Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Belong

We humans are ever so powerful, so resilient yet on the other hand, so darn fragile. We're given some hard knocks and wonder at times how we shall overcome them at all. It seems like a battle in an un-ending war these days; but for those of us awake to the truth of the Universe and all the hidden splendor available to us, we realize that despite the people that break us down, despite their actions, lack of fairness and thoughtfulness, we know that we must continue striving forward. For there are happy endings for those who believe in it; and the Universe/God will provide for the gentle, meek, and grateful. Fear not, for love and light surrounds you, and the dreams you hold, if they are built with good heart, will certainly be attainable, as all things seemingly impossible is made possible. For the door is always open, it is only ajar though until you are ready to proceed forward! J

** One of my fave films; beautiful song...

Friday, March 25, 2011

A River Flows in You

Thank-you - I love you

Gracias - Te amo

Grazie - Ti amo

Merci - Je t'aime

Danke - Ich liebe dich

Dank u - De liefde van l u

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


While greeting passengers as they boarded the aircraft one day, I was able to zoom in to a woman's lovely jersey. It wasn't very snazzy or a bright colour that caught my eye or anything like that; however it was just 2 words that struck a chord with me. It read on her chest: "I AM" Just two words, printed in white on black background. I complimented her and her husband or boyfriend following behind her, chimed in, "It's her favourite t-shirt, and she wears it all the time!" They chuckled and continued along. Those words stayed with me until now and hopefully forever. I knew I had to write about the significance as well as the soaring worth these two seemingly simple words meant.

The obvious would be, that you are somebody, you are powerful, you are capable, you are perfect just the way you are. But moving away from the self-absorption for a bit and focusing more on the singular words, "I AM"; why 'are you'? Why are you all these wonderful things? Have you truly pondered on what makes you somebody? Surely, you don't have to be a famous starlet, lovely singer or good lawyer to be, or attain massive amounts of material things. You 'are' because you exist. You are a living and breathing organism, a unique and cellular human-being. 'I AM' to me, also represents living in the present and the now. Not 'I WAS' or 'I WILL BE', but simply embracing who you are, now, in this moment of time. Now, is the most vital aspect of your life. You were born, you grow, you learn lessons, and you die, but now, this breath that whooshes in and escapes out of you, reminds you that indeed, 'YOU ARE'. You are exactly where you're supposed to be, in this moment of time; perfect and terrific in every way.

I find Elizabeth Taylor (whom passed on, this faithful morning) explained it the best, when she gained more appreciation for life, after her 'Near Death Experience' (where she was pronounced dead for an entire 7 minutes). She said that we take life for granted; the vibrant colours, tastes, and music. Elizabeth was certainly right, as 'to be' you should be present. You should be grateful; you should enjoy the journey, wherever it may take you, and keep positive. Thank-you Universe for the lessons I myself chose to learn, thank-you for beautiful, positive, loving people surrounding me, thank-you for forgiveness and compassion, thank-you for destiny and still being able to have free-will on the vehicles and paths we choose on getting there.

And in conclusion, despite the body you use on this earthly realm to carry out your universal duties, remember that to be somebody, is to give of yourself. Share love, give love, be love, treat others with respect. For if we do these things, you are able to garner the same, your world is a reflection of you. Giving of your time and knowledge and love, also is one of the ways to get fulfillment in a world most times that seems dim and daunting. For beauty fades with time, and material things can be destroyed, but only when you be of beauty and you be something valuable and precious, only then will you radiate with true beauty and love. There are many beautiful people in the world, but so many are sleeping, so many will never wake up, so many are already lost. Now is the time to embrace who you are, and continue striving towards the sun, and be the light you know the world is waiting to see.

I believe in you! J

Love Jair

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home is where the Love Is

So I'm driving back from the airport today, extremely exhausted and happen to glimpse a billboard saying, 'Home is where the war is'; and I ponder, "What craziness is this?!" Being the natural investigator I am, not to mention one of the top investigators at the SIMS agency, having the snazzy company car, the groovy trench-coat and the perfect hat to match; I'm quite sure if I were to solve this new riddle, I just may finally get that flashy pipe! – hahah Whenever I see negative or curse statements I try to turn it around into something positive. Was home really where the war was? Certainly not! Home was definitely where the 'Love' is. For if one lives in a place where they're not glad to return to, and if someone lives where they are only greeted with complaints or petty arguments, then it most certainly couldn't be one of love; and then it positively couldn't be a place called home either for that matter! After doing my research I'd found out this was an advert for a brand new shooter game, and apparently as it stood out to me, it undoubtedly stood out for many other video gamers as well.

