Friday, December 30, 2011

Thy Will Be Done

The countdown to the end of the year is briskly approaching and like every year around this time we hope to make changes for the better. Some take it more seriously than others, and others, well; they just go with the flow. That’s what I want to speak to my readers about today; there is nothing wrong with going with the flow; the flow of the Universe; the flow of life; the flow of the river. It isn’t a ‘well whatever happens, happens’ kind of attitude with no excitement for the future, but simply surrendering and letting ‘Thy Will be Done’ with the flow of life.

Synchronicity means the meaningful, spiritual, and psychic coincidences that occur throughout life. Most of us think that it doesn’t represent very much and find it hard to explain, so they simply leave it at that and never think of it again. We must be aware of these heavenly messages, because they are our guides and angels whispering truth to us constantly and pointing us in the right directions. When we become aware of this synchronicity we are able to joyfully be in the flow and not doubt things that happen in our lives; because it will be for the greatest good in our lives.

Most times our awakenings happen during crisis because it is the only time we stop thinking of everything else. When our minds are empty for that moment, fragile and reiterating to ourselves our purpose here in life. My darlings, everything we experience has immense value. Life is unpredictable, but that’s the beauty, that’s the adventure! We didn’t write the story, but we are part of this movement; this flow and we need to just be willing and do what we can along the way. We are destined for greatness, each one of us; once we trust that and are open to guidance from above, then life will ‘flow’ much more smoothly.

For 2012, be aware. What lies behind us and lies before us are tiny matters, all that matters is what lies within us. We must stay in the present, aware of the now. Who are you? Where are you? Where do you want to go? Acceptance is key; now you must express who you truly are; who you are meant to be. It is time for you to manifest your dreams into life! Be open to answers and guidance…Thy will be Done! J

Babies on Planes

I promised a friend while ranting about the terribly busy Christmas flying traffic season that I’d write a blog entitled ‘Babies on Planes’. Certainly, if they could title a film ‘Snakes on Planes’, I knew that babies could be just as lethal or interesting, heavily because of their added ‘awww’ factor. Everyone says “Awww” until they realize they’re seated besides one of these diaper-doting-bundles on a 5 hour flight. That’s when the ‘Awww’s’ turn into ‘Awww…$hit!’. [hahah]

Whether it be the Christmas Season or not; we must remember that we ALL were once babies; I know it’s hard for some of you to believe, but you weren’t always the devilishly handsome intellectual you are today. Sure the season is busy and stressful enough as it is already and what fun would it be to topple a dose of baby vomit on your shoulder. It’s understandable to have these rising livid moments, but please, be mindful before you try to pick a fight with a screaming toddler. It just isn’t worth it; mother’s do have ‘protective instincts’ and you certainly can’t win when she is just as, or probably more tired and unhappy than you are!

Try different exercises in trying to keep your cool. If a child finds it necessary to kick the back of your seat for an entire flight; try closing your eyes and imagine you’re on a massage chair at one of those spas you love so much. Plug in your Bose headphones and sail away on some chill-out music that will indeed drown out any sounds of a babies cry. Slap the child across the face if all else fails; of course, of course, I kid, I kid. But try making the child laugh, most children/babies are fascinated with the world around them. So they may stop crying for a moment to figure out what you’re trying to show them. If you have a beard or mustache, you may not be so lucky; for children/toddlers don’t ever go for Santa-Claus; there seriously should be an age range for seeing the man in the red-suit.

It doesn’t take a lot to be nice. The mother’s or parents would appreciate it; and you’ll feel better for giving it a try. J


Released a year ago; this film didn’t make much in the headlines despite it being spiked with top-rated actors like Robert De Niro, Mila Jovovich and Edward Norton. Labeled as a dramatic thriller, I found the only thing thrilling were the end credits. Decent script one could say, but the audience became lost in the characters as opposed to wholly solidifying with the stories message. I loved the use of the title ‘Stone’ as there could be many comparisons made with it throughout the story. People’s hearts being like stones; the living-dead; unable to connect and truly live to their truest potential and joy.

Written by Angus MacLachman and directed by John Curran in 2010, the film had loads of potential and certainly a good message in that who are we to judge, when all of us are sinners. And despite our past, once we are aware of our sin and faults we can forgive ourselves and live a life more mindful and self-aware.

Edward Norton who played Gerald ‘Stone’ Creeson, without a doubt stole the show! His acting was impeccable and believable in every sense of the word, without him, they may as well have had any other no-named actors. I felt as though there could have been more script development with what happened between Mabry family in the past, which would explain why De Niro who plays Jack Mabry acted the way he did. I thought it could have been a better movie without the strong sexuality and foul language, but an ‘okay’ attempt.

Ben Breedlove

** Enjoy life ~ Live like there's no tomorrow, give thanks, laugh, love and be merry! :)) This 18 year old died on Christmas Day 2011...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

myKEEtv Kaleidoscope Talk Show - Part 3

** Carnival, Promiscuity & HIV Aids in the Caribbean.
What causes it? Whose to blame? Always the Individual...
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

“Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings!” I’d heard that phrase so many times before but never knew where it came from. And now, voila! There it’s said in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, a 1946 Frank Capra film, by none other but, Clarence the guardian angel. I was lucky enough to receive this lovely film as a Christmas gift from one of the most gentle and kind people I’ve been so lucky to meet here in a land so far from home; a gift that couldn’t be sweeter with its extraordinary message.

That message being that:

“Each man’s life touches another man’s life…” and “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends…”

This black and white film was divine in every way, and I’m proud to say that it most certainly has made it onto the list of ‘Jair’s Favourite Films’. Being alone for Christmas yet another year, sacrificing for something I believe in, this film couldn’t come at more a significant time. It was heart-warming to say the least and expertly orchestrated from beginning to end with scores of encouraging lessons.

It is films like these that relinquish any thoughts of giving up on one’s dreams and steer one back on the path he/she needs to be. I noticed the small but brilliant quote hung in George Bailey played by James Stewart’s office which read:

“All you can take with you, is that which you’ve given away.”

