Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Mammoth was colossal; no pun intended. This 2009 Swedish film (another good one) was set in New York City, with actors Michelle Williams and Gael Garcia Bernal as the main characters of this tale. Although it ran at a much slower than usual pace, even by foreign film standards; I found it extremely easy connecting with it. Mammoth completely resonated with me; and I understood completely what the characters were going through. I don't remember the music/soundtrack very much, expect for perhaps 1 or 2 songs, and that lets you know that if a film can leave a lasting impression, even without compelling music, then it's a pretty darn good film. And this pretty darn good film made it to Jair's list of top favourite movies, yes sireee!

I loved the smooth transitions, and lovely cinematography throughout the film, which clearly painted a picture of the lifestyle each character, came from. I enjoyed also the gritty truth the writer and director Lukas Moodyssoon portrayed of different parts of the world; specifically of Thailand, because although it is alive with much beauty and simplicity, it can also be a sad, dark and lost society for people who enjoy paying pittances for pleasure, or in some cases abuses and uses for free. The acting by Jan David G.Nicdao who played Salvador was beyond exceptional and heart-warming and I found myself finding difficulty at holding back my tears.

What I disliked greatly however, was (and I know many male readers are shaking their heads now), the fact that Leo played by Gael Garcia Bernal, knew he was married and the sanctity it held and knew he had a child to top it off, to willingly cheat on his wife and family in Thailand, because the girl who couldn't even hold a proper conversation but just giggled and wanted to show him 'fun' was reason enough for him to forget all his morals, even without the a-a-a-al-alcohol! I also found it hilarious that Leo again was even considered a New Yorker for this role, because of his absolutely thick Spanish accent. I didn't feel as though Ellen played by Michelle Williams and Gael Garcia Bernal had a good connection or chemistry. It felt strained and not real to me, but I suppose to a Swede writer/director his accent was close enough to an American and his connection with his Thai mistress compelling enough to outweigh his wives' relationship.

I found that the underlying message and or questions of this film were: Who belongs here? Do you ever belong here? What will you sacrifice for the sake of a so-called better life? What is more important, money, fame, or the presence among those you love and who love you? All that glitters is not gold, and if you get that gold, will it indeed make you happy? How can you betray or forget about someone because you're put in different circumstances or environments? Who are your real friends? The debates and conversations based on this film are endless and the fact that it was able to evoke such strong emotions is why this film Mammoth was phenomenal! J

Monday, May 30, 2011

Reality Bites

Winona, Winona, Winona! Winona Ryder, whatever became of her? Like other good and talented actors, writers and directors Mel Gibson, and Kevin Spacey who've slipped under the radar. Why aren't they making more great movies? Why was there no mention of her in the infamous 2010 film Black Swan? This 1994 Romantic Comedy starring Winona Ryder, awkward and young looking Ben Stiller and Ethan Hawke could have been your regular Jennifer Anistonesque fluff movie of the 21st century, however thanks to clever, witty and depth-beyond-her-years Winona Ryder's portrayal of Lelaina Pierce, it was actually a rather marvelous film.

It was a tale familiar to many of us, The Graduate without the older neighbor lady who sodomizes us because we've finally grown up; but instead The Graduate who understands that life isn't as easy as memorizing their social security number. That it's about responsibility and stabilizing their future, and that even if plans are made, life doesn't necessarily fit that mold.

Despite the typical and predictable story line, there were several under-lying troubles shared by the four friends that were pertinent to that time period. Winona's performance was exceptional in that she embodied her character's emotions, wants and fears. The chemistry between Troy played by Ethan Hawke and Lelaina Pierce played by Winona was powerful, and if the music didn't grip at your heart-strings, their relationship certainly would have.

I know many would think that the title of the film 'Reality Bites' may insinuate a negative outlook on life, but it is only a play on words. After realizing that it isn't the easiest to survive in a distressed economy and stressful to acquire a job in your field, at least you should still have those people who mean the world to you. The people who really know you, the people who really care, your rock, your scented candle that keeps you calm; or as Troy put it in the film, "All we need, is coffee, good conversation and 5 bucks!"

