Sunday, January 29, 2012

Full of Energy

**Everyday... full of energy... when the music starts to flow... Trini strategy at its greatest! :)) Miss you Trinidad & Tobago; especially now, during 'The Greatest Show on Earth'. Love youuu!


Rarely do we ever ponder on what is the job of a teacher? A person that teaches us Mathematics and Literature? A person that inspires us with poetry? A person that introduces us to worlds outside of our own? But what about teachers that are patient and loving; those that provide comfort and healing to humanity? Jesus was a teacher. So was Siddhartha. Mohammed, Moses, Confucius, Gandhi, to name a few. These prophets or teachers taught mankind how to live peacefully with one another; about humility, compassion, and most important of love. They reminded us to have faith and to be brave in the adventure of life.

We don’t need to be Regan in ‘The Exorcist’ to prove that we are all possessed by human diseases of the mind. Jealousy, envy, hate, dis-respect; and the list of hurtful things we do to our brothers and sisters; this is why we must hold fast to the teachings of the prophets, who lived by example.

Don’t listen to the negativity; don’t listen to the ones that hate; listen to the voice of truth; the one that will always bring you to peace, comfort, and joy! J

Saturday, January 28, 2012


** And like Charlie Chaplin and other animated fellows like Roberto Benigni; they bring to us cheerful delight; for in life we must remember to laugh and don't take things too seriously! Many wonderful things are born of joy! :))

I LOVE this Animated series with Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)! He's quite spiffy indeed! :))

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time of Season

** Smooth...give it to me easy...and let me try...gotta' keep loving. It's all about love silly ~ it's all about love ~ all you need is love! :))

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's all about Dreams

*Inspirational...lovely...I love youuuu Roberto Benigni! :))

La Tigre e la Neve

“…No Granny wasn’t mean, and she did like little birds. It wasn’t her. It was me. It was my fault for not telling the story properly for not making her feel what I felt. I was so upset, I told myself, there must be people whose job it is to use the right words, put things in a way who when their heart beats, can get other people’s hearts to beat. That day I decided to become a poet….if the words aren’t right….nothing’s right…”

My film mentor and icon hit gold again! Italian Writer, Director and actor Roberto Benigni has managed to execute a film as lovely as his others. 2005’s ‘The Tiger and the Snow’ was a breathtaking, heart-warming, tear-stirring, luminous film about truly living in the moment. It’s about never, never, never giving up or taking no for an answer. It again, teaches it’s audience about what positivity and will-power will do in our lives and that you should never be afraid of being who you are and speaking the truth! J

Roberto plays Attilio de Giovanni, a poet who has a romantic and playful soul, he is the favourite of many women but the one he truly adores, his love is un-requited. Nicoletta Braschi (his wife) who plays Vittoria and whom finds his love heavy and nightmarish only realizes how pure and powerful his love is when he does everything he possibly can to help her when she is injured during the Baghdad war. She swears she won’t return his love unless she sees a tiger in the snow. In addition to the romance, we journey into Baghdad during the war, filled with adventure and uncertainty. Comedy in enticing camels to ease your crossing through the desert, thrill from receiving abuse from frightened American soldiers, and dramatically finding out you’ve lost a dear friend.

From beginning till end Benigni brings us along on a cinematic brilliance of dreams coming to life and of love still burning bright amongst hellish and un-certain times. The camera angles, locations and dialogue were all just right and the message the most important of all. And that is why we make films; ultimately to relay positive messages to the masses and evoke change. Of course there is business and games played here too; but the filmmaker that is passionate about the message, in my book always conquers all.

Lines and monologues Roberto delivered that were dear to my heart were:

“Fall in love, if you don’t love, it’s all dead! Fall in love and everything will come to life!”

“To convey joy you must be happy. To convey pain, you must be happy. Be happy, you must suffer! Don’t be scared of suffering, the whole world suffers!”

It takes all kinds to make up this world, and each kind has a definitive preference in film. Some like light and fluffy pieces that big name actors play the same role in, over and over again. And others like films that combine light and fluffy with depth, truth and inspiration. If you like the latter, then you’ll love ‘The Tiger and the Snow’, Roberto Benigni is one of the most talented writers, directors and actors alive today; someone personable and humble, more interested in touching your heart, than making the big bucks.

