Sunday, January 1, 2012

New York, I Love You

This film was made in the memory of Anthony Minghella and is a collaboration I find has reached esteemed heights. Written by 18 people, and directed by 10, this movie rolled itself into a delicious anthology of wonderful stories with the help of many famous faces; it is a recipe certainly for success!

The lighting, the cinematography, camera-angles, dialogue and also lack-thereof were all reasons why this film was a cinematic masterpiece. I happened to like the sound-track very much; so much I do think I’ll snag the soundtrack for my next long-drive-to-nowhere-adventure.

Shia LaBeouf definitely made me smile with his humble yet enigmatic performance reminiscent of my favourite late French actor Jean-Pierre Leaud. LaBeouf’s character in this film was sensitive and quite different from his usual ‘star-boy’ roles; where he even walked with a limp. I also enjoyed the story with the old couple, whose adventure was simply walking to Coney Island. All stories told were about love. Young love, old love, funny love, sad love, lost love, new love…

Probably not your average award-winning type performances, as characters weren’t very developed, as the audience only got small snippets in each story; each one able to make very good short films, but good nonetheless. They were able to capture the beauty in this famous city; that being what makes a city; the people…from all walks of life, surviving together as one. A light, easy, feel-good kinda’ movie! Cheers! J

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