Certainly a feel-good movie, too bad Jennifer Aniston replaced the ever-so-talented and beautiful Winona Ryder… I sure hope Hollywood gives her a 2nd chance! J

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trust in Truth

** I love you doux-doux; don't you miss me, as I miss you?

Soon, but not Yet

Now, more than ever, change seems apparent. Whether it be the world shaking up with natural disasters to relief herself of all the uncomfortable adornments man has decorated her with; or childhood pets taking their last breath, or people from your past, suddenly entering it again and you both are at peace despite the tumultuous ending situations. Positive change has been happening as well; you booked that marvelous job, you've reconciled with your estranged father, you finally got engaged, something that you've been waiting earnestly for, has just appeared into view, and now is the time; that change, your moment.

Whether or not, none of these things have happened to you, I'm sure you are seeing tremendous change in your life. You are in a 'no-nonsense' kind of mode. You should realize at this point that your time is valuable, and who you spend it with, should be positive and worthy, you no longer wish to spend your time with manipulating frogs, who suck the energy out of you and slyly poison you, you much rather be with the eagles who inspire, encourage and motivate you.

If you're upset and people you spend time with make you upset or down; then you need to propel change into your life, gradually let go, and remember that your destiny is too great to spend time with people of little faith. Your promise isn't a dream, and it isn't too late. Hang in there, and remain with those who speak life into your dreams, and those who make your spirit leap, if they only have negative things to say, then show them the door; they might be nice people but if they have nothing good to say, they are only your friend for a season, not for a lifetime.

Miracles happen every day! J

And just because your promise or your miracle hasn't happened as yet, doesn't mean it isn't going to happen. According to my Aunt Phyllis, the Universe/God wouldn't bring you this far, if it wasn't meant to be. So shake off those negative thoughts, and those negative images of your paranoid mind. You know the truth; don't have doubts or question marks, where the Universe/God has put a full-stop. Stand gratefully and gracefully in un-wavering faith in the truth that was delivered to you, and be patient. Change is happening all around you, what makes you think, you're not the next one?

Remember patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep good attitude while waiting…


Jair J

Saturday, May 28, 2011

El laberinto del Fauno

Pan's Labyrinth written and directed by one of my most loved directors Guillermo del Toro was released in 2006, and I have been a proud owner of this film since 2006. I can watch it over and over again, and every time I enjoy it as though it were the first time. The dedication, creativity, sweat, tears, and pure genius of this director and his entire crew is certainly evident.

It was set during the Civil War in Spain, 1944, and although graphic, violent and bloody at times, it was a remarkable fairy-tale with smooth transitions and a colossal soundtrack about a girl's friendship with a faun, and about tasks she had to accomplish in order to return to her rightful home. The film is enchanting from all angles, with wisps of cotton in the air; magical fairies that take flight, scary fauns that camouflage, enormous, fat frogs that vomit up their insides and scary and terrible monsters that eat little children. The soundtrack by Javier Navarrete was beautifully written and composed and the audience is drowned in its lovely lullabies and violins despite the terrible times in which its characters live.

Ofelia played by Ivana Baquero, was the main character, and although she was small and un-doubtedly charming, my favourite character was the villain El Capitan Vidal played by Sergi Lopez. Although villains are the one's people usually despise, I found his performance outstanding, intense and with strong profundity; the fact that he is such a good-looker, didn't cease but help as well. The entire film was in Spanish, and for those who don't fancy the language, I assure you in this film you'd like it a bit more. The stories narrated throughout the film were tremendously magnificent; and to hear spoken in Spanish, for me, just gave it that much more wonder, appreciation and authenticity.

To give you a taste of the content of the film, which I found to be quite spiritual and thought-provoking, I'll leave you with some dialogue/monologue used throughout:

By El Capitan Vidal:

"I choose to be here, because I want my son to be born in a new clean Spain. Because these people hold the mistaken belief that we are all equal. But there's a big difference. The war is over and we won. And if we need to kill every one of these vermin to settle it, then we'll kill them all."