I’ll leave you with my favourite monologue of the film, which goes:

“…If she dies, they can close this whole show of a world, they can turn it off, unscrew the stars, roll up the sky and put it on a truck, they can turn off the sunlight I love so much. You know why I love it so much? Because I love her when the sun shines on her. They can take everything away, these carpets, columns, houses, sand, wind, frogs, ripe watermelons, hail, seven in the evening, May, June, July, basil, bees, the sea, courgettes…”

Thank-you Roberto Benigni! J

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Proud of You

When you’ve had a bad hair day for the past 2 weeks, and you give up pruning your messy mane because you have to make it to class on time, and you make that quick stop to the gas station, really to get an Ensure because you’ve missed dinner, but your car really is the one that needs that fuel and after you’ve filled your car’s thirst, it decides to play a silly joke on you by not starting for 5 of the longest minutes you’ve ever had. Then after all of the commotion you finally make it, ‘on-time’ and your gorgeous classmate leans over and whispers, “Uhmm, you know you’re sweating right?” And you look down and see 2 gigantic sweat pools formed on your lucky shirt that you made sure to iron this time, right underneath your armpits, and you still try to keep positive, you know it’s because a casting director is visiting your class. And not just any casting director, but your “first”; bad hair, comedic cars and pools of sweat can’t stop you from having an archaic smile on your face; because you need to make a good first impression.

So much for a good first impression.

I got my favourite character to perform for the cold-reading! NOT L I had to play a hysterical sobbing girl, a heightened scene, escalating when the actor I played alongside danced around and said silly things. I tried. I honestly did. I felt I did alright. I even did one of my signature ‘happy-jumps’ afterwards. But hysterical sobbing…well…let’s just say that didn’t happen. I could feel that the Casting director was not impressed. I felt so small. I let myself down; and my brilliant acting coach also. What was all his good coaching for? Certainly not for me to crumble because I couldn’t manufacture the water-works. The impressive casting director asked me two questions, “Where are you from? And how long have you been here?” That was it…The bright side? I had stopped sweating… L

Good reviews were heard from my classmates after the Casting director had gone, and my professor also gave great feedback. They felt proud and they should be! I was excited for them, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointment well-up inside me. Humph! Now would be a good time to cry. Bother those tears! Always coming when the action was over! If only I had that special person to talk it over with; the one that’d comfort me and tell me, “Don’t worry, it’ll be alright, you’re special to me!” But no, I couldn’t call my parents, because their time-zone was definitely ‘deep-sleep’ and besides all they’d offer me was, “Why don’t you come back home…in the Caribbean you don’t need film, just the beach and a hearty lobster meal…” Sometimes I’d think they were right…I mean I journeyed all the way here without family, struggling and learning a completely different culture, chasing a dream. And I didn’t even have that special someone to comfort me… on those off-days; who was I kidding? I’d spent enough wishes on falling stars and positive attitude to keep spending it alone. Why couldn’t he just pick up the phone and call me…I’d always do it for him.

So making my way out of the parking structure, there it came. Not the phone call, but water-works, the hot kind. Good thing it was night-time. Good thing there were hardly any cars on the road. Good thing all I had to do was go home. Go home to my dark apartment, thanks to my hellish roommate who liked it more dark than bright; because she was part vampire; part bi-polar. It was the perfect environment to really get hysterical in. But I looked away from the red-traffic light and saw a sign saying, “Be proud of yourself for who you are, not for what you do!” My eyes extend into anime-mode and I’m in shock at what it reads. I read it again. It was true. I knew I was a good person…I knew I had the talent and the love, I just wish others could see it too…how could I make them see it?

The journey continues… J

Monday, January 23, 2012

Viva Cuba

I have such a connection to Cuba it isn’t funny. It’s Caribbean, it’s Latino, it’s African, it’s the beautiful seas, and the drums! Oh how I love those drums. I just want to dance everytime I think of this lovely country. I have to dance there one day! J

Yet another fantastic film made in Cuba la bonita! J This film had heart from beginning till end, simple and sweet with stunning visuals and with a playful light spirit. It’s hard to believe that this was filmed in 2005 but it just goes to show how unspoilt and settled in time this country still is. Written by Manuel Rodriguez and Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti and directed by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberi and Iraida Malberti Cabrera these experts show that it doesn’t take a lot of senseless big bangs and special effects to make a heart-warming and brilliant film.