Then it got me thinking of a lovely flight mate I had met shortly prior and about her story and her torment. We had flown together before, and I'd realized this after seeing her eyes. So passionate, so wide, so gentle, but her frame had changed as she'd explained to me. She had lost immense weight, for she was mourning, she was going through a divorce. I would be lying if I said I didn't know others going through similar ordeals, because now is a time more than ever where divorce rates are sky-high. She was broken I could tell, she was smiling but not truly smiling, she was pleasant, but not truly filled with joy, she was working, so as to not focus or deal with the pain at hand. Being a good Catholic, she felt that she gave her all, respected her vows and now felt as though her world was falling apart. In the eyes of the world and in the eyes of her church, I could tell that she felt she was a failure.

Sure, I had not walked 'up' an aisle with sweet music and had my family present giving me their blessings and wonderful gifts. And sure I had not stared the person in the eyes and said the words, "I do". And sure I had not lived with another and slept next to them every night. However I knew what love is, and I knew what it was like to lose it. I understood when she told me of the aching within her heart that didn't seem to quiet down; the sleepless nights and the nauseous feelings that arose from time to time. I knew those feelings all too well, they were sickening and depressing and I did not see a way out; however in the back of my mind I knew that I had to go through this situation because 'out' was better than living a lie. 'Out' was better than settling for less and giving and giving in vain to someone who only wanted to use me and didn't appreciate my uniqueness and my love. I knew that despite these withdrawal symptoms and feelings of loss that I was doing something important for me; to regain my strength, my balance, and my genuine joy that had been lost.

We choose our trials because we wish to garner wisdom and spiritual enlightening from them; but most times we forget and get sucked into the human emotions that wrap around us tightly, seizing any ounce of normalcy we assumed and settled with in our lives. We have to let go. We have to journey onwards brave, knowing that yes, I do not see where I'm going, but I trust you God/Universe that ground will appear, and I believe that this was necessary for my growth and my ultimate happiness. If you think that's the best there is; well darling, think again! For as soon as you surrender and begin your healing, you'll be surprised to see what the Universe has in store for you. It is ten times better than you could even expect or imagine! J

I'm not saying you shouldn't cry. I'm not saying you shouldn't scream and punch the walls and pillows. I'm not saying that you cannot make sarcastic remarks and jokes. This is all part of the human healing; however go through it like a spiritual warrior, embrace it for what it is, and go through that pain, it is something you chose to learn from, and when you do, only then will you be able to garner the necessary curing for your heart. The shots of vodka, the sleeping pills, the ganja, the solid work schedule are only temporary alleviations, and when you're silent and still again, the feelings will crop up again too. You must heal yourself from the inside-out. It's not easy, but nothing good in life comes easy either. Sit with your fear of not knowing the future, sit with your pain that throbs in your heart, become friends with your salty tears, and tire yourself from running up and down the mountain, just so you can truly breath again (living in the now and not the past), but deal with it head-on. Deal with it naturally…it is the only way you will be able to truly heal.

Everyone has their own challenges…mine these days are patience. I am a fire-fly, trapped in spicy pursuit, I long and yearn for the one that makes my heart pitter-patter; but the time is not now, and I am fully aware of it. I only wish I could kiss and make them feel better, but the healing journey is one they must walk on their own, and even when you think you are alone, you really aren't. Your guardian angel is right at your side, seeing and hearing you, wishing only you will reach out for their angelic joy and comfort. Trust your instincts and intuition; you have made the right decision. You aren't a failure. You are a beautiful, unique, perfect, loving stream of light gracing everyone's presence you come in contact with. Believe it. Be gentle with yourself, love yourself, nourish yourself, and take it easy. The 'true-love' that you always wished for, is patiently waiting for you to 'really' smile again…and come home, for after all it's where love truly awaits! J

Love Jair

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here I am

Just as the seasons change, so too must we. For when the animals slumber , fast and think long dreams during the lengthy winter months, so too must we have discipline and make sacrifice until we too can spring free like the seasons and thaw and finally stretch our limbs and bloom again. Now is a special time for retrospection, for quiet time and soul-searching; a time to connect and be connected with the heavenly realms. Of who we know we are, and who we know we can be; the time begins now. To put ourselves through the ultimate test of faith, patience and trust and come out stronger and unscathed with joy and celebration of rising again after death and certain of the truth that is presented to us.

