Saturday, May 30, 2015


**Love takes time to recover -- but it's so POWERFUL -- it'll never be forgotten...Artist Marina Abramovic meets her ex-lover after not seeing him since the 70's...her reaction is priceless ...

Before I Go To Sleep

An excellent Drama/Mystery/Thriller starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth written and directed by English Rowan Joffe. I found this film to be thought-provoking and quite effective in affecting the audience. Beautiful pacing and even more lovely cinematography. Traumatic truths are revealed and it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Certainly the challenging and full-of-depth characters I’d love to have the opportunity to bite in to. 

The strategy of repetition worked well here in this film because it allowed us to identify better with the frightening turmoil of our main character. Even towards the end of the film we feel insecure and vulnerable and just the sheer thought of what our main character ‘Christine’ played by Kidman is going through brings unsettling emotions forward. 

Memory is a personal topic for us all and the filmmaker manages to capture this chilling phenomena in the most spine-tingling and intriguing way. The circumstances are dark but all eventually comes into the light. 

Left Behind

Another faith-based film also released in 2014; ‘Left Behind’ starring Nicolas Cage was a weak Action/Sci-Fi/Thriler nominated for 4 awards but despite large explosions and dramatic music failed to deliver big at the box-office. 

Based on novel by Jerry B. Jenkins and probably inspired by ‘Revelations’ in the Bible, this story was directed by Vic Armstrong and led star power like Chad Michael Murray, Martin Klebba, Jordin Sparks and Cage to name a few. I liked the premise and the unfolding of events but felt that it was under-developed and that the character’s lacked depth. It’s confusing to viewers to see how quickly and how much main characters know about the peril that is unleashed suddenly. 

A run-time of 110 minutes and a budget of $16 million USD I think it was an attempt to bring awareness to spirituality and even religion however instead of it being more inviting turned out to be an abrasive tactic to the audience. Acceptance, love and kindness should be what is practiced to instill faith; not punishment and condemnation. Even though I found the flight attendants, passengers and pilot scenes to be non-reality and comical, I don’t think the movie delivered what it set out to.

God's Not Dead

“What do you believe?”

This 2014 faith-based drama didn’t win any awards however with an estimated budget of $2 million USD garnered over $60 million USD at the box-office. It was written by Hunter Dennis and directed by Harold Cronk. Producer of other faith-based films including this one, Russell Wolfe, recently died at 50 years old while producing “God’s Not Dead 2” after being diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).

This story was a moving one of how one’s faith is tested during life’s adversity; and how one must not settle into anger, bitterness and pain but instead gaining strength and garnering resilience. A battle against religion/spirituality and or philosophy I found to be a poor choice. The same with film-makers trying to taint another person’s religious practices as violent (young Muslim girl who gets thrown out by family) to make themselves seem more open and loving. Casting these sort of subliminal negative messages is anything but kind or loving. However putting those things aside there was decent acting and small tidbits to keep viewers hopeful throughout life. 

This sort of faith not only moves mountains but also created 37 court cases where Christian students sued schools because they felt that practicing their faith was being infringed by college administrators.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Soul Plane

Sometimes you’re in the mood to watch something a little silly. I won’t lie I absolutely loved the ‘The Naked Gun’ series and I never had the pleasure of watching this ‘cult-film’ Soul Plane which was released in 2004. Written by Bo Zenga and Chuck Wilson and directed by Jessy Terrero, this story was incredibly unbelievable but certainly brought in some laughs.

Starring Kevin Hart, Tom Arnold, Snoop Dogg, K.D. Aubert, among others it was a crazy, stereotypical, yet enjoyable film. No deep messages here, but like ‘The Naked Gun’ series with Leslie Nielsen, one could discover jokes in every corner. 

Guaranteed to make you smile, snicker and laugh.


**Creation is a process -- but once you bring it altogether it's magical ...


Had the pleasure of seeing this 2015 Sci-Fi/Drama over a week ago now and it’s still fresh in my mind as I’m sure it left  lasting impression on all those who saw it. There’s a lot of buzz on this film written and directed by English Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later); it’s still in the cinemas but has already been nominated for a number of awards.

Starring Irish Domhnall Gleeson, Swedish Alicia Vikander and Guatemalan-American Oscar Isaac, this story was simplistic enough but held bounds and bounds of symbolism, philosophy and thought-provoking material. A wonderful yet eerie experiment gone sensationally wrong when interacting with a beautiful and intelligent robot woman.

Rated R for graphic nudity, language, sexual references and some violence it’s not suitable for the little ones; however a thrilling and un-obscene intellectual ride for those willing to be provoked. A run-time of 108 minutes and an estimated budget of 11 million pounds; it’s still making buzz and has already grossed $17 million USD back.

A disturbing and intense ride you wish didn’t end when it did - remarkable from start to finish. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Veronika Decides to Die

“It wasn’t until she decided to die, that Veronika found a reason to live.”

Based on the novel by famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, this 2009 Drama/Romance was certainly unforgettable and a reminder that there’s always worse than worse and somehow we human beings are always reminded to keep things in perspective and try to be resilient. Directed by English Emily Young and starring American Sarah Michelle Gellar, this story centers on a woman who fails at attempting suicide and awakes in a mental hospital. She is told she has a short time left to live and finally she finds meaning and zest for living. 

I thought it was a beautiful film; simple yet unpredictable story. Wonderful adaptation of Coelho’s book and mirrors much deeper messages to our audience about the meaning of life. The pacing is slow but I think worked well with delivering the severity and importance of this young woman’s journey. For anyone who’s been down-trodden, lost, tired, or helpless this film can speak to their souls. Keep the tissues nearby because you may want to shed a few tears.  A fantastic focus on the human behaviour and expertly played by Gellar. Enjoy!