A beautiful tale of Malu and Jorgito, two friends who love and support each other; our film-makers take us on a journey of what friendship is, the ups and downs, the disagreements, from north to south in paradise and what it takes to see each other till the end! It brought tears to my eyes with all the charming dynamics and the drama, the comedy, the wishes and the adventure all packed into a neat 79 minutes.

Who cares if you’re from different social standards, as humans we need to see past these silly differences and come together stronger than before. Mischievous yet adorable children teach us that lesson in ‘Viva Cuba’! J Romantic, vivacious, warm, and tranquil, the only way the Caribbean can be! Viva la Cuba! J

Sleeping with the Enemy

What enjoyment! I was in my glee watching this thrilling classic starring the beautiful and teethy Julia Roberts and the captivating Irishman Patrick Bergin. Packed with drama and tremendous frightening moments, writers Nancy Price and Ronald Bass knew exactly what would move the audience in a tizzy! Director Joseph Ruben captured the writers’ vision by giving us the viewers, jolting transitions, cues and mysterious camera angles to keep us on the edge of our seats.

This 1991 film shines light on the truth of what happens behind closed doors. Nothing is ever as it seems; things are never as they appear. It follows one woman’s journey to finding herself and garnering strength to remove herself from an unhealthy relationship. It also shows the importance of being honest with people who truly care about you; because everybody needs somebody and it’s the ones that really care that can help you fight your darkest demons.

I absolutely loved the villain in this film Martin Burney played by Patrick Bergin; his eyes had the definitive crazed factor that escalated our heart-rhythms. And Julia Roberts also mesmerized us with her charming ways with the added sass of becoming the ‘don’t-even-think-of-messing-with-me chick’! J

I found myself saying aloud at nail-biting moments words like, “Sick!” and “Dread!” As the plot thickened and the drama heightened I literally couldn’t contain my dizzying delight! Certainly a brilliant and entertaining film, despite what one may think. Makes for a good movie night!

Two toes way up! J

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I was inspired to write after seeing the good fortune of one of my dear friends, (whom I’d met on set of a Caribbean film a couple years prior) and the joy it brought me from seeing good things happening to good people. It happens more frequently than one might think; and for those who believe otherwise well it’s only because they have trust issues.

Trust isn’t the easiest thing to have; however if you wish to reconstruct your life and journey on a path to success, one needs to have trust! Trust in the Universal Laws/God and Trust also in themselves. Once you do everything in your power to make your dreams come true, and you know you’ve given 100% then you can turn yourself loose and quit worrying. You know that you have a clear conscience and did your best, now you have to trust the Universe/God to do their part. Once we increase trust in our lives we are able to become more aware of the synchronicities in our lives. With peace of mind, we accept things as they currently are; understanding that change will come when the time is right. Rising trust = increased intuition and heightened intuition are memories of the truth! We already know the truth; all we have to do now is trust those instincts! J

We come here all with different desires and we set out on a path to achieve those desires. Along the way, people tell us we’re not good enough and that it would be easier to just settle for less. But my darlings, settling for less isn’t going to bring the happiness you crave from doing what you love. Society puts limits on mankind. Society tries to create what they think life should be like. But life should be like what you want it to be like. What is it that you love? I’m here to tell you that “You are qualified!” Forget whatever qualifications society trains you to believe in and instead realize that you are qualified and perfect for the job that you were born to do. We are all qualified in life to go after with the highest of trust, what brings you happiness!

You have the desire for a reason. Don’t drown your instincts. Don’t doubt your desires. Now is the time to reconstruct your life and live it to its fullest potential every day. Don’t say you’ll do it tomorrow. Do it today. Now! It’s time to give 100% to your passion and trust that you are the qualified person for the job. What makes you qualified? By being and giving love and kindness to your fellow-man; this is the only way to keep within the flow.

Good things happen to good people all the time!

Maybe you’re next? Trust it…dreams do come true! J

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Punch-Drunk Love

And the girl says “Yes!” after the guy comes clean. It’s possible to be truthful and happy; indeed! And with love in your life you ARE stronger than ever! Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, this 2002 film was certainly one of the more stranger films I’ve seen. Never been fond of Adam Sandler but he’s got the ‘It’ factor as far as attracting crowds on the opening weekend for films. He was committed to his eccentric character though and brought comedy more believably as opposed to changing his voice to sound like a 5 year old. Emily Watson whom you may remember from ‘Red Dragon’ with her piercing eyes and lilting English accent was perfectly cast I thought for this peculiar film about love and what it takes to stand up to your fears.