And how very true it is! It is only what we share of ourselves and give to one another that is the most meaningful in life. Everything else is secondary. Your presence will always be more splendid than any present and this is what so many of us forget time and time again. It reminded me a bit of ‘The Alchemist’ in that sometimes what you’re searching for, is right in front of you, you have nowhere to go but just be.

Keep the tissues nearby as it is sure to bring on the water-works; the audience quickly falls in love with its main character George Bailey and throughout the film we are captivated with his sincere relationship with his nature and all those who grow to meet him. It is a marvelous story of what faith is and what it can do if you believe and never give up. Keep doing good things and good things will follow you. ‘Good things come to those who wait’ and ‘Dreams really do come true’. You’re never forgotten in life, therefore we only need to keep striving and pushing forward knowing that we all have our days in the sun.

My favourite line in the film was: “What’d’ya want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it!” For many men promise girls the moon and stars, but what if you were in love with the moon itself…what if a girl could really have that moon…How happy it’d make her as it did Mary Hatch played by Donna Reed, whose only wish was to be with the one she loved. J

A film I’d recommend for anyone who feels they’re a failure, anyone who runs away from the truth, anyone who is ready to truly live their life with meaning and light. It was drama, fantasy and inspirational and a film for the whole family.

Here’s to a Happy Christmas, to the true meaning of friends and family and most of all LOVE! J

Love is Mushy

Yes it sure is; and the Mushiness makes me smile. Why? Because it’s mushy feelings like these that remind us that we truly are alive. The opportunities we’re given each day to treat others as we’d treat ourselves are endless, and when one person decides to do it, a wonderful domino effect follows; a domino of mush-dom, if you will! J

It occurred to me the other night while sweating from my mountain hike, and scurrying around in the cold to finish errands before I could relax at home; just what gift-giving is really all about. It’s down-right gloomy without family during the holidays; it’s kind of like Valentine’s Day on full-blast, because it’s not just couples that are skipping about and in love, but entire families. Getting together, making, creating and purchasing gifts to share with each other, to share with their loved ones and relatives; pretty beautiful if you ask me; but what about the other people? All the lonely people, all the ones without the mush?

There was a woman playing a violin outside one of the shops I visited that night, and she looked ever so forlorn and disheveled but her music was pure magic. I stooped down with a smile and dropped a dollar in coins inside her violin case. But as I waited in line for the cashier I could see her peering inside with hungry eyes. I thought, perhaps I could do something a bit more? I meekly returned to her corner and asked if she was hungry or needed anything.

She was surprised, and shook her head. I asked again, but more sure this time, “It’s alright, maybe I can help you, are you hungry, do you need anything?” I smiled this time and she did too. She replied, “Well…maybe some peanut-butter?” I thought how peculiar, but nodded and raced back inside. I knew what she needed, some ‘Peanut-butter Reese’s’, but she needed something healthy too, I snagged a box of health bars as well. It wasn’t a lot. No warm three-course meal, or candles, complete with gentlemanly stare, but I figured it would hold her a bit longer and at least for the night.

Before leaving she asked where I was from (Yes, even vagrants ask me), she thanked me and I bid her all the best for the New Year. I feel it is like moments like these that we are called to be of service to our fellow-man. We need to give gifts of meaning to each other. Gifts of care, gifts of kindness, and gifts of love; yes the mushy kind. That is what Christmas is really about. Not a ‘gift-card’ but a gift of love; something free, something small, something real and true. Something we all have the capacity to do; yes, to be mushy like that! J

Merry Christmas! – The season of gift-giving, the gift-of-life, the gift-of-true-love! J

Grey Gardens

I’d been introduced to ‘Grey Gardens’ by a lovely flight-mate of mine, on one seemingly never-ending transcontinental red-eye. Somehow we got to speaking about the film ‘Grey Gardens’ and what it was about; I was immediately in awe and fascinated beyond questionable doubt. It was filmed in 1975 and directed by brothers, Albert and David Maysles; there were mixed reviews, but I knewI’d have a review of my own! My flight mate shared some clips with me and I couldn’t stop thinking about Edith and little Edie Beale living alone in that decaying house in the East Hamptons. Even though it was tremendously unusual, I wanted to see more. My next days off, I made it my duty to pay a visit to my library and get access to both the 1975 documentary as well as the 2009 Hollywood version starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore, adapted by Michael Sucsy.

The documentary I found quite bizarre in many ways, finding it terribly unbelievable that women from such affluent and enamored lifestyles could fall so far beneath the radar. Where did all their friends go? And whatever happened to their beautiful minds? Cousins of Jackie Onassis and educated at the finest schools, it was astonishing to see them decomposing along with their house, bickering amongst each other and sharing ice-cream and cat food while raccoons and cats scuttled about them. It was a joke! It must be! And although it was jarring and mind-boggling, I found myself captivated from beginning till end.

The Maysles brothers were ahead of their time. They brought to the world the first bit of ‘reality television’ in film format. And this was truly reality; it wasn’t botox lips, breasts, bums and brains like what’s brought to you by the Kardashians. It wasn’t people jumping out of planes or racing around the world to win money. No! ‘Grey Gardens’ had heart, and mystery, and disparaging love all in one. Of mother and daughter who had it all, and lost it all, and with that, losing their minds as well, because once what was so beautiful and bright turned into a dungeon of despair and solitude. And peeking through were glimpses of splendor, of expressions eloquent and whizzing in nostalgia as did the autumn leaves and unruly ferns flying about them.

And then there was the Hollywood version. Well. I must say; I haven’t had a cry quite as warm as I had as this one, in some time now. How charming it was, how cruel the world seemed to Little Edie, and how much sense it made to its audience. Sure they were eccentric and diminished their money, but there was a reason why it all happened. There’s always a reason, isn’t there? What happens to people who don’t get to fulfill their dreams? What happens to someone who is afraid to live their dreams? And constantly make excuses because they don’t think they’re good enough? It’s an entrapment that engages, where one is never able to evolve and soar as they’re meant to be.

