Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleeping with the Enemy

What enjoyment! I was in my glee watching this thrilling classic starring the beautiful and teethy Julia Roberts and the captivating Irishman Patrick Bergin. Packed with drama and tremendous frightening moments, writers Nancy Price and Ronald Bass knew exactly what would move the audience in a tizzy! Director Joseph Ruben captured the writers’ vision by giving us the viewers, jolting transitions, cues and mysterious camera angles to keep us on the edge of our seats.

This 1991 film shines light on the truth of what happens behind closed doors. Nothing is ever as it seems; things are never as they appear. It follows one woman’s journey to finding herself and garnering strength to remove herself from an unhealthy relationship. It also shows the importance of being honest with people who truly care about you; because everybody needs somebody and it’s the ones that really care that can help you fight your darkest demons.

I absolutely loved the villain in this film Martin Burney played by Patrick Bergin; his eyes had the definitive crazed factor that escalated our heart-rhythms. And Julia Roberts also mesmerized us with her charming ways with the added sass of becoming the ‘don’t-even-think-of-messing-with-me chick’! J

I found myself saying aloud at nail-biting moments words like, “Sick!” and “Dread!” As the plot thickened and the drama heightened I literally couldn’t contain my dizzying delight! Certainly a brilliant and entertaining film, despite what one may think. Makes for a good movie night!

Two toes way up! J

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