A romantic journey, some might say; but I rather say it was a journey towards recognizing the power within us all. Sure we are aware of it and privy to the strength we hold within our veins, but not until we are able to share ourselves with kindness and love are we fully aware of the infinite greatness we each possess. That love is the ultimate power and emotion and once we harness it and use it, we can never fail. J

The film from beginning till end seemed un-orthodox with a very bizarre and convoluted plot, but to some this can come across as an artsy and mind-blowing cinematic delight. Transitions with lines of colour, Hawaiian ukuleles and argumentative dialogues, this film is one that will un-evenly jolt your senses back to the screen whether you want to or not. Paul Thomas Anderson is known for his unusual yet successful movie-magic, creating triumph with films like ‘Magnolia’ and ‘There Will Be Blood’. Not one of my favourites but certainly one to go down in the books for anyone studying film.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Case 39

Written by Ray Wright and directed by German director Christian Alvart, this film was one of the scariest films I’ve seen in a long time. I thought it might be slightly thrilling but it took me most times completely off-guard. I found myself sensationally tensed and surprising myself by even covering my eyes during some ‘too-much-to-handle’ moments.

Cute, pouty-mouthed Renee Zellweger gave a wonderful performance at keeping her cool during the most insanely unbelievable moments as social worker Emily Jenkins and bright-eyed Jodelle Ferland who plays mysterious Lilith Sullivan did a pretty darn good job at showing her acting versatility at such a tender age. Ian McShane and Bradley Cooper also graced the screen, both bringing masculine flair and great commitments to their characters respectively.

I loved how believable and gritty the film felt; because even though there were stars, there wasn’t make-up or dazzling outfits and snazzy cars. The low-key, quiet and normal atmosphere makes films like these even more convincing and it’s a method used in many Stephen King films; which in my opinion is some of the best! J

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blind to You

** Sing the true Collie...Stay true to matter what they say...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Source Code

“What would you do if you knew you had less than 8 minutes left to live?”

“I’d make the last seconds of my life count.”

“What has gotten into you?”

“This is the new me!”

“Just tell me everything is going to be okay…”

“Everything is going to be okay.”

2011, I must say has had some pretty cerebrally-electrifying movies; one of them being ‘Source Code’ which I enjoyed immensely. Like ‘Limitless’ and ‘The Adjustment Bureau’, it shows writers going beyond the average reality-television mindless-stupor and really creating and pushing their mind and others in a much more stimulating direction.

Ben Ripley not only wrote an exciting action film but also one filled with not just romance but a whole lot of heart. It wasn’t just about saving the world, but also about savoring the time and those around you.

British Duncan Jones directed to perfection our American stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. Piercing blue-eyed, Vera Farmiga whom you may remember from ‘Up in the Air’ also gave an outstanding performance and re-introducing Jeffrey Wright whose film credits date back as far to 1990, scores of them you may have seen but not recall him in like: ‘Black Out’, ‘Quantum of Solace’, ‘The Ides of March’ and ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ to name a few who also was committed to his austere character.

The bomb, explosions, the girl, the guy, saving the day with the extra ingredient of brain; how is it possible, how can this happen, how will it end; are all ingredients to this delectable recipe for cinematic success!

What would you do if you only had 8 minutes left to make things right again? What is of importance in your life? Make every second count…it’s shorter than you think! J

Thursday, January 12, 2012


** Inspirational...the moon, will never be the same again...Je'taime & Au revoir lune...

Waltz with Bashir

“Memory is dynamic. It’s alive. If some details are missing, memory fills in the holes with things that never happened.”

This 2008 film written and directed by Israeli Ari Folman, first released in Israel, portraying true events of the 1982 invasion into Lebanon touched me in far more incredible ways than I could ever expect. It is a cinematic masterpiece; and a testament of what passionate film-making is all about. I was mesmerized from beginning till end and could not peel my eyes away from the screen; war movies aren’t my thing, but the way Folman constructed this one with such beauty and heart, even something so morbid could be seen in the most fascinating and tender way.

The conflicts that continue to happen between our fellow man is truly saddening because it seems that we may never learn; and that history will continue to repeat itself. The live-action footage, redrawn as digital paintings and then adapted with flash animation was terribly extraordinary and the pace of the film helped the audience completely connect with each story and the enormous depth with which each scene held. There were many disturbing moments as any war film would have but the fact that it was animated ,spoken in lilting Hebrew, and had exceptional , elegant classical Bach music playing throughout, made it possible for our viewers to handle.