The mother-daughter relationship was a tender one, as they were the ones that stayed together and although they were clearly losing their shine, they stood by each other through thick and thin. It was a bond and love that bring other love-stories to shame. What love indeed! One you don’t see too often, I’d say. And as they say, ‘true glamour never fades’, so holds also ‘true love’. 

The transformation of the houses and women, held true to the original and the soundtrack and added back-story added wonderful depth and meaning to the cult documentary, that has inspired fashion designers, film-makers since it first hit the silver screen.Truly a work of art, the spirit of these late women, Edith Bouvier Beale and ‘Little Edie’, and their real struggles as well as the spot-on interpretation of true events by Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore whom most certainly deserved their 20 film nominations and 18 wins. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Betty Blue

Nothing could prepare me for the very first scene of the movie, or the many other scenes like the opening scene for that matter. Let’s just say keep all children, nannies, pets and imaginary friends out of the room! Sensual to say the least, this film dripped of what teenage-boy’s dream of. Set in the 80’s and quite ahead of its time, despite its serious subject matter, director Jean-Jacques Beineix skillfully managed to insert comedy in all the right places.

Written by Philippe Dijian and Jean-Jacques Beineix I could see how and why it was Oscar nominated and also winner of several film awards. Cross between ‘Girl Interrupted’ and perhaps ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, the story left its audience thoroughly invested and disturbed by the exceptional acting of Beatrice Dalle who played Betty. Her character was beautiful, carefree and volatile but we grew to love her because even though she was clearly insane, her love for Zorg played by Jean-Hugues Anglade was a love that was dedicated and true.

The cinematography was first-rate and the chemistry between Dalle and Anglade were undeniable; they were 100% committed to their characters and the erratic journey they would take. Till Death Do Us Path; now that’s love! A little disturbing if you ask me; but a film about romance, passion, reality and acting that supersedes your higher expectations.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Yes! I had the pleasure of seeing this 2011 Martin Scorsese film in 3D; what a wonderful surprise that a fantastic new friend would scoop me out of my lonely apartment and treat me to such a lovely film! Rêve! A dream indeed, in every sense of the way! Certainly I’d say, in the forerunning of the nominated films for the Academies next year; a confident prediction for even a novice film buff.

Set in the 1930’s in arguably one of the most romantic and beautiful cities and birthplace of Film, Paris; it is the journey of young Hugo. Filled with enchantment, history, mystery, and splendid secrets sprinkled and carefully revealed throughout. It was a film not only for entertainment and awe, but fascination and education, just the same.

Asa Butterfield, the brilliant blue-eyed main character you may remember from Nanny McPhee, or The Boy In the Striped Pajamas, took us on the exciting and unbelievable adventure of Hugo. Captivating at every angle, he brought the main character’s wants and dreams to life. Gifted Chloe Grace Moretz co-starred as Isabelle and both she and Asa not only had the pleasure of learning and working with a grand director like Scorsese but also along with other greats like Sir Ben Kingsley, Jude Law, Sacha Baron Cohen, Emily Mortimer and Helen McCrory.

Executed in the most ideal way, Scorsese adapted John Logan and Brian Selznick’s story to grandeur heights. It’s a story about the birth of film, of disappointment, of orphans, of fathers and sons and of happy endings that don’t only happen in the movies. Had I watched it alone, I could very well shed a few tears, but I held it together quite well, instead enjoying how the film melted my heart with marvelous metaphors of the moon which I love so much. If you know nothing about Georges Méliès, born in Paris 1861, writer, director and producer of ‘A Trip To The Moon’ among scores of other films; and you say you want to work in the film business, well then, you ought to see this movie!

It’s an exciting voyage explaining simply how things work, though intricate and sometimes convoluted, enormously necessary and purposeful right down to the very core! Encore! La France longtemps de phase!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Written by Jordan Melamed and Nick McDonell and directed by Joel Shumacher, this 2010 film starring Chace Crawford and Emma Roberts was quite a pleasant surprise indeed. Great message, story line, smooth transitions and many interesting camera techniques and lighting used for dream-like sequences. Probably targeted towards a younger audience (teenage/high-schoolers) yet real-life necessary issues were brought forward, allowing the audience to really connect and pose questions by the film’s grittiness and what happens many times behind closed doors when no-one is looking because they’re too busy with their own problems.

Break-out, phenomenal performances I’d say by Rory Culkin (cute as a button) and Emily Meade who shows mature acting far beyond her short years on earth. For me, she unquestionably stole the show from beginning till end. 50 Cent also gave a good performance but I felt they should have ‘dirtied’ him up a bit more as they did ‘White Mike’ played by Chace Crawford.

Emma Roberts played the ‘good-girl’, haven’t seen her play otherwise and wonders if she’ll follow in the footsteps of her aunt Julia Roberts, forever stuck in that ‘Pretty Woman’ who does no wrong with the unforgettable smile and jolting laugh? Zoe Kravitz also had a small part in the film, but to me, she had a more exciting character that could show more range of what her acting abilities can be.

One day you can have it all; the next day due to tragedy, you can become buried with doubts and worry and put yourself permanently in a dark place. Twelve shows how one boy is able to dig himself out before it’s too late.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning Glory

Rachel McAdams at 33 years old and ranked number 27 of the scale of top actors is plenty of reason enough to admire her acting skill, charm and expertise within the film business. I fell in love with her after watching ‘The Notebook’ and since then I’ve followed her career fervently and with ease, as she tends to be in the block-buster annual hits. Viewing however, her most recent films like, ‘Midnight in Paris’ by Woody Allen and the first installment of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ I’ve been recognizing that her characters seem to stay the same; with absurd, frantic, and babble-like energy! Don’t get me wrong perhaps this is what her character calls for, however after watching 2010’s ‘Morning Glory’, I’ve had it up to here with her animated-cutesy oomph. J

Written by Aline Brosh McKenna and directed by Roger Michell, this film’s saving grace were certainly it’s list of big names like Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum and the ever-delicious star from ‘Little Children’ Virginia-born Patrick Wilson. Although there were smooth transitions and a decent story-line I grew tired of Becky Fuller’s (McAdams) constant cheer-leader act as even though it’s wonderful to keep positive and hopeful, she came across the majority of the times over-the-top. The music in the film was the worst I’ve heard in a while for a feature film; let alone a modern one; as it was filled with not very catchy melodies except for ‘Strip Me’ by Natasha Bedingfield, which was the most relatable.