For permission will be granted joyously after this journey of wilderness; for as it is said, patience is bitter, but the fruit is ever so sweet and we must follow the path which we are led; and in turn garnering grace, elegance and magnificent rewards. But do not go about proudly and say, I deserve rewards because I am doing this and doing that; but instead do so with a smile on your face, even if you are in great pain and anguish. Journeying in secret is guaranteed much more superior returns, for although others may pass judgment and assume, you are seen and heard always, surrounded by your team of angels who see your heart of gold and when you are meek and merciful, you will be in turn guided to the highest mountain, where it is there they will sing your name till it echoes loud and clear in your heart and in those around you as well. J

**From: Pan's Labyrinth -- one of my faves.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

You're Ready Now


I decided to stand there for a long while

Just feeling the wind swirling around me

And it was then I didn't feel me anymore

Or who I thought I was

Who it was I thought I needed to be

I was finally so free

So free to be me

And I realized I was majestic

I was becoming aware that I was perfect in every way

Part of the leaves that rustled about me

Part of the mountains that stood so great

And like the wind and river

Constantly moving and changing

And then I heard the birds singing so sweetly upon the branch

The loveliest tune I'd ever heard

They were singing of love

Of love infinite and true

That even though I was alone

I wasn't really

And a smile is what they brought to my lips

I was loved all the time

Just the way I was

And it felt good to know that

I smelt mangoes, and they smelt so good

I could almost taste its delicious golden flesh

Sliding through my teeth

Juice escaping like my new found joy

Because the angels were laughing now

They weren't whispering as before

They were rejoicing

Because now I knew I was connected

And would be forever

To this infinite love

This trust and truth

And understanding divine

For now I was finally ready to believe

And I would not have to repeat the lessons I'd chose

That were so painful

For now I saw in much more brilliant light

And my heart lay there open

Wide and red

Vulnerable yet alive

Pumping with knowledge

Pumping with hope

Pumping with love

Love - love - love

Gushing in – and - out

In – and - out

And then the wind stopped

And again my feet began to move

That's what it's all about isn't it?

Transport this love

Share this love

Know this love

Help with this love

For love is what is now and what will be forever

"The time is now", my angels said, "Move forward!" J

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dreams on Fire

I know I need to write a review on Slumdog Millionaire....but not yet. :)

Organic Land

Yes! I am speaking about America, and more specifically the West Coast/California! This is where people are most 'green' or in other words 'health-obsessed'. I must say that people I truly admire and love have come across to me 'a bit over the edge' in respects to how far they go to get an 'organic' lemon or tomato, but as if that isn't bad enough, lately it seems 'a tad' preposterous as I see friends going any length possible to have a healthy meal, even starving themselves, or fighting over the last item in the infamous 'Trader Joes' in some cases, if they cannot have the food they want. I witness people becoming paranoid like the TSA agents in the airport and the blaring announcements which say, that we are in code orange; as far as I'm concerned, with the news and media dramatizing everything that happens, we might as well be code 'ready to explode' with the amount of negative absurdities they force unto people everyday.

Now, firstly I'd like to say that I respect and appreciate people who eat healthily. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that you become what you eat and how you treat your body undoubtedly shows. I was fortunate enough to be raised with parents that not only planted and harvested fresh fruits and vegetables, but also had me in charge of the chickens and ducks, as I would feed, sing and dance with them and they in turn would give me their eggs! (no, I'm not crazy, just happy) – hahah. They not only steamed, blended, juiced and force-fed us these colourful provisions but tried to teach my siblings and I why it was important to have a healthy balanced diet with our extra-curricular (exercise) activities; and for this I am quite grateful. I am also aware and take into account that in international countries as well as Europe, food and consumer items have different regulations and organizations to pass inspection, and in some cases pesticides and toxins aren't ever used because of fertile planting conditions available.