Story told by Ofelia to her unborn brother:

"Brother. Many, many years ago; in a faraway land; there was an enormous mountain made of rough black stone. At sunset, on top of that mountain, a magic rose blossomed every night that made whoever plucked it immortal. But no one dared go near it because its thorns were full of poison. Men talked amongst themselves about their fear of death and pain but never about the promise of eternal life. And every day the rose wilted unable to bequeath its gift to anyone…forgotten and lost at the top of that cold, dark mountain forever alone until the end of time."

Doctor played by Alex Angulo:

"To obey just like that, for the sake of obeying…without questioning, that's something people like you can do captain…"

The Faun:

"Look! This is a mandrake root. A plant that dreamt of being human."

"You broke the rules! We've made a mistake. You failed. You can never return. The moon will be full in 3 days. Your spirit shall forever remain among the humans. You shall age like them, you shall die like them. And all memory of you shall fade in time. And we'll vanish along with it. You will never see us again!"

Prayer said when Ofelia's mother dies:

"Because the paths to the Lord are inscrutable. Because the essence of his forgiveness lies in his word and in his mystery…Because although God sends us the message it is our task to decipher it. Because when we open our arms. The earth takes in only a hallow and senseless shell. Faraway now is the soul in its eternal glory. Because it is in pain that we find the meaning of life. And the state of grace that we lost when we are born. Because God in his infinite wisdom, puts the solution in our hands and because it is only in his physical absence that the place he occupies in our souls is reaffirmed."

If you like good stories; decent script and dialogue; excellent music; if you like fantasy; if you like nail-biting moments for opportunities to cuddle with a loved one or your favourite teddy-bear, then you should see Pan's Labyrinth. It makes for a brilliant movie night! J

I'll leave you with the final words from the film which went:

"Arise my daughter. Come. You have spilled your own blood rather than the blood of an innocent. That was the final task, and the most important....Come here and sit next to your father, he's been waiting for you so long….she left small traces of her life on earth, visible to only those who know where to look."

Friday, May 27, 2011


Freedom means many different things to many different people. Some people think of others enslaved, but I think of a mind that is enslaved; a mind trapped by constraints of worry, negativity and anxiety. How can we free ourselves from this? I have been in a silly state lately, not being able to shake off worry about things beyond my control; and I knew I had to write about it when I'd found the answer. It didn't come easy, but after meditating on it, and breathing and clearing my mind, I was given many answers through life, friends, and yes, some good ole' Khalil Gibran. He wrote in one of his stories 'The Cry of the Graves'; "…I shall no longer require this raiment, nor do I wish my soul to suffer in the narrow house of a criminal…And all the servants did likewise and joined the crowd whose faces radiated joy, symbol of Freedom and Truth…" And after reading this particular line; not that I wasn't taught this before, I at that moment, remembered that once one has an awakened heart, to truth, then they are free from worry, they are able to speak the truth and feel and be lighter, they are able to recognize what is healthy and what isn't, and they are able to be that more jolly on a day to day basis. When they have an awakened heart, they know that every moment indeed is a joyful blessing. When we are free in mind, we are free in spirit, we are free to not be bound with rope and broken down in a dark prison like a criminal. For we aren't criminals for having emotions and feelings, so why then must we suffer?

We need to free ourselves, and our thoughts, and realize that we mustn't hideaway and think we are unworthy because we do not have control. We should perhaps be happy, in knowing we actually do not have the burden to carry, we can be carefree in knowing that 'you weren't brought this far, if it wasn't meant to be', therefore only good can come from this, so onwards we go! All the doubts in between have no place here; but only your intuition and trust in the Universe giving you the best outcome in the most perfect timing.

Forget the material things; they carry the most weight. Forget about what the world deems perfect to be; they aren't you. Forget people who try to mess with your mind and bring you down instead of lifting you up; they aren't helping you see the bright side, of the lessons you learn and literally hold your head under the water. You know you need to come up for air, yet you settle there, allowing your precious air bubbles to leave you.