The film drags on quite predictably, with McAdams pleading and running around frazzled and falling asleep behind her computer, yet she still manages to snag the ‘hottest’ guy in the building and bring television ratings up, thanks to her excellent balance of two handbags, teary-anime-eyes and racing in heels behind her boss (Goldblum). There was a spot of hope during the middle of the film, when they tortured fellow weather-news anchor Steve Park by making him do illogical things to bring up their ratings like, riding roller-coasters, getting tattoos on his arse, and jumping out of planes. Each time his expression was comically timeless! J

I still think highly of Rachel McAdams, but I find her choice of films lately to be un-flattering of her true range of proficiency and I can only hope she doesn’t keep hitting one note on the piano as some actress’ do for the rest of their careers. This film doesn’t go down in my list of must-see movies, but instead is proof of massive magnitude that films like these, are still made and funded even if they don’t contribute positively to society at all.

myKEEtv Kaleidoscope Talk Show - Part 2

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Another 2011 film under my belt! Yee-haw! Just need to snag a few more this month before the Academy Awards. Limitless written by Leslie Dixon and Alan Glynn was expertly directed by Neil Burger with marvelous cinematography by Jo Willems. Despite the nostalgic-crush-eye-candy Bradley brought to my screen, his performance both up and down were phenomenal. Robert De Niro with his quirky-cute facial expressions and the thrill and excitement of the visually appealing chase was more than I could ask for! The Relativity Music Group with Paul Leonard Morgan portrayed hip, haunting, and trippy tracks that kept the happy and suspense on full blast.

I enjoyed this film just a little too much!

The concept of this film was brilliant and although the audience thought they knew how things would end; there was an uncertain twist that kept us all wondering how Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) kept up with it. But alas, the mind is a powerful thing, and focusing on the right things indeed could offer a solution to any ‘life situation’; for in life there aren’t any problems, unless we make them ourselves right!?

I loved the sharpness, the languages, the pristine crispness of every splash, the power, the action, the ultimate experiment gone successful! Certainly enhanced my thirst for working in the film industry! Job well done Virgin Produced, Rouge and Relativity Media – found a recipe for success!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

myKEEtv Kaleidoscope Talk Show

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Truth is

** The truth is ... we all want peace ... peace of mind ...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Be the Light

There are times when we feel that life is disparaging and unfair. When our energy is low and we have anxiety because we are not sure what the future holds. We feel used, forgotten and un-loved; unsure that our desires have any worth at all. My darlings, you do not have to have your world crumble around you, and stay hidden in bed feeling purposeless or uninspired. There is a plan for you! There is a plan for all of us! I am not saying that it’s easy to shake it off. But once you realize where you are; know that you can do something to change that. And when it happens again, you can practice again to get out of that darkness. The more you will yourself out of it the stronger you’ll become, until one fine and dandy day, you’ll be able to shrug and smile and say, “Okay, I’m going to go with this…let’s flow!” J

It’s time to erase the pain darlings, and remember the wonderful being of light you are and need to be. Don’t dim it for anyone. Don’t change for anyone. Don’t doubt your greatness. I was inspired today by the lyrics of this hymn, specific words I wanted to share:

“Longing for light, we wait in darkness….longing for truth….light for the world to see. Shine in our hearts, be our light. Longing for peace, our world is troubled…Longing for hope, many despair. Longing for food, many are hungry…Longing for water, many still thirst. Make us your bread, broken for others, shared until all are fed. Longing for shelter, many are homeless…Longing for warmth, many are cold. Make us your building sheltering others, walls made of living stone. Many the gifts, many the people. Many the hearts that yearn to belong, let us be servants to one another…the light in the world…”

You are not alone my darlings; we live in a time of true awakening, and of plenty of change. Don’t pout or complain with how rapidly things are changing. Embrace it. And if you are suffering and need peace…don’t be afraid to close your eyes and connect with your Universe/God/Supreme Being/Creator. It really works. Be silent and release the tears, or scream and plead, connect one-on-one and ask for peace; ask for understanding. And you will find that peace and universal bliss. For we are all connected and all on the same journey; it’s just that we progress at different times or rates, but one day we will all understand the bigger picture.

Let your anxiety melt away and be at peace, knowing that all that is taking place is for the greater good and for your continuous growth. Let go and Let God. Have faith that things will unfold as they should, in divine timing. So in the mean-time just enjoy the journey; don’t fight it, invite it and keep moving forward. If people seem different these days, it’s because we are all experiencing this awakening in different ways and some of us do not know how to understand or process it. Forgive them, they are doing the best they can with the current knowledge they have.

Let it be; listen to some beautiful music, and be aware of what is happening to you at this moment. Radiate in your light and being; just as the rest of nature does. Just be. If this is how it is right now; who are you to fight; how do you know ultimately what is best for you. As my grandmother always said: “Bless Everything!” Love, love, love and let go… send your love from afar if you have to; free yourself from this suffering of fear of the future, and take a step into the freeing now! You’re changing…shedding that caterpillar fat for a light and dazzling butterfly appears, ready to venture into the open door to new and exciting possibilities! Fear not darlings and be the light! J


Love Jair J

Friday, November 25, 2011

À Deriva

I’d seen a gorgeous photo of Camila Belle at the Canne’s Film Festival one year in a magazine and I thought to myself, so young, so fortunate and living the dream! Little did I know her mother was Brazilian and she’d have a starring role in this memorable film. Adrift 2009 was a carefully and beautifully executed film about what deception, lies and divorce can do to people. Artfully starring new-comer Laura Neiva and Black Swan’s French blue-eyed, Vincent Cassel; it was a heart-wrenching journey of truth and the powerful love between father and daughter. Stunning Brazilian landscapes and attractive close-shots were rampant, truly capturing the emotions of the stories main characters. The lovely and elegant American, Camila Belle played the beach whore exceptionally and effortlessly and although few lines in this film she again continues to show her range of acting skillfulness.