After living in America for sometime and more so in California I have watched television programs in my hotel rooms and seen films knocking the diet of most Americans. I have understood that not only are the fast food chains becoming increasingly a regular meal for most of us that live here; too many are busy working and doing overtime, that they only have time for the 'drive thru', but also that because of this increased work ethic it also deprives us from taking part in sports or leisurely activities which work our metabolic or cardio rates and rhythms. An increased work ethic is no excuse to slowly or some cases abruptly commit suicide! In America it is a bit different; one cannot simply trust what is given to them for eating or in consumer products as the system (one driven by money), only cares about dollar signs as opposed to the health and strength of its people. And to make things worse, people becoming sick is a good thing in corporation's eyes', because then the consumers have to spend more money on health-insurance before they are able to get the help they need.

We must remember if we become ill, most times medicine and anti-biotics only tend to sweep the symptoms under the rug, and in fact the real problem is still brewing; the real problem can only be fixed internally, and we must listen to these signs and try to find natural or herbal remedies to cure ourselves. Beyond that aspect of healing we must also consider loving ourselves because when one loves his/herself they understand that they must treat themselves gently and with respect. Don't you wish to live healthy, be able to breathe comfortably and move about with ease; if you don't have health, it becomes more difficult to have happiness.

On another note, life is about the middle-way or mid-path, in other words, it is alright to indulge in sweets or fast food, once in a while, but everyday, and for all 3 meals, it can and will add up; in turn causing health issues. There is no need to be extreme with your diet or exercise routine, to be the biggest, fastest, leanest person, never got anybody anywhere…well, perhaps the World Guinness Book of Records, their very own work-out website, or numerous followers that would love to look like you too. J But that is not my point; it is simply, that because you eat all the right things or exercise in excess doesn't guarantee the best health either. Sure we must moderate ourselves in everything that we do, but life isn't only about material things, it is also about much unseen and the unexplainable. Give thanks or be grateful with each bite, even organic food is not perfect! We cannot live in a sterile world, for even bacteria and germs we try to get away from aid in building anti-bodies and immunity towards future un-known diseases (which I'm sure there are tones waiting to be discovered). Food may have toxins, or pesticides, but if you believe that they will bring the necessary nutrition into your body, then so it shall be!

Sadly I have known young people in sports, and old people who were vegetarians or vegans, fall down ill or even dead and left us baffled as to why this has happened. Nothing protects you 100%, we cannot cheat suffering, or tragedy, when it happens it happens, and there is no need worrying ourselves for answers, we can only live the best way we can with the knowledge that we have. It seems as though every month, scientists and scholars are coming up with new studies saying what we can and cannot eat, what horoscope we are now and what not to wear; these scientists are individuals just like you and me, and it's not to say what they study doesn't have relevance, but the truth is always within you and you can tell if what they say is bullocks or not. Draw your own conclusions; and live your life the best way you know how, however, please, do not become a hypochondriac or scared silly into thinking that 'organic clothes' are better than regular ones, or that you should quit wearing perfume to entice a loved one, but instead wear the odor of sweat to make them run away! – hahah It's not that serious people! Eat well, live with respect and love, and get your blood pumping – you're on the right track on the winning course!

We have to eat to survive, and depriving yourself of beautiful exotic foods is a bloody shame; the only result I see in this, is over-eating. It is a known fact, you restrict a person from doing something, or forbid them, they want to become rebels, the body I believe works the same way. Food can be a beautiful thing. We have seen what chefs have made from some of the loveliest places in the world and how it can bring pleasure to the taste buds and senses. There is no need to eat in excess, but to enjoy different rich foods once in a while I would certainly recommend. Just think, no buttery, smooth wines, no fresh fish, and warm breads, no piping and spicy morsels sliding off it's bones, to say what, "Oh no, no, no, I don't touch the stuff!" and to prove what? Life is precious and to be enjoyed, if not now, then when? You are the master and in control of your life, don't let life or food be the master of you, you take control of the reins and guide yourself steadily. Tomorrow is not promised to you, so on that note, could someone please pass me the sugar?! J

If you still don't buy my philosophy, no biggee, check out this useful link with how you can be wise about what products and foods you eat here in America, you may wish to develop some of these wonderful practices orrrrr maybe you might consider moving to Europe or the Caribbean! J