A dear friend said to me today; "You know, there are so many different kinds of love. And yes love is the greatest thing, but it's not the only thing. And if one love isn't working out, then focus on another kind of love…it works for me!" And yes it is the truth. It seems to many that if you don't have what you want, when you want it; the little girl or boy in us begins stomping and pouting, having a terrible tantrum, because they believe that their problems are the greatest in the world. But there are other little boys and girls suffering far worse than you can imagine. So many broken and sick people, so many lost. We have little control over love and circumstances; one must surrender, and re-focus on the other things they do love and of circumstances we can make positive change to. And if that happens to be work; then so be it. But don't ever forget the birds singing…the butterflies that fly past you…and the people who've been there for you always; there for you, even when it hurts them when you are hurting too; yet still they are at your side, wanting to just kiss you and make it all better, dreaming of smiles to land upon your face. For if you take them for granted…one day my darling, they'll be all gone…you never miss someone till you realize their worth…appreciate them now…

He loves me, he loves me not, you can't force nobody to love you!

As my Trinbagonian people say: "What is to is, must is, it can't are!" And if you've been there, given your best and you still feel ignored, then…Peace out!

"Monkey say cool breeeeeeze!"

Bless up!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"We use them up, and throw them away! And "I want Sirloin Meat!" these are precisely accurate phrases of how models are viewed and used, not as people, but as merchandise to pump up sales for brainwashed consumers.

If they didn't make a film about Gia Marie Carangi, I'd never know about her; and I'm glad they did, because it seems to me that her life; despite her many downs, was just as important and poignant as any of us. This 1998 film written by Jay McInerney and Michael Cristopher whom also directed the film was expertly played out by Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell. Of course I found the lesbian sex moments, completely amplified and un-called for; but I am not a male film-maker, and some queries just don't have answers, like Muholland Drive and Black Swan to name a few.

Despite the girl-on-girl loving, I found the transitions unique and alarming, with total red screens, blurring and out-of-focus shots, which worked wonderfully with the film's composition. I felt that if the film-makers were able to use side by side shots and or footage of real interviews and photos of the real Gia Carangi, and her family and friends it would have made an even greater impact or familiarity of her. I'd heard many things about this film; some good and some not as nice, and now I can understand why, but despite the awry and shocking nature of this film, I must say I quite enjoyed it and am glad that I'd finally had the opportunity to see it.

It's messages were profound and necessary, not only for young girls and boys in the model industry, but for people, like so many of us who are lost, craving love and attention and because of it led astray in a thick net, that some of us never find our way out of. Thank-fully I haven't succumb to the temptations and alleviations of this world, but I can certainly relate to this dark side of so-called glamour and success. Gia Marie Carangi was a bombshell and I'd say an aspiring writer, and because of her propelled success and lifestyle and lack of love received and also for herself, she dug herself in a hole and buried herself at the tender age of 26. If one isn't grounded and comfortable with themselves, I can see how easily they can all let things go. I adored the bit said by Francesco (one of her photographers who never gave up on her) played by Edmund Genest:

"I know, I know, life is so disappointing. Here you are, you have arrived. You are here, this is your moment, and what do you have? You have pain. And when you have everything, what do you have? You have nothing. When everything is right, everything is wrong. It's disappointing, it's confusing. This is life. What can you do?"

I found that the balance between Gia's fanatical behavior brought on by the hurt and drug abuse, and the eloquence she sometimes achieved through her writing was spot-on. I thought that she struck gold when she said on the air-craft, "Being somebody doesn't make you anybody anyway…" I know that in this life, everybody wants to be somebody, and they already are unique and precious individuals, but it is always extreme power, greed or often-times just love that people crave that make them feel this way.

What we forget is that we are somebody to everybody, and that we are always being watched and admired by people we least expect, so every little thing that you do, is profound and worthy.
Faye Dunaway's answer to her on that airplane was: "You will always be somebody to me!"