Written and directed by Brazilian, Heitor Dhalia, this film was a pounding and melancholic success of truth. Alcohol, affairs, a beautiful fourteen-year old daughter and a paradise beach house on a peaceful coast. What seems together and stable falls apart before your very eyes and emotions run high when a young girl is forced to become of age due to a world falling apart. The audience is taken on a whirlwind mystery as Filipa played by Laura Neiva discovers a secret about her family.

It brought tears to my eyes as we feel this girl’s pain, doubt, and horror that the world isn’t as she may have imagined. That it really is full of people run by alcohol and sex; by things that temporarily make us feel whole again. Tainted and disappointed with life she searches for love elsewhere and tries to make sense of the cruel chain of events not only in her parent’s lives but within her circle of friends’ as well. There were many exquisite shots and striking scenes, but one of my favourites’ would have to be when Filipa ran to the beach at night. It reminded me of a scene from one of my favourite French Films; The 400 Blows, where the main character also runs to the beach, but in lengthy silence. The theme song was a lovely one, but it’s sad to see that there isn’t very much information on this film online; not to mention on who wrote the main theme song. Stunning in every way, a masterpiece in its own right! Gooo Brazil! J

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This 2009 film was written, directed, edited and composed by Colorado -born Jamin Winans; it is one of the most marvelous films I've seen this year. This film spoke depths to me; it was enchanting yet terrifying, simple yet intricate, supernatural yet real and alive yet also invisible. One could see how much love and dedication was put into this film.

The cinematography was magnificent and the Incubi creatures I thought to be mesmerizing as even though they were dark and menacing, they simply whispered and smiled. I thought there were too many characters that filtered in, and that if Winans spent more time on the main characters, the audience would be able to connect on a grander scale. The acting however was decent and Quinn who plays one of the main characters Emma was cute as a button. Christopher Soren Kelly who played Emma's father, John, also did an extensive job at displaying a rage of emotions.

Ink was not picked up by any big name studio but was downloaded on Bit Torrent and other downloading movie programs online by 400,000 users within its first week only. It was artistic and action-filled but also was filled with dreams and hope. People could identify with this film because it dealt with intuition, strength and battles we all face within. We journey along with one man's dreams and nightmares as he tries to distinguish what is true so that he will not lose his soul. This ride is visually thrilling and wonderful and we are glued to our screens till the very last drop.

Certainly my-kind-of-film and inspiration to all those who have dreams worth fighting for and sticking with it like Winans did; creating cinematic brilliance for the world to enjoy, like other charming fantasy films as 'Amelie', 'Pan's Labyrinth' and 'The Matrix'! J

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Lazarus Project

This 2008 film seemed rather intriguing by its short storyline introduction, and not to mention handsome lead actor Paul Walker as the film's main character. This was shot long before Walker hit it big with the Fast & The Furious series of movies, but it wasn't his first step in the film world either. He's been documented in the business since 1986, so he's certainly paid his dues and worked his actor muscle into the big leagues.

Written by Evan Astrowsky and Directed by John Glenn, it was maybe the blue-print and inspiration for the 2010 Shutter Island film starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Both films have such symmetry and similarities that it's pretty hard not to think of the other when watching the film. Breathtaking cinematography, pretty exceptional camera angles and last but not least Paul Walker from every delightful and desirable angle! J Not to mention a thought-provoking and thrilling script with dramatic dialogue.

I felt that it started off quite slowly and then when the audience got up to speed, it ended rather abruptly. The trickery and mystery wasn't that far-fetched but instead reasonably possible and this is why there was twice the appeal. It wasn't as harrowing or frightening as depicted in the film's biopsies, but as a substitute very exciting as new information was brought forward and discovered. Walker did a tremendous job at delivering a wide range of tormented emotions throughout the character's strange roller-coaster ride.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


"Life is a mountain, not a beach." That's what my friend's fortune cookie read. I snickered and said, "Well why can't it be a beach!?" Mine read: "It is the hope and dreams we have, that make us great." I suppose that is right, because it is how we live each moment and with that moment being of grace and pleasant attitude that makes us a joy to be around and a light in an otherwise dark world. The journey is climbing up and up and up, and slipping and falling and picking ourselves back up and journeying onwards. And there's sweat and tears, and muscle aches, but you progress higher and higher and closer and closer up the mountain and to the heavens, where the view is great! Sure beaches are lovely! I spent most of my childhood and upbringing on a beach, but it isn't all there is; for without hardships, adversities or disappointments, how could we possibly grow and appreciate and have a deeper meaning and perspective for all life is?

And some of you scoff and say, "Who needs perspective!? Who needs a different or more difficult direction!?" I understand your sense of logic, but would you want to live a life that is heading for impending doom? A life that is meaningless, loveless, and selfish? No matter how much a human has, they always tend to want more. So even that perfect little beach in the Caribbean wouldn't be enough, and you'll feel as though you're also missing something. What you're missing is that divine perspective. So don't be negative and fearful of what you don't understand. Try to understand it. The truth of what is.

IS is right now and being at peace with that. For when you have peace, you have joy and when you have joy, you have love. And isn't that the whole purpose of life anyway? It is not worrying about the future and how great it's going to be, or expecting only pink flamingos or peaches and cream, but knowing that even in great tragedy and loss, it is leading up to something that will make sense later on; something that makes the whole journey that much sweeter because you endured. It is leading you to that wonderful view. Life is, and it's happening right now. How exciting is that?