Awakened Heart

Now is a time more than anytime that changes are taking place in our lives. We are evolving into much more aware human-beings, or should I say, most of us are. There will be some forever brain-washed and lost; but for those of us witnessing the changes, it is a time to be joyful and grateful and a time to seek out what tools we may use to continue our blossoming as a human race. As through our many experiences in life thus far as well as from reading philosophies and/or religious texts from across the board we can come to the conclusion that life is cyclical. When it pours, it rains, both good and bad; in theatre there is the 'comedy-tragedy' masks which signify that a play either symbolizes comical or melancholic human emotions. These masks were worn in ancient Greece in honour of the God Dionysus around 500 to 300 BC. In Buddhism, they believe that we humans are constantly repeating and turning in 'The Wheel of Life' and this never-ending suffering is called 'Samsara'. Christians believe that suffering that befalls us are in fact tests given to us to show how strong our faith can be.

There are probably many more theories from which one may conclude but what remains ultimately is how we deal with the constant situational changes that arise. For no matter where on the ladder of life you may be; how much success, wealth, fame etcetera that you may acquire the fact remains that life is not a smooth journey. Now just because it's an eventful ride doesn't mean we should toss our towels in or begin pulling our hair out! It just means we should learn different useful strategies with which we can survive whenever there is fear of our boats tipping over into the cold, tumultuous sea.

I had the pleasure of reading the book entitled "Turning the Mind into An Ally" (Dadsy recommended) by Sakyong Mipham which speaks about the essential steps necessary in stabilizing the mind as most times it can become our worst enemy. It goes on to reiterating the power behind meditation and its many positive benefits. Once we form an alliance with the mind then we are able to reduce the turmoil and suffering when it arises as well as becoming resilient after being taunted with this negativity we most times bring to ourselves; it is a way to be in a more peaceful state of bliss on a more frequent basis. I will leave you with some excerpts of the book, which I hope may inspire you as much as it did me:

"…It is fine to use spiritual practice to get what we want. People have always made offerings to the gods in order to ensure a plentiful harvest. It should be clear, however, that at the heart of this motivation lies the desire to please ourselves. The danger of this motivation is that we can trick ourselves into thinking that we're becoming less worldly when what we're really doing is distorting practice to fortify our comfort zone. This is a common pitfall, not a crime…"

"…We can create a Goldilocks zone out of our practice and hide there. We can become "spiritual junkies," motivated only by what makes us feel good. So much of what passes as spirituality these days is really about pleasure seeking, getting high. This self absorption disguised as spirituality only leads to more suffering. Real spirituality is getting grounded. Once we understand who we are, we can realize the needs of others and do something about helping them. Being grounded in who we are is known as basic goodness…"

"…We all want to be happy. No one wants to suffer. So the point of contemplating karma is to look at what causes and conditions come together to produce happiness, and what causes and conditions come together to produce suffering. Then we can point ourselves in the direction of happiness. If we're engaged in aggression and greed for the purpose of making our life better, the end result will be pain…"

"…Whenever we seek more self-satisfaction, we end up with more suffering, from minor to extreme. In every case the suffering results from some kind of selfish intent. We see that we've acted this way because we took our emotions, concepts, and thoughts to be real. Through the power of meditation, we also see that these emotions are fundamentally illusory and empty. We've sat through hours of being angry and hours of being desirous and at the end if was all like a dream. It becomes clear to us that this simple misunderstanding is working against our happiness and well-being…"

"…Compassion gives rise to love. Love is the wish for others to be happy, for them to accomplish whatever their mind desires – whether it's material or mental – whatever they wish for in order to be fulfilled…one who vows to develop his enlightened mind in order to help others…"

"…Meditation is how we prepare ourselves for death – and for life. Meditation is a process of becoming comfortable with our own wisdom, which is direct experience of the ultimate truth…If you want to be miserable, think about yourself. If you want to be happy, think of others. This is how you bring enlightened mind down to earth…Discipline in keeping our heart and mind open increases patience…Generosity dispels self-centeredness and the desire to consume, which obscure basic goodness and dampen our ability to love…"

I will say that this book was very easy to read and welcoming to people from all different backgrounds; it is good to gain insight and intellect, but it is even greater when we can put what we learn into practice; keep doing the right thing. Reach out and help or simply share a smile with a stranger, there is no better fulfillment or expanse of joy than spreading your love and positivity to everyone that you meet.

Bless up! J