There was no comedy in this film. It was heavy drama, allure and tremendous grief. I would say puts you in a dream-like trance, because war is seen in the most uncharacteristic way. Because it is true and conveyed in recollective stories, one is unable to compartmentalize it into some type of fantasy film despite its splendor, and instead sees it for what it is, a modern day documentary that is impossible not to draw you in because of its incredible carnage.

Every scene is executed with such devoted detail and Folman takes us over the edge in distress when we view the surprise switch of unpleasant stimulation at the end.

Vibrant, heart-wrenching and sensational in every way; certainly a film I’d recommend for a dose of truth and discovery of how important it is to balance the two sides of human nature. We don’t know what to do? “Pray and shoot!” is not the answer. Love is the answer… it is always and will be forever.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dream House

While the parents were visiting a couple months prior, we walked past a pretty impressive cinema poster called ‘Dream House’. It reminded me a bit of the classic ‘The Shining’ because of the small girls, and I wondered what this film might be about. Hadn’t had the opportunity to watch it till now, but I must say, well…it didn’t scare me; but it was rather gripping, mysterious and left quite a dynamic impression.

Written by David Loucka who has written other classics like ‘Eddie’ and ‘The Dream Team’ and directed by Irish Jim Sheridan, this film brought us good material and actors bent on delivering tremendously every time. The chemistry between newly-weds Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz was incontestable and blue-eyed Naomi Watts kept the drama dial on ten.

It was a story about acceptance, letting go and allowing your mind to burn the past and be re-born. I thought the audience could have learnt a bit more about the villain in the story and accomplice to bring some closure to the horrendous occurrence that took place. I was glad the film didn’t end abruptly as these sorts of films usually tend to; however the final scene was so short and insignificant that it certainly felt as though they could have left it out altogether.

I really enjoyed the way Will (Daniel Craig) rediscovered the appalling instances believably and it made the viewers feel for him as they slowly became closer with the family’s core. Sisters, Taylor and Claire Geare who played the daughters to Will and Libby (Rachel Weisz) did just that and were delightful, happy, squealing girls. Girls lucky enough to pose for the iconic poster, I’m sure will lure many more to watch this film as well.

Sometimes we find that Dream House, and slowly we begin to realize what we want shouldn’t just be a house, but instead a solid home….

Well-worth the watch. J

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger

This delightful 2o10 Woody Allen film displayed fine talent across the board, and not only that, but a belly-full of laughs and insight that what’s staring you across the way in another window, might not be the answer to your current life situations.

Woody delivers again! How good he is at what he does. Expertly written and directed by a man whose had decades of practice at bringing thought-provoking and relevant issues to the silver screen; Allen once again strikes gold with this endearing and increasingly convoluted tale.

Dadsy recommended and awfully stirring at that; I’m quite happy to have had the pleasure of finally snagging this film at a DVD shop at my last international excursion. Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Gemma Jones, Freida Pinto, Lucy Punch and Naomi Watts all had me rolling with laughter because after all, after tragedy has passed, it’s good to see the comedy also. Predicting the future is a talent for some gifted few, but it is wise to know that the future can change at any given time, because based on our current choices and unpredictability in life, our path can be altered at any time. J

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger solidified the instability of the plans we make in life and that we should really just stop trying to monitor, rule and control everything we do. Stop and smell the roses for crying out loud! Find a solution to the current life situation and don’t stress about it because guess what? You’ll overcome this obstacle too. So enjoy! Be nice. Communicate the truth. And love! Don’t settle and when you find the one that makes your heart pitter-patter a bit faster, hold on and hold true. J If they don’t feel the same, well then, you can’t force them, you can’t force anything in life for that matter, so loosen your grip and let the chips fall where they may!

Great lessons can be learnt from this ridiculously insane situational romantic comedy. Entertaining to say the least, but stuffed with a recipe of not getting ahead of yourself and throwing in the towel in fear and creating things harmful by being impatient. We are confused human souls, but all is not lost, for we all meet a tall dark stranger, and when that person is revealed in brilliant light, it’s up to you to decide on whether it’s worth your precious company or not! What do you really want? The choice is up to you…

5 Stars Allen – Rock on! J

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waiting for Forever

I remember seeing the lovely poster for this film at a bus-stop place I’d drive by every so often; and every time I passed it I’d say, “I need to see this movie!” I couldn’t make out the name, but the image was bright in my mind. I wanted to see what it was about. I mean, how often does a man take his hat off for a lady? Turns out that the title was ‘Waiting for Forever’ and it’s funny because that’s how long a girl has to wait for somebody special to love.