Man keeps searching; searching for fireworks in the sky, or a savior on a throne with angels trumpeting at his side. We constantly search for what is missing. "You are EVERYTHING, without what you THINK you need (-Jair Ananda Massiah).The time is now. Fireworks, true-love and God IS already here. Don't miss it. It already IS right now and right here. Vagrants begging on the side of the street for food or money, that nagging parent or energetic child that wants to spend time with you, that guy or girl that have been there with you through thick and thin and would skip a meeting with the Pope to be in your presence; true-love, fireworks and God are in all of them. Embrace that opportunity, that blessing that IS moment, to connect with what you are searching for. For it is in this moment and opportunity that your blessings are disguised , and it is up to you to be in the now and open your eyes to see that beauty in front of you!

Thoughts are ego-based, and usually negative; battling constantly with what is. Don't let those negative egoist thoughts be your master. You be the master! IS is where you'll find truth, and IS is where you'll find peace, and IS, is where you'll find true meaning and love in life.

Force yourself to combat those negative thoughts that create worry. Force yourself to pay attention and to wake up to what is happening in your life right now. Try to understand that whatever feelings you are going through IS the inner and deeper meaning of all that life IS. Be at peace with that whole experience; and accept it for what it IS.

The human emotion of anger, because you have given all your time, energy and strength into something you believed in and another milked you dry, doesn't appreciate, recognize or respond to you. The human emotion of sadness, because you feel lost and helpless when your love is un-requited and the once healthy relationship is subdued. The human emotion of regret and apathy when you thought your life was going in one direction and instead change happened pretty quickly and not necessarily the way you envisioned it. This IS happening now. These are your feelings. Be at peace with it, whatever it IS. Release it. Because healing and growth IS happening. If you prefer to ignore, bottle-up or mask it behind busy schedules, alcohol, drugs, or sex, you may escape it for a moment, but you can be sure it'll be back and worse than before to haunt you. Therefore IS is important. That moment. Live with it. Be at peace with it my darlings, you are such a wonderful being and it doesn't make sense now but it will make sense one day. For even the lost; so stay on the path.

You are the scattered sheep tended to by the shepherd, and if you are lost, you will be sought after, and if you are tired, you will have rest, and if you stray, you will be brought back, and if you are injured you will be bound, and if you are sick you will heal, but you mustn't fight. Surrender…embrace…know that you are being rescued rightly and protected from wolves who are without love.

For it's always the journey that leads you to the destination; and not just transporting from place to place. This IS life. It's a mountain, a work in progress, it IS today! Not what happened a couple years ago, a few weeks ago or what might happen tomorrow. It IS being truthful, real, and present in this moment with that you're feeling. Because tomorrow might never come and you can't change the past, but it IS now that allows us to be great people, to be the light, to be the work in progress and the change we wish to see in the world.

Because life can always be better, but it can also be much worse. Be thankful for those life-altering experiences; be grateful for the moments of bliss, grace and heavenly love. Put a smile on your face and trust that the next act is even greater than this. Now IS all you have. Choose to be happy…you're a whole lot stronger baby! J



Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rabbit Hole

This 2010 film was based on a play written by David Lindsay-Abaire and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. I loved the clever concept of parallel universes/dimensions and the strength of the reality presented throughout the film. It was mostly heavy-drama with pockets of laughter filtered in, but for the most part it is serious content.

Spectacular cinematography, slow but easy pace and plenty of shouting and crying is displayed between the families as well as the married couple, between Becca and Howie, played by Kidman and Eckhart respectfully. Although there was excellent acting and visible seamlessness in the film’s production, I found it a bit difficult to connect fully to the character’s pain. I liked the fact that there was a scene of the day the accident happened with close shots in slow motion, but I feel that if the director decided to invest more time with showing the relationship lost between the parents and child, the audience would be that much closer to relating to the immense loss at hand.

I found the title perfect in a sense because when people think of rabbits, they think of furry, happy little creatures that pounce around and eat carrots. They may also think that they reproduce quite quickly too. But one never thinks that sometimes, rabbits want to hide away in small holes in the ground and let time pass by. And also that it isn’t easy as it seems to just start fresh and reproduce or forget when you’re just not able to. In order for the rabbit to be happy once more, they need time to hide away, to mourn, to heal, and to just sometimes be in a dark hole and not know exactly what’s coming next.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Niceness! Another 2011 film under my belt, so that I can analyze and criticize along with the rest of them for the 2012 Academy Awards! I'd tried unsuccessfully to see this film with a boy I greatly fancied when the billboards were visible all around the neighbourhood, but alas he had no interest in the film, and perhaps also me. But here I got to see a screening at the Warner Bros. studios and hear the writer of the film speak afterwards, thanks to a darling friend! Worth the wait!? I'd certainly say so! J

May I just say straight away that I terribly loved the soundtrack for this film by Cliff Martinez! It was a mixture of hip electronic, violins, and a combination of keyboard and drums; it definitely added to the thrill and excitement of this dramatic sci-fi feel. Now, lets give ode to the writer, the person that had the idea of bringing this story to life; his name Scott Z. Burns, who often times collaborates with also well-known director Steven Soderbergh (whose known for movies like Informant and the Ocean's 11, 12 and 13). Together they're a force to be reckoned with and undoubtedly are laughing all the way to the bank; it's magnificent when people find their niche and ways to work together over and over again, as it's the greatest recipe for long-term success; that and putting in the work of course also!

Contagion had many marvelous actors involved, Lawrence Fishburne, Jude Law, Matt Damon, Marion Cotillard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, and Sanaa Lathan to name a few. All of who delivered sensationally and had our fingernails gripping unto our cinema seats; for the threat of this type of epidemic was plausible and the audience could certainly relate to the reality of danger if it should indeed arise. I loved the 'realness' of the film, despite the already transfixing terror at hand with the disease outbreak, it had also the depth of characters from around the world in all different levels of situations, professions and concerns. Jude Law's character Alan Krumwiede, had a very distinct over-grown tusk, and loved ranting his theories. Gwyneth Paltrow's character Beth Emhoff, who played her sweet self but was having an affair behind her husband's back. And both Kate Winslet and Marion Cotillard that played doctors, and weren't glamorous one tiny bit but were bent on the business of saving lives.

