraska) had a tremendous part at being the old woman that would appear in their dreams, welcoming them home and to come towards the light, she kept saying, "You come and see me, you and all your friends!" Then also, Ossie Davis who played Judge Richard Farris, a wise, calm man who became one of the chosen disciples of Mother Abigail in the 'New World'. There was even a man who walked the streets and rang a bell, that told everyone to repent now for the end is near, he wasn't so lucky to survive though. The only other man that wasn't seen in a positive light (which is usually the case in films' portrayals of people of colour) was 'The Rat Man' played by Rick Aviles, who was one of the right hand men of Randall Flagg played by Jamey Sheridan. I found it quite funny to see the dark character/demon wearing tight blue jeans and feathers in his hair.

The film was painted with many fascinating characters, like 'The Trashcan Man' played by Matt Frewer who enjoyed seeing things blow up. Miguel Ferrer who played Lloyd Henreid in the film who was a prisoner that was starving to death behind bars and kept his pet rat under his mattress, who also died along with most people during the plague, just in case he needed a bite to eat. My favourite characters though; because I felt their parts were insightful and striking were the characters: Nick Andros played by Rob Lowe, who was a deaf and mute man, I found him to be rather graceful, elegant and yet so poignant in the film; because even though he didn't believe in God, he believed in goodness, and he didn't have to be overly animated to show his heart or feelings throughout the entire film. I also love-loved Bill Fagerbakke who played the 'slightly' retarded character Tom Cullen, whom I deemed hilarious in the beginning because he always said, "M-O-O-N, that spells x" or "M-O-O-N that spells let's go!" He spelt everything in the movie Moon, regardless of what situation or object he speaking about; it brought great comic relief, however towards the end, when he looked out at the moon, he said, "M-O-O-N, that spells Moon;" which turned out to be a pleasant and heart-warming switch, to show that even though Tom was considered slow by many, he knew what was going on. J

Although I didn't find Stephen King's 'The Stand' as chilling as some of his other cult films, I enjoyed the spiritual twist and new-age non-coincidences and questions it brought about. People lay dead about in every episode, but even through immense tragedy, others still came together and 'stood strong' sending messages in dreams, through feelings and intuition, and one line of the film that remained with me went: "It's important to keep the mind empty, it's the only way one can move forward…"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Worth it

Rock So

Lately, I've been bombarded with relationship or rather 'lack thereof' relationship issues by few of my girlfriends who are the few indeed that haven't already tied the knot. They have been lamenting and conversing with me the difficulty of finding the right mate and simply gentlemen for that matter. Tis true, there are hardly any gentlemen or ladies left in society today. No decent conversations, etiquette, morals, manners…everyone seems to be self-gratifying, selfish, and crude; lacking common courtesies, and good naturedness. Really, whatever has happened to the men and women of yesteryear?

Every now and then I'd have the pleasure of interviewing old, jolly couples sitting together on my aircraft, with hands tightly clasped together. I tend to spot out old people from afar with my 'I love old people vision', as I truly do admire their wisdom and stories. Some of them have been married, 40, 50, and recently I had a couple who'd been married a whole 52 years!

I always ask them what is their secret to a successful partnership? What advice would they give young people not yet married? And the answers they give are always quite worthy and poignant. One German couple said: "You must be nice to one another, and you must laugh with one another!" Another American couple said: "She's always right!" One said: "She was a singer, so she kept us entertained, and I was a lawyer, so I made the money!"But the best I'd heard was on my last trip, when the husband said rather 'matter-of-factly': "Pay Attention!"And they were just 2 words, but held great weight. He was right, pay attention to the one you love, listen to them, and make sure they're feeling their best. I also take it as communication; if you realize something's not right and the other is upset, then the clever thing to do would be to talk it out, and not be selfish with your own agenda. For surely everybody has the same 24 hours in the day, there is always enough time to say hello, thinking about you, or I miss you, during a day. We all get lunch breaks and bathroom breaks, not to mention scratching breaks (maybe there should be a little less of those – hahah). And for those of you who travel like I do; I'm sure you must check your email or face book at least once or twice in your 'oh so busy' week.

Nowadays everybody's busy! The economy is shot in America, and they're in dreadful debt, people are cutting back, working as much as they can, when they can. Some are addicts, throwing themselves 100% into their work schedules, and jeopardizing any other thing that may come simultaneously with it. I know it's nice to make money, I know people like nice things, and in some professions, and some people aim to get the fame that sometimes comes along with the fortune. They're on the top of their game, they're sailing on cloud 9, people like them, and they don't ever want to get down back to earth. They like it so much, that they forget who they really are, their groundings, and more importantly the people who truly loved them and were around them and gave their time and energy when they needed them the most (in some cases even despite ugly situations which made them sick with sadness, they sacrificed their own happiness for the benefit of the one they loved or cared about).And now, who cares about these true friends? How quickly one forgets! How important now are these people who pay you, when they only use you to get paid bigger bucks? Ahhh, but the attention feels good eh? Getting invited to all those splendid outings; who cares about the one that was with you on the phone when you cried your heart out. Did you not realize how much they truly loved you? Silly Rabbit!

I tell my girlfriends, "If he doesn't respect you and your feelings, if he doesn't respect himself to be so daft and not pay attention to the gem before him, then let him 'Rock So!" One never misses the water till the well runs dry. And if they have so little self respect to remain 'Good Friends' with people who completely disregarded their love and feelings before, then I'm not too sure I want to even be 'Friends' with somebody like that. For those of you that haven't caught on to the hip, yet eloquent lingo of Trinidad & Tobago, 'Rock So'means, 'Step Aside'.

My darlings out there, women and men alike, don't compromise your good etiquette, and unconditional love on someone that doesn't recognize it, or has suddenly been blinded because of new glistening opportunities and new-found happiness. If you are ignored and swept into a corner and forgotten, remember your value and your worth. For no two people are built the same. And just because the world demands others to fit into the 'so called' perfection of Kim Kardashian's and Jennifer Aniston's, no-one can really know the value of what's inside of you, until you open your mouth, and until you're both dealt tragedy and turmoil. If you can withstand that together, you can withstand anything. Rare do you find a beauty that actually has intellect and mindfulness too. How you stand up and stand by tumultuous situations, truly expose your character.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but not if the heart is completely ignored. In everything, there is a purpose, and I'm pretty sure if someone cannot see the beauty radiating from your face because of the pure light and love you hold in our heart, then they may never recognize the purpose that is of you being in their lives. Do not fret my child, for you are never alone in this world that is ever-changing. Find peace within the heavenly realms and ask no questions, just trust and believe in the truth that was promised to you. For even if they don't recognize you, the angels do and one day your withered and tired heart will soar and beam with happiness and requited love, you ever so rightly deserve. J

As my great aunt Phyllis said: "You weren't brought this far, if it wasn't meant to be". And tis true, patience is bitter and the fruit is always sweet, but be sure you're waiting on a tree that bears fruit, and not one blinded with thorns and ferns, with no ambition to give ripe fruit to your succulent lips that need so badly a satisfying bite! J