This 2010 film was an enchanting one; quite unusual and marvelous all in one; a love story yes; but typical, most certainly not. Our main characters were Emma played by American beauty, Rachel Bilson and Will played by British bombshell Tom Sturridge; both were believable in their characters, but Tom’s portrayal of a smitten boy in wincing pain being so close but far away from the one he loved; was absolutely phenomenal! The film was different than other love stories because it made us believe that our main character Tom was ill because of his fear to make his love known for such a long time; but also because of Emma’s reaction to him after he finally mustered up the courage to say it.

The audience connected right away with this character because his depiction was very sincere and the writer Steve Adams and director James Keach both gave its viewers enough back story and eloquent information about what brought him to his present situation. The close-shots of eyes and beautiful landscapes and dream-like sequences gave the film a very romantic feel. The way Sturridge viewed the world was beautiful and un-jaded, it made you feel alive!

It pays for your parents to already be in the film business, as directors and actors as our two main stars have been born into this dream-world of film; but their talent really backs up their assets. They did a brilliant job! Be prepared for a wonderful ride with loads of tears and extra thumping of your heart! J

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New York, I Love You

This film was made in the memory of Anthony Minghella and is a collaboration I find has reached esteemed heights. Written by 18 people, and directed by 10, this movie rolled itself into a delicious anthology of wonderful stories with the help of many famous faces; it is a recipe certainly for success!

The lighting, the cinematography, camera-angles, dialogue and also lack-thereof were all reasons why this film was a cinematic masterpiece. I happened to like the sound-track very much; so much I do think I’ll snag the soundtrack for my next long-drive-to-nowhere-adventure.

Shia LaBeouf definitely made me smile with his humble yet enigmatic performance reminiscent of my favourite late French actor Jean-Pierre Leaud. LaBeouf’s character in this film was sensitive and quite different from his usual ‘star-boy’ roles; where he even walked with a limp. I also enjoyed the story with the old couple, whose adventure was simply walking to Coney Island. All stories told were about love. Young love, old love, funny love, sad love, lost love, new love…

Probably not your average award-winning type performances, as characters weren’t very developed, as the audience only got small snippets in each story; each one able to make very good short films, but good nonetheless. They were able to capture the beauty in this famous city; that being what makes a city; the people…from all walks of life, surviving together as one. A light, easy, feel-good kinda’ movie! Cheers! J

Parody Movie

This feature-length independent comedy released by ‘The Last Great Movie Company’ in 2011 should be an example for all aspiring writers, directors, actors or people who want to work in the film business, and have always been too afraid to take that beginning step. Written and Directed by Charles Dewandeler, a native of Detroit, Michigan, he shows fearlessly what taking life by the reins and riding it means. He didn’t have a big budget, or Brangelina to act the leading roles but he still managed to make his vision a reality by not taking no for an answer and persevering through production setbacks.

Quirky and full of satire, Dewandeler uses his own experiences in becoming a film-maker as well as paying homage to his favorite comic book characters and superheroes to bring this movie to life. Cleverly changing logos, costumes and even race for some of his characters so that he wouldn’t have any copyright issues he was able to fruitfully create an action-packed and entertaining comedy.

One can see, that despite the tremendous amounts of work that was completed in order to have the production movie-ready, that he had a dedicated team and a plethora of determination. Actors including himself showed talent and team-work; and although they all were ‘new faces’ they understood Dewandeler’s dream. David Legato, Curt Green, Julian Gant, Sean Scarlett, Melissa McDowell, Jennifer Altimore, Erick Steele, Chris Dewandeler and Scott Czasak all brought the characters of Parody Movie to life. Dewandeler himself also played in roles, one being the inimitable skit of ‘Miniana Jones’ and another unforgettable and quite terrifying portrayal of the ‘Jokester’.

Now available on DVD and VOD streaming on, you can purchase, support and be inspired too. For more information or to schedule an interview with the film-maker himself, feel free to visit: or email him at:

You can sit there dreaming, or you can stand up, file your dreams under ‘Now’ and start making it happen; the choice is up to you!

Dieu est Grand

**I know what time it is now... :))