All-in-all a brilliant and highly entertaining film, with worthy squeamish moments and backed-up by facts and thought-provoking content! I would highly recommend this film to be enjoyed with or without a handsome date! J

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

This 1998 drama was about the life of famous singer Frankie Lymon played by Larenz Tate and was written by Tina Andrews and directed by Gregory Nava. It was highly interesting because it wasn't completely fabricated and the way they kept going back and forth in time with musical numbers it would hold anyone's attention. I never knew how lovely Doo-Wop music was as well as what a vibrant performer Lyman used to be.

Halle Berry, Vivica Fox and Lela Rochon were the main ladies and characters of the film and they portrayed their talent by their range of emotions presented throughout. All three women, Zola Taylor, Elizabeth 'Mickey' Waters and Emira Eagle were married to the infamous Frankie Lymon. It was set during the 80's and all three women after realizing they'd been had by the singer sought financial retribution after his death. Although the film is clearly a drama, there were many comical moments, but it is listed under the genre drama as Lymon had a troubled life which ended due to a heroine overdose.

Singer/Performer Little Richard also was a force to be reckoned with as he added luster to the scene. Beautiful music exposed to the world of film for those of us like myself that didn't know of such great talent. Lymon started singing at a young age in gospel choirs with his father, and when his father left he continued to pursue his singing with the group called 'The Teenagers' at the tender age of 13. After going solo, life changing drastically, and marrying 3 women and still felt like something was missing; Frankie was found dead at the young age of 25 years old.

A history lesson sensationalized and revisited; hopefully a lesson to us all; one of being the master and healing naturally as opposed to trying to kill the pain temporarily.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All That Heaven Allows

The music, the romance, the dramatic pauses, the unbelievably endearing deer running through the snow; would describe just the amount of allure the All That Heaven Allows film bestowed. Released in 1955 in Denmark, this film screenplay written by Peg Fenwick and story by Edna L. Lee was directed by Douglas Sirk. What dedication to craft in old films! It's always astonishing to watch and fall in love all over again with the way things used to be. J

Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson did a tremendous job at portraying their yearning and palpating love for each other. Beautiful backdrops, set design and cinematography and quite swoon-worthy if you ask me. I didn't realize that it would be entirely about love, with no sex-scenes, things blowing up or un-intelligent conversation. It took its audience on a ride no-one was willing to abscond because we truly can identify with each of its characters; the widow, Cary Scott, her children, as well as the rugged and gentle tree-hugger Ron Kirby.

Not at all my usual choice in films, in fact some scenes were a bit over-the-top, but its core was good and worthy and well played out. It was a bit eerie doing a search on the stars to see that they've long died, and some at even young ages. Positively a walk into golden cinematic history! J

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Your Song

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The 5 Languages of Love

I had first heard about the 5 Languages of Love several years prior from a wonderful aunt who had discovered it and was telling my family and I about it; and from then I'd wanted to learn more but hadn't had the book or messages come to me more rapidly. Here I am years later and I mention it to one of my flight mates, and she smiles, digs into her tote-bag and allows me to read through it.

Talk about preparation for the lucky guy who ends up with me! J Heaps of useful information in a very easy-to-read format; all thanks to author and psychologist Gary Chapman. He teaches couples and people that are married that we all have different ways of showing love and accepting/receiving love, and if we make a constant effort to show love in the ways our mate prefers it, it will make for a match fantastic and rid of silly problems!

The 5 Languages of Love he speaks about are:

  1. WORDS OF AFFIRMATION – This helps your mate's image and self-confidence by giving compliments to show that you admire and appreciate them in your life.

  2. QUALITY TIME – Being together and spending un-divided time and attention with a person, turning off the television with 'Dancing with the Stars' and really listening to what your mate is saying.

  3. GIFTS – In different cultures, giving gifts is a powerful way of showing that you care. Don't forget birthdays and anniversaries, be attentive and don't make your mate feel un-loved or neglected. Surprise them with something special.

  4. ACTS OF SERVICE – Doing something that requires time and creativity and even if it may be something small, you know that it would help your mate take a load off. It shows that you appreciate them by making dinner on some nights or mowing the lawn.

  5. PHYSCIAL TOUCH – Holding hands, kissing, massages, go a long way. Why do we hug each other if someone feels down, offering and presenting this type of love, is a popular way of showing your affection.

Following these steps can turn a relationship in trouble into something special and bright. It may not be easy but if you make the effort and your wish is to honestly try for improvement, it's guaranteed to invoke some type of change. J

The Four Seasons

Recommended on a flight by a wonderful flight mate a few months ago; excitement indefinitely arose upon me, when finding this 1981 jewel-of-a-film! Written, directed and starring Alan Alda; and nominated for 4 Golden Globes, it was also the winner of 2 prestigious awards. It is most undoubtedly a film I could understand my flight mate enjoying over and over again.

It was fitting to have Vivaldi play throughout the film as it definitely help set the pace between the different seasons and what each couple was going through at that time in their lives. There were beautiful landscapes and cinematography capturing the beauty of wherever they were; and sensible content that proved thought-provoking and debatable as many Woody Allen films. There was also a decent amount of banter and laughter to keep the film flowing despite its heavy content and between the sprinklings of humour; the transitions were smooth and clever.

I liked that each couple and character had specific personality traits that made them authentic yet lovable as we all aren't perfect, and the way these 3 couples were able to give and take and really hash things out during the course of a year during their seasonal outings. This mixture of comedy and drama made for an enjoyable display of charisma and charm.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gnomeo & Juliet

That's right, I watched it; Gnomeo & Juliet, I found the previews and bill-boards quite charming, I simply had to give in and boy am I glad I did! Written by Rob Sprackling and John R. Smith, and directed by Kelly Asbury, they indeed were able to bring these little lawn ornaments to life! The entire soundtrack was revamped songs by the legendary Elton John. I'm not particularly into Musicals however this animated film was an original with background music like a real film, as opposed to people bursting into song every 5 minutes. The cast of voice-overs were pretty impressive also, Gnomeo's voice by James McAvoy and sassy Juliet's by Emily Blunt, including a slew of other actors that filled in with comical characters like Dolly Parton who played Dolly Gnome, Ozzy Osbourne who played the Fawn, Hulk Hogan who did the Terrafirminator advertisement voice, and Michael Caine who played Lord Redbrick.