I believe it's just those words that people in anxiety or fear need to hear, but more importantly need to understand and believe.

Faye Dunaway who played Wilhelmina Cooper was delightful to watch, and this film was a bit special to me also as when I first was approached to model, it was Wilhelmina that also first gave me that chance; and the fact that Gia/Angelina Jolie used the phrase 'doux-doux' when she called her lover (a beautiful term of endearment) [hahah]. I know many dislike Angelina Jolie, just as others critique Woody Allen and Madonna's life-styles, but I always strive to separate their personal lives from their performances or work lives. There is beauty and beast in all of us, good and evil, light and darkness, and one should never be judged, otherwise we also should be judged. Angelina Jolie is a phenomenal actress, and it is shown here again. Playing dark, un-likeable and ugly characters is not an easy thing to do, and even if it may be for some, to have the comfort and courage to transform your beauty and 'image' to something as sinister takes heart. Angelina Jolie isn't afraid to go there, and I admire that.

I'll leave you with the last conversation supposedly had between Francesco and Gia which went:

Gia: "Thank-you."

Francesco: "Gia, this is life; not heaven, you don't have to be perfect!"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Black Swan

Finally I'd have the pleasure to watch this astounding film by Darren Aronofsky, with Academy Award winner Natalie Portman, newly married and soon to be mum, with her trusty dark and daring side-kick Mila Kunis. Both young, both hard-working, both fortunate beyond their short years to be given opportunity after opportunity to top their last performances yet; time and time again.

Black Swan gives an unsettling and real view of the competition and seriousness of performers everywhere; whether it be dancer, musician, actor or any person hard-working in the arts. This film didn't by any means hold back any disgusting detail of the melancholic grip most aspiring and troubled people of their craft go through when they have an unhealthy relationship with perfecting their craft.

Although Natalie's performance was marvelous, alongside the remarkable camera techniques and special effects, without the beautiful musical score written and performed by Peter Min, the film I don't believe would be as thrilling or larger-than-life as it was. Classical music does something magical for the human soul, and if ballerinas or musicians can't tell you this, you can give a whirl for yourself by tuning in to one of the late and grand masters.

Winona Ryder as well as Mina Kunis whom I have great respect for throughout the years also gave sensationally powerful performances, and I found that even though most scenes were extremely violent and upsetting, I had a hard time peeling my eyes away from the screen.

I tremendously enjoyed the way Nina played by Natalie Portman completely transformed herself to her version of 'perfection' by letting herself go finally at the end. I've heard some say that the film dealt with issues several young women struggle with, however found it not one bit helpful as to what girl's outlet or solution may be when found trapped in similar situations.

Nina's relationship with her mother (parent figure and nurturer) was a strained and a disconcerting one, her dance instructor Thomas played by Vincent Cassel was one of a manipulator and abused his power over her, and none of her classmates, including Lily played by Mila Kunis, offered her deliverance from her evident and self-plunging doom. Must one lose oneself to gain or garner so called 'perfection', and is letting oneself go the answer to this 'perfection'?

The interpretation be your own, but after watching this gripping and phenomenally well-made film, it will leave you bursting with emotion, for not only seeing the main character's rise to success and fame, but also pity at her plummet to death and impending fall at losing herself for not finding the balance we all so dearly strive for.

Friday, May 20, 2011

World without End - Amen

Whew! That was a close one! How are my African family readers out there? All my Chinese in the house? What about my yummy blonde Germans? My Trini posse', you'all still partying'? It feels good to have readers that log on and click on my blog, before they bite the dust! If you're reading this blog, then that means, you've survived the fire and brimstone! I'm still here, everyone's still here in Australia. I was so elated when I woke up this morning and there weren't any tiny devil babies' gnawing off the meat of my fingers! [Hahah] No, really!? Could you imagine? Believe what you will, but I'm quite sure many of you had heard about the recent predictions of the end of the world. Sure the world isn't in its tip-top shape, and sure it doesn't seem to be getting any bit kosher, but we've been getting these predictions, since our great grandparents have been children. That shouldn't mean we should dismiss it; after all, the day isn't very well over already now is it? And how could we dismiss altogether the writings of great and wise men; and not to forget, I'm here, all alone without friends and family in the 'land down under'. But it also doesn't mean that we should be living our lives in fear. I've had the pleasure to read many religious books, the main one in the west, and several from the east, and according to these books, no human knows the time or the hour of this daunting destruction date; in fact they didn't know the time for the Dinosaurs; and never did mention the visitors from our neighbouring planets either.

Some of us, stock up on water; which I suppose makes 'some' sense, as if it'll be raining fire, you may get a tad thirsty. And others decide to quit their jobs that pay for their water, to buy a Winnebago and drive around town to share the great news of being scared shitless and then waiting in line with the rest of us to be judged.

Whether you believe in the book of life or reincarnation; the long dark tunnel heading to glorious light, or visiting the heavenly and hellish realms, it is good to take time in your life for retrospect and soul-searching. Whether it happens today, tomorrow, 2012 or just when you happen to take your last breath. Are you happy with the way your life is shaping up? Are you happy at all? Are you enjoying life? Do you have good relationships? Have you started crossing off things on your 'bucket-list'? Do you help old wrinkly ladies cross the street? Do you help wrinkly young chickens cross the road? Do you scratch your bum in public? Well…that might not be a good idea… But on a serious note, live the life you've always wanted to. Now! The time is now! Forget the past hurts, hells, un-pleasant memories, enjoy the traffic with a wicked CD! Enjoy the mariachi band playing outside your window! Tell your crush of 3 years, "Excuse me! I've got something to tell you. You are awe-some!" Don't be afraid dear friends! This is your moment – take the stage! If it were your last day on earth, what are the things you would treasure most? And I'm not speaking of your rooms filled with material things, because if you do bite the dust within the next 24 hours, guess what!? You can't take your 'things' with you. Not one little thing…

Don't spend time worrying about the future, or worrying about your past, use this moment to make somebody smile, to apologize, to make a bucket-list, to enjoy a sip of wine or a bite to eat, to scratch your bum in the privacy of your bathroom! [Hahah] Use these predictions to live your best life. Use these predictions to turn your life around if it isn't that kosher. Don't harm others, because in turn you're only harming yourself, don't abuse your body, respect it. Do love one another; it may be harder some times, but it's the only thing that truly brings happiness. Love could never be a bad thing. Take time out from your ever-so-glorious busy life of I-pads and I-touches and help people who aren't as fortunate. Treasure your health, your family, your friends, the little things. Your senses are marvelous! To smell the fragrance of a hug, to touch the smoothness of a pebble washed ashore, to taste the texture of a warm drink as it oozes down your throat, to hear the mariachi band pound the love of noise, into your bedroom walls, and then see the policemen write them a ticket and kick them out; really is all truly priceless!

So what are you waiting for? Jesus didn't turn water into wine for nothing! Stock up on your wine, be mindful and also merry! J


Jair J

Friday, May 13, 2011


I remember when we used to hold hands as we prayed together; and how the days never seemed too hot or too short; and how we were the small ones that people exclaimed at how much we'd grown; and when we didn't bicker over silly things but instead laughed the night away. How much things have changed. How different it seems. How is it now, large fields even have seemed to shrink, and people's egos grown as tall as that mountain in front of us; and alas greed and haughtiness has become the delight of my fellow men. Why did we dream of becoming different? Did we not realize that developing this way would only make us insatiable and unhappy? Babies cry now, and rings are worn and I look on feeling as though I am still the same. So childlike still in a sense, so unaware of what parenthood and marriage means to others, but still I am happy with this purity and ignorance I hold, for I have grown in other ways, and not in ways that have left me like a maggot always yearning for the next morsel to fill my transparent and already ripe stomach. For I am satisfied with my simplicity, and bursting with truth, as it has entered me and saved me from becoming like all the others; marching onwards, not wanting to miss a step, for this is the time with which society has carved for us. I preferred to march in innocence and bliss, a calm smile upon my face, fond of only peaceful armies….imagine that!

I remember when Afro's used to be hip and beautiful and straight hair and noses wasn't the staple.

I remember when children used to actually be children, and pitch marbles and climb trees.

I remember when we had real gentlemen and real ladies.

I remember when we didn't dare speak back to people older than us or authority.

I remember when people had a conscience and didn't intentionally hurt or use another.

Ask yourself, what is it that you fear? What makes you become terribly dispirited? The gadgets and drugs created to change this mood is only a fleeting. Awake to the truth of nature, awake to the light that always surrounds you, the comfort within your reach, the path that has been cleared away for you to follow, and trust in that Universal truth and understanding, knowing then that there is nothing to fear, there is no problem too great to be resolved, for with this communication with the heavenly realm, the true, the unseen and the power, the word, impossible does not exist, and happiness is all that remains.

Rejoice! For the time is apparent, and you now, more than ever has the opportunity to surrender and tap into the spirit of the Universe, one that fills all bellies, one that showers you with the love you deserve, one that breathes gratitude and strength beyond your wildest dreams…


Jair J

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yes, that's right, I-this, it's the latest gadget that I'm sure you, my readers, are just pining to have your hands on. My latest blog! Hah! Not really!? Well, at least I have your attention now, don't I? Haven't you noticed? I-pad, I-touch, I-pod, I-this, I-that, I-I-I-I; it's all about you. We are so wrapped up into technology and ourselves; incredibly internalized and self-centered with technology. Is that all we believe in? In what blinks, and gives us instant-gratification? Believing only in what we can see appearing on our I-screens in less than 3 seconds? If you can't see it, if it doesn't alarm or buzz or give you what you want, then it's not real. Sometimes we forget the real beauty of being calm and tranquil, or of just being, simple, pure, no bells, whistles or facebook apps attached. Listening to your breath, and hearing the lovely sounds of the evening.

I was flying from Denver, back into Los Angeles the other day, and one of my passengers, sitting in the very back, was a beautiful young woman, with large and striking eyes. She was polite, pleasant, and didn't ask for anything throughout the flight. At the very end, she whispered to me, that she would need assistance to her next gate to continue on to New Zealand. Only at this moment, had I realized that she was blind, and took a moment to be mesmerized at how far a journey she had to travel, all on her own, meandering through crazy, bustling airports. Surely, not having her sight, allowed her to embrace her other senses, but it made me think of how much trust and faith she had to have on a daily basis, to simply get by. I thought also, that she even though fine-looking, she couldn't place un-necessary amounts of attention by grooming herself in a mirror or on what she should wear each day. It reminded me of a charming saying which went: Beauty is not in the face, but a light in the heart. For its true, we place so much emphasis and trust in what we see, and have little patience or believe in the unseen in life.

Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We cannot see love, but it exists, it's a feeling, a doing, a knowing, and it happens every day. We have to learn to see beyond sight, to have passion and belief that is lit afire because of our faith and trust in the Universe. When people look at you, what do they believe in? Do they see you as only a pretty face? Do they see you as a generous and caring person? Do they see you as someone who is quite detached with an eye or a finger always on some small gadget? How do you want people to view you or believe in you? What do you believe in? What are you passionate about? A wonderful exercise, I invite you to participate in, is getting yourself a blank piece of paper and writing the word 'Believe' on the top, underneath it, write down all the things you believe in, all the things you'd like to believe in, and all the things that are unseen but do exist in your life. Meditate on these simple miracles and hopefully they can put a positive or renewing aspect in our lives.

I'd like to leave you with some words to a beautiful song, called: I am the Bread of Life:

I am the Bread of Life

He who comes to me shall not hunger

He who believes in me shall not thirst

No one can come to me

Unless the father draw him

The bread that I will give
Is my flesh for the life of the world

And he who eats of this bread

He shall live for ever

He shall live for ever

I am the resurrection
I am the life
He who believes in me
Even if he die
He shall live for ever

And I will raise him up, upon the last day…