Monday, January 23, 2012

Viva Cuba

I have such a connection to Cuba it isn’t funny. It’s Caribbean, it’s Latino, it’s African, it’s the beautiful seas, and the drums! Oh how I love those drums. I just want to dance everytime I think of this lovely country. I have to dance there one day! J

Yet another fantastic film made in Cuba la bonita! J This film had heart from beginning till end, simple and sweet with stunning visuals and with a playful light spirit. It’s hard to believe that this was filmed in 2005 but it just goes to show how unspoilt and settled in time this country still is. Written by Manuel Rodriguez and Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti and directed by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberi and Iraida Malberti Cabrera these experts show that it doesn’t take a lot of senseless big bangs and special effects to make a heart-warming and brilliant film.

A beautiful tale of Malu and Jorgito, two friends who love and support each other; our film-makers take us on a journey of what friendship is, the ups and downs, the disagreements, from north to south in paradise and what it takes to see each other till the end! It brought tears to my eyes with all the charming dynamics and the drama, the comedy, the wishes and the adventure all packed into a neat 79 minutes.

Who cares if you’re from different social standards, as humans we need to see past these silly differences and come together stronger than before. Mischievous yet adorable children teach us that lesson in ‘Viva Cuba’! J Romantic, vivacious, warm, and tranquil, the only way the Caribbean can be! Viva la Cuba! J

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