It was funny, sweet, and a lovely adventure for both children and adults; I'm not quite sure if Gnomes would approve though. I loved how they used re-curring bits to add a texture of comedy to each scene. I absolutely found hilarious that anytime humans came by, they would freeze into positions and become again seemingly lifeless.

The story was a simple one of what other than love, and the fact that just because you're different doesn't mean there should be war; but merely respect for the other person, accepting them and loving them for who they are and not trying to change them into what they're not. There will be obstacles and feuds from families but the important thing is being able to overcome and find lasting happiness! J


2007's Arranged, was written by Stefan C. Schaefer and directed by Diane Crespo. It was set in Brooklyn New York and successfully played by Zoe Lister Jones whose character was Rochel, the Orthodox Jewish school-teacher and Francis Benhamou, who delivered for the Muslim school-teacher named Nasira. In this world we live in where humans constantly make divisions upon each other and fight to the death because of varying religions, it was quite a matchless tale, as these two women became great friends.

There was humour, drama, and even a little romance, and it flowed wonderfully from beginning to end. It was a superb mix of tradition and modern living with an education on what a young woman's life is like within these 2 religions. I enjoyed how they portrayed what a woman's life is like being a part of these religions and still living in a modern world. About their doubts, hopes, fears and similarity to those who have different options available to them. Zoe and Francis' acting was pure gold as they expertly depicted meek, kind and respectful women might be like within orthodox and sanctified lifestyles; wrapped up in long garbs and hijabs, when in reality let's just say they aren't buttoned up all the way. It shows the range of their acting abilities and the comfort they have with re-inventing themselves.

This film shows its audience that no matter how different we may be from each other, that we are still always ONE.

Date with an Angel

This fantasy/romantic-comedy was written and directed by Tom McLoughlin, who is also known for Jason Lives, The Unsaid and One Dark Night, released this film in 1987. It was a pretty predictable film, with the dialogue, events, climax as well as the final outcome, yet still because of the heavenly content, it made the audience glued to their seats.

French actress, Emmanuelle Beart who plays the Angel did a terrific job being a silent beauty as she only had lines at the very end of the film. Michael E. Knight who played Jim and Phoebe Cates who played Patty and Jim's fiancé also did convincing jobs at their assigned characters. The cinematography wasn't out of this world, but the lighting, special effects and wide range of trained animals used throughout the film was quite impressive.

The comedy used was especially slap-stick with different characters being scared silly or terribly hurt to try to invite laughter. Unique idiosyncrasies I did enjoy however was the fact that the Angel took pleasure in eating French-fries, his friends were the oldest pranksters I've ever seen, and that literally Beart who plays the Angel, was a fish out of water (literally), crashing into a pool and unable to relate, understand or walk in heels, gave the film a wonderful twist.

Nothing award-winning but positively a charming tale, we never seem to grow tired of. Boy meets girl, Boy meets other girl, other girl is angel, Boy thoroughly confused, and Boy makes right decision in the end! J

Thursday, November 10, 2011


** 11/11/11 Celebrate transformation and awakening, you're lovely! :))

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Child-like Zeal

** These darling children, Sophie Grace and Rosie, remind us of how excited we should be about life. Every moment, every experience, inflamed with joy, thrill and warmth; the power to pursue and conquer! Talent too! :))

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Take a Moment

** I lost my way -- where do I go now?
Take a moment to live, a moment to cry, a moment to love...and don't ask why :)) We're meant to love...

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I remember attending primary school till secondary school in Trinidad & Tobago, when our teachers would 'call roll', to see all who had attended classes that day and how my classmates and I would all respond with "Present Sir" or "Present Miss" and how we would stand whenever someone in authority would enter our classrooms. Then I remember attending classes here in America where classmates snickered if I said Sir or Miss and realizing that they would respond with 'Here' when their professors called roll. There was no regard at all if anyone of authority entered the room, but it was a different system, a different culture.

I have realized that there is a gigantic difference between 'Here' and 'Present'. These words may seem similar to anyone who processes words logically, but to those who dig a bit deeper into the meanings of words or prefers to read between the lines and expressions, there is a whole different hidden meaning there.

Forgive them for they know not what they do. They gave and did their best. All you are experiencing will be significant towards your glorious future. Fear not and worry not children; be sure to keep the bridge between the manifested/real world and the unmanifested/inside world in balance. It is vital to keep that portal open, for so many of us are here but fast asleep; keeping in march and under the consumerist-zombie like atmosphere, when it is important to be present with the stillness within you opening the heavenly and angelic realms and allowing you to be the master of your life!

When you are connected within and present with your breath and Universal stage, you will be able to recognize the truth when you hear it. If you know who you are and what you stand for, it will be hard for people to enter into your life if they don't belong… If you have the gift of ESP or have gifts of sight into the un-seen world, you must learn to raise your frequency and energy so you do not absorb people's negative energy. It is easy to have others drain your positivity and energy and in turn making it more difficult to make connections.

Many relationships fail because humans are always living with their minds and scenarios; they are there, but not fully present. Present with the situation or the inside of that person; the person's soul and their current feelings. They don't listen and feel what the other person is telling them. They don't really communicate and be clean with their feelings either. Only in that clean space can a relationship bloom; can love finally become true!

If only we would honestly communicate how we feel, it would eliminate many problems, so SPEAK when you have to. And listen from the heart, feel what it is they are saying, and be PRESENT with the moment. What is happening with you, what is happening with the other person? Respect for that moment, unlike any other…a bridge of balance between both worlds.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Bigger Dream

** When you have nothing left -- the Universe/God has a bigger dream planned for you. Simply surrender, yes, because when you've reached that limit, there is nothing else to do but let go. You are a child of light and you're not're never forgotten. You are loved and you will continue to be blessed with your dreams realized and even bigger dreams awarded